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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 818: Test Bahasa Indonesia

Everything slowly returned to normal as time passed. The Sects now knew where the ogre was, and they didn’t dare to attack this Law Comprehension Area again. Even the most courageous Sect Masters thought that attacking the ogre was foolish.

No one interrupted Gravis for the next five years, and finally…


Gravis finished comprehending the Major Law of Lightning’s Speed.

Gravis smiled when he comprehended the Law and decided to leave. However, he had learned a lesson this time.

Not announcing his arrival increased the chances of being interrupted.

Obviously, the Sects didn’t want to attack him, and if Gravis had announced his arrival this time, the other guy wouldn’t have come here.

Because of that, Gravis left the lightning storm and appeared in the normal Law Comprehension Area.

“Inform your Sect Master that I’m leaving,” Gravis said to the disciples.

The disciples opened their eyes but were unsure if they should answer him.

However, their choice didn’t matter since Gravis left immediately after announcing this. In the end, the disciples decided to heed Gravis’ words and informed their Sect Master, who quickly moved the black pin to the question mark again.

Meanwhile, Gravis teleported a couple of times until he arrived at his usual spot.

‘Stella hasn’t been here yet,’ Gravis thought.

After replacing the old jade token with a new one, Gravis teleported away again.

However, this time, Gravis didn’t immediately go to the next Law Comprehension Area. He wanted to test something first.

After some teleportations, Gravis arrived at the old location of the Unrestrained Sect.

Gravis looked down at the desert of destruction and noticed that it hadn’t recovered yet, but that was to be expected. 20 years wasn’t enough to repopulate such a vast area.

However, Gravis noticed that the area of destruction had shrunk a little bit as the plants from the edge had moved deeper into the land. In a couple hundred years or so, everything would be full of life again.

The only difference would be that this would become an area filled with gigantic basins. Especially the massive crater in the middle, which had been created when Gravis slapped the Sect Masters, would become very prominent. Maybe it would become some kind of lake or sea? After all, it was quite deep.

However, this was not the reason why Gravis came here this time.

He came here to test his new Laws.

This area was bereft of life, making it the perfect location to test his new Laws.

‘Let’s try my Lightning Crescent,’ Gravis thought.


Gravis loaded his saber with a Lightning Crescent and looked at it. Right now, it was just a normal Lightning Crescent.

After adding the Major Law of Lightning’s Explosiveness, nothing changed appearance-wise. However, the Lightning Crescent became very volatile now as it violently tried to hit something.


Gravis slashed forward and unleashed his Lightning Crescent, making it explode after a couple of kilometers.


More of the ground was destroyed as the Lightning Crescent exploded.

Meanwhile, Gravis summoned another one. He wasn’t putting much Energy into the Lightning Crescent, which meant that he could use a ton of them.

Then, he unleashed the second one, but without the Law of Lightning’s Explosiveness.


The explosion was quite a bit smaller, and Gravis scratched his chin in thought. ‘Thanks to my Major Law of the Elements, my Punishment Lightning has the passive power level of a level four Law. By adding the Major Law of Lightning’s Explosiveness, the power nearly reaches the level of a level five Law, but it’s not quite there yet.’

‘However, this is already enough. I’m still missing the Major Law of Lightning’s Power, which will increase the passive power of my lightning even more. Together with this Law, my Punishment Lightning will easily reach the power of a level five Law.’

‘My Lightning Crescent adds my Will-Aura to my lightning, increasing its power even more. If I combine all the Laws, my Lightning Crescent’s power should be equal to a high-grade Weapon Technique of someone that has a level four Law as their Avatar.’

Gravis smirked. ‘This means that my attack will have the same power as someone with an offensive Avatar.’

Gravis was very satisfied with that result.

After all, one shouldn’t forget that Weapon Cultivators had an insane attacking power. A good Weapon Technique boosted the power of a Law by half a Law Level, which didn’t sound like much but was actually a lot.

With everything combined, including the Major Law of Lightning’s Power, Gravis’ Lightning Crescent would be about as powerful as a level 5.5 Law. This meant that any attack at the normal level of a level five Law would be absolutely decimated.

