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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 866: Power of the Life Fruit Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis readied his mindset for a couple of hours. For now, he had to forget everything that wasn’t related to his Laws. This time, he only had a limited amount of time to comprehend a Law, and he had to make the best use of it.

After Gravis readied his mindset, he swallowed the fruit in one bite. The fruit was bigger than a human’s head, but Gravis didn’t have any issues in swallowing the fruit in one bite due to obvious reasons.

As the fruit entered Gravis’ stomach, he felt boundless Life Energy coursing throughout his body. This was the Life Fruit of an Immortal Emperor, and the Life Energy it put out was incredibly powerful. Gravis even felt like his body was about to explode with power, but that obviously wasn’t the case. This was only the feeling one felt when one became incredibly energetic.

Gravis looked at his body, and it even felt like it was growing more powerful. ‘Is that even possible?’ Gravis thought. ‘A beast body is supposed to be the most powerful body, but it still feels like it is growing more powerful.’

‘Stop thinking about your body! I got no time to check my body right now. I need to focus on the Law.’

Gravis looked at the Life Fruit in his stomach, but it had already vanished.

The digestive properties of a beast were terrifying. Anything that entered their stomach would vanish almost immediately.

However, even though the Life Fruit had vanished, the space in Gravis’ stomach had changed.

A swirl of brown and red Energy had been created inside his stomach. These were the Elements of Inferno and Graphite. Gravis knew both of these Elements already.


When the two different Energy streams crossed, an orange stream of Energy was created.

This was the Magma Element.

However, it wasn’t destructive in any way.

Yes, this was the Magma Element, but it wasn’t truly in its destructive form. This was the form that the Magma Element held before it actually received its destructive properties.

This meant that this basically showed the Composition of the Magma Element. The Composition was given physical form, which seemed impossible at first glance.

‘I see,’ Gravis thought with a gleam in his eyes. ‘There is no pure Energy inside my stomach, which means that there is no pure Energy that the Magma Element can fuse with. Without pure Energy, the Magma Element can’t become volatile or unleash its destructive potential. It’s like a fire without its fuel.’

Seconds after the orange stream of Energy had appeared, it split up again. Now, there was only a stream of red and brown Energy remaining.

However, Gravis noticed that a tiny bit of the essence had vanished, but it was minuscule for now.


Another stream of orange Energy appeared as the streams crossed again, and Gravis stopped thinking about anything else.

He had to fully concentrate on the Law now.

Gravis quickly lost himself in comprehension as he watched the orange stream being created and destroyed. It was so magical.

This was very different from looking at a Law Comprehension Area. A Law Comprehension Area used pure Energy to create a destructive force. A Law Comprehension Area showed the end product of what one was trying to comprehend.

However, this Life Fruit showed the creation and decomposition of the Law. Instead of showing only the result, it was showing every single step along the way.

Obviously, something like this was hundreds of times better than just looking at the finished product while trying to decipher the way to achieve that end product.

As Gravis watched the creation of the Major Law of Magma, he got reminded of something else.

It was like the Magma was telling Gravis all of its secrets out of its own volition.

Wasn’t this just like when Gravis comprehended the Lightning Laws?

However, how was something like this possible? After all, Gravis’ affinity towards the Inferno Element was slightly above-average, and his affinity towards the Graphite Element was horrendous.

With such a horrible affinity, how could it feel to him just like comprehending lightning?

‘But it’s not entirely the same,’ Gravis thought. ‘It feels exactly like the time when I comprehended the level four Battle Laws for Lightning, but it doesn’t feel like the time whenever I comprehend the Composition of a new form of lightning.’

‘It took me about five years to learn a level four Battle Law for Lightning, but I can comprehend new forms of lightning in a second. This is nowhere near as crazy as when I comprehend a new form of lightning. I guess even the Life Fruits have their limits.’

‘However, this is far more than enough. If this were a level four Law, I wouldn’t even need five years to comprehend it with such a clear display. Of course, this is a level five Law, and it will probably take much longer to comprehend it.’

‘Additionally, I have never comprehended a level five Law before. I don’t know how complex level five Laws are yet, but I’m sure that I should be able to comprehend the Law with enough time.’

‘One fruit gives me ten years of this display, and if I keep thinking about what I have seen in these ten years for another 50 years, it should be comparable to looking at the fruit for about 15 years.’

‘So, if I include the 100 years of thinking about the Law with the 20 years that I get from two fruits, it should come to about 30 years of comprehension with a Life Fruit.’

‘Tempering increases my comprehension speed to a terrifying degree, and if I have also ingested this fruit while fighting my opponent, I should be able to easily gain another 20 years of comprehension in just a short fight.’

‘That blonde guy said that I should be able to comprehend the Law during my fight, which means that he thinks that I probably need around 50-years-worth of Fruit Comprehension with some tempering to understand the Law.’

‘I’ve doubted other people’s evaluation about my Law Comprehension time incorrectly in the past, but they have nearly always been right on the money. The clerks from the Smart Cultivator have been pretty close with their guesses when I comprehended the level three Law Elements.’

‘The blonde guy is probably a Peak Immortal Emperor, and I should trust his evaluation.’

‘This probably means that a level five Law should be around ten times as hard to understand as a level four Law. It took me five years to comprehend a level four Lightning Battle Law, and this should be just as fast in relation. I would need about 50 years for this Law, which means that level five Laws take ten times as long.’

‘Sure enough, everything takes longer and longer the more powerful I become.’

After thinking these thoughts, Gravis concentrated on the Magma Element again.

He lost himself as quickly as never before as he only watched the streams of Energy. It was like he had already stopped existing, and his entire reason for being alive was to comprehend this Law.

This Law took up all of Gravis’ mind and Spirit, and he forgot who he was and where he was.

Right now, only Gravis and the Law existed.

There was nothing else.

“Ah!” Gravis suddenly shouted like he had been shocked awake. All his memories immediately returned, and it was like he had just eaten the fruit.

Gravis looked at his stomach and realized that the streams of Energy were gone.

‘Already!?’ Gravis thought in shock.

‘That was never ten years just now!’

“How much time has passed, Siral?” Gravis asked.

“A bit less than ten years,” Siral answered.

Gravis took a deep breath. ‘Those were actually ten years.’

Gravis looked at the horizon with a forlorn expression. Right now, it was snowing on the mountain, and the landscape beneath the mountain was covered in a white blanket. Mortals were toiling away as they tried to get the last scraps of food out of the earth. Several hunters went through the forests as they tried to scavenge for ferocious beasts.

Demonic Beasts and more powerful didn’t exist in the human territory, but ferocious beasts were basically just more powerful animals.

However, Gravis ignored the lands beneath him. Instead, he was only thinking about time.

‘Will I ever get used to this fast passage of time? I wasn’t even in the lower world for a decade, but I just blinked, and basically ten years have passed.’

Gravis sighed and shook his head slightly.

‘I should get back to thinking about what I have seen in the last ten years.’

Gravis closed his eyes and thought about the streams of Energy he had seen in his stomach. The movement of the streams of Energy appeared natural to Gravis, and he felt like he knew what they would do, but he didn’t know the specifics yet. He didn’t know why they did what they did.

Gravis’ mind wandered again as he simulated the same streams of Energy again.

In his mind, the streams of Energy basically played with each other.

The streams of Energy were dancing in his mind as they fused and split apart again.

It was a mesmerizing display that took Gravis in, and he felt like-


Gravis’ eyes shot open violently as he felt a voice coming from right in front of him.

In front of him stood a young man with black hair and brown clothes.

Gravis’ eyes narrowed as he realized that he couldn’t feel the power of this young man.


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