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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 859: Unforeseeable Danger Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis looked at the Black Demon with narrowed eyes. She definitely didn’t come here just to exchange pleasantries based on her aura and eyes. By all intents and purposes, she was unleashing a very aggressive aura. It was like she was demonstrating her power in front of Gravis.

Suddenly, her head became bigger, and she put her two hands down her throat.


When her hands reappeared again, she carried two swords in them. Apparently, Gravis was not the only one that thought that storing one’s equipment inside one’s body was a good idea.


An aura of violent Inferno appeared around her. It was like she was trying her very best to burn her immediate vicinity.

This made Gravis frown. ‘Why would she do that? This is just a waste of Energy.’

After that, she suddenly cut a crevice into her chest with her sabers and burned it with intensity. When Gravis saw that, he became even more confused.


She suddenly started spinning as blood went everywhere. She was slashing her surroundings with fervor and even left several cuts on her body.


After that, she punched the ground and created a monumental crater. When she had done that, she stopped as smoke came out of her mouth. She looked with fiery eyes at Gravis while the wounds on her body healed with insane speeds.

Gravis had already discerned several level four Laws. ‘That was the Law of Inferno’s Heat and Inferno’s Decomposition. After that, she demonstrated at least two different Body Growth Laws. She might even know a Battle Body Law that relates to physical power.’

‘Sure enough, the Black Demons deserve their reputation. She can definitely fight a level above herself. To be honest, it’s quite impressive that a Late Minor Circulation Immortal King knows so many level four Laws.’

‘However,’ Gravis thought as he frowned. ‘I still don’t get why she is showing me all of this.’

Her body had already recovered, and she looked at Gravis with fiery eyes. “Am I worthy?” she asked.

“Worthy of what?” Gravis asked. This could mean a lot of things.

“Worthy to bear your offspring,” she said.

Gravis’ eyebrows shot up in surprise. ‘Wait, what?’

Then, his eyebrows furrowed. ‘Is that why she has demonstrated her power? She saw my Battle-Strength and decided that she wants to have my children.’

Gravis’ expression became complex, but he quickly controlled his expression again. This was probably something very normal, and being surprised by something like this might elicit suspicion.

“You can’t even fight two levels above yourself,” Gravis said coldly with derision.

Gravis didn’t feel nice while saying something like this. He felt a bit embarrassed by the Black Demon’s very direct confrontation. Usually, he would just have thanked her for the compliment and would have told her in a nice way that he wasn’t interested.

However, this was not how beasts worked. Gravis had to act derisive and arrogant in front of her. He couldn’t just say that he wasn’t interested in her because he wasn’t attracted to her. Something like this was a very human trait.

Her eyes exploded with rage, but then, she calmed down. “It was worth a shot,” she said as she put her swords away again.


And then, she immediately teleported away.

‘Well, that was weird,’ Gravis thought.

After the Black Demon left, Gravis went over to the corpse of Spear Mountain and acted like he was swallowing it. However, he was simply putting it into his Spirit Space.

It was quite rare that Gravis’ enemies left behind corpses. Usually, they would all be consumed by lightning, but this time, Gravis had finished his battle with the Brilliance Element.

However, Gravis preferred having a corpse. Right now, he was not interested in a breakthrough, which would mean that the Energy of Spear Mountain would have been wasted. Luckily, he was a corpse now, and Gravis could probably even sell it. Gravis was sure that beast corpses were worth quite a lot of money.

Gravis also gathered all the fragments of Spear Mountain’s shell and put them away. Humans could find a use for basically anything.

Gravis’ body suddenly started shaking, but that was deliberate. Gravis had to act like he was breaking through. Otherwise, it would just be too weird that he ate such a powerful corpse with nothing happening.


Space fluctuations appeared as Gravis vanished. However, this was only misdirection. Gravis wanted to appear like he was teleporting away, but he had actually used his Law of Shadow Movement to go to the edge of the clearing. After that, he used the Law of Shadow’s Subtlety to hide and then used the Law of Graphite Movement to vanish into the earth.

Gravis had to vanish for some time and reappear somewhere else. His Battle-Strength was too conspicuous.

Gravis had just dug into the ground for a couple of kilometers when he suddenly stopped.

Gravis’ Spirit Sense picked up something that happened at the clearing, which he had just left. Since he wasn’t that far into the earth yet, his Spirit Sense could still pick up parts of the surface.


A heavy and powerful corpse of a Mid Major Circulation Immortal King was thrown into the clearing. After that, a silver hawk landed on the corpse and looked around with sharp eyes.

After seeing that Gravis had vanished, the silver hawk flew away but left the corpse behind.

Gravis took a deep breath, which was rather difficult since he was surrounded by earth right now.

He had noticed several things.

First of all, that silver hawk was at least a Late Major Circulation Immortal King.

Second of all, it didn’t even care about the corpse, which meant that it had killed this beast specifically for something it had to do in the clearing. After it saw that Gravis left, it simply ignored the corpse.

Third and most important of all, that was a female hawk.

If Gravis had sweat glands, he would be sweating in nervousness right now. ‘Really? Another one!?’ he thought.

Gravis had been able to decline the request of the Black Demon, but would he be able to decline the request of the silver hawk?

It was very likely that the silver hawk brought this corpse as payment for Gravis. However, that didn’t mean that Gravis was free to decline.

There was a high likelihood that, if Gravis declined, the silver hawk would have forced him.

‘Beasts sure are very forward,’ Gravis thought with a gleam in his eyes. ‘However, in the context of this world, it also makes a lot of sense.’

‘In the middle world, the beasts weren’t really that interested in more offspring. As long as they were Kings, they didn’t need to have more children.’

‘However, in this world where the population of humans and beasts meet in a meat grinder, it makes sense. The beasts need to continually reproduce endlessly to resist the attacks. They don’t have the freedom to give land to tons of weak beasts for them to reproduce. Additionally, powerful beasts create powerful offspring.’

‘There might even be an external incentive for having powerful children,’ Gravis thought as his eyes narrowed. ‘Maybe the parents get rewarded based on the child’s power. I could imagine beasts receiving some of these Law Comprehension Fruits for a powerful child.’

‘Humans throw 80% of their resources into the war, but beasts are just as strained. However, what they lack in resources, they make up for in sheer quantity of lives and power they spend.’

‘The beast territory is not as safe as I’ve imagined. Yes, nearly no beast with more power than me would be interested in killing me, but a lot of beasts are interested in my seed. This is a different kind of danger.’

‘I already have three kids, and I certainly don’t want more of them unless it’s with someone I love.’

‘Great Forest, huh?’ Gravis thought with a smirk.

‘More like Ra-‘


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