The strength of a Weapon Cultivator was their offensive power. Their defense was relatively weak, far weaker than a beast’s defense. Just the strength of a level three Law would completely annihilate a Weapon Cultivator on the same level as the attacker, as long as the attack directly hit them.

What was the power difference between a level five Law and the theoretical power of a level 5.5 Law?


This meant that if two attacks clashed, with one being on the level of a level five Law and the other one being at 5.5, the first attack would be completely destroyed. Additionally, the remaining attacking power would still be equal to the power of a level five Law.

How hard was it to defend oneself against a level five Law with no room for preparation? After all, the attacker would have just used all their power and time to create their initial attack.

Raising one’s weapon might be enough to defend oneself fully against a level three Law.

Defending oneself against a level four Law was very difficult, and even if one managed to block it, they would still receive severe injuries.

A level five Law?

Good luck defending!

A normal Immortal King would have a level four Law as their Avatar, boosting it to the power of a level five Law. With a Weapon Technique, it would reach the power of a level 5.5 Law.

This meant that Gravis could directly block their all-out attack.

Sure, if the enemy was a couple of levels above Gravis, their attack would still be stronger, but Gravis’ body would be enough to block the remainder of the attack. A beast body already had a ridiculous level of defense, but Gravis also had his black scales on top of it.

Gravis’ defense was so powerful that he could take a level 4.5 Law directly to the chest and survive without a scratch. Of course, that was only true if the Cultivator was on the same level as Gravis.

However, this was all theory. In practice, Gravis would avoid directly blocking the attack of a Weapon Cultivator. He preferred parrying and evading.

Additionally, even if he had to block the attack, one shouldn’t forget that Gravis knew all the Elemental Composition Laws. The enemy’s attack would fall by an entire level due to that.

‘However, the geniuses would still be an issue,’ Gravis thought. ‘Geniuses of the Core Regions probably also know their appropriate Battle Laws, which would be enough to boost their attack to the level of a level six Law. That’s an insane amount of power.’

‘But they would need to have comprehended all five of their associated Elemental Battle Laws. Understanding five level four Laws isn’t easy at all. I’m sure these geniuses exist, but there shouldn’t be that many.’

Gravis started smirking. ‘But I also know the Major Law of Lightning’s Speed,’ Gravis thought. ‘Together with my Laws of Perceived Reality, I should be able to create a situation where I can unleash my Lightning Crescent. The opponent should barely be able to defend themselves in such a short amount of time.’

Gravis summoned another Lightning Crescent and shot it forward, but this time, he added the Major Law of Lightning’s Speed.


The explosion wasn’t more powerful than previously, but the Lightning Crescent moved many times faster.

Lightning was already very fast, but with the addition of the Major Law of Lightning’s Speed, the speed of the Lightning Crescent became ridiculous.

‘My Law Comprehension has already shown incredible results, and I haven’t even truly begun yet,’ Gravis thought. ‘Next on the list is the Major Law of Lightning’s Power, and after that, the other elements.’

‘However, the other elements will probably take many, many times longer. I don’t like spending so much time on Laws, but I need the other Elemental Battle Laws to increase my variety and defense. With only lightning, fighting someone five levels above myself would be nearly impossible.’

‘I need the Earth Laws to increase my defense, the Metal Laws to protect my weapon, and the Fire Laws for an alternative attacking method. Frost should be used as support for the Major Law of Cold, which I also plan to learn. Brilliance is necessary for healing and disruption, and so on. All the Elements are useful in some way or another.’

‘When I have all the Battle Laws, I will have enough variety for any situation. That should be enough to last until the time I can resolve my issue with my lightning. For now, I need all the elements until this issue is resolved. After all, when the issue is resolved, I can use Divine Lightning, which is a level six Law. At that point, I only need to rely on my Divine Lightning and my Laws of Perceived Reality.’

‘However, I need to branch out into other Elements until that time comes.’

Gravis put his saber away and looked to the west.

‘Well, on to the next Law Comprehension Area.’


And Gravis teleported away.


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