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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 799: Finally! Bahasa Indonesia

The other three Immortal Kings quickly arrived at their colleague, and the four Gravises also arrived.

Now, it was four versus four.

“What is going on!?” one of the Immortal Kings asked.

“I don’t know!” the woman with the bow shouted back. “As soon as he kills someone, he creates two additional bodies! I have no idea what’s going on, but all bodies are incredibly powerful!”

“No time for talking!” one of the Gravises shouted as he shot at the woman with the bow. The other three shot at the other Immortal Kings.


Explosions ravaged the sky as the ground was destroyed. By all intents and purposes, eight Immortal Kings were fighting right now, creating a sea of destruction.


Several jade tokens were broken as a gigantic Formation Array appeared, which engulfed the entire battlefield. The inside of the Formation Array became clouded with the Shadow Element, making it impossible to see anything.

Meanwhile, the four Immortal Kings stepped close to each other and formed a battle formation. One guy with a gigantic two-handed sword and a guy with a spear and shield stood at the front. A person with several throwing knives flying around him stood behind them, and the woman with the bow stood behind that person.

All four of them were at the edge of the Formation Array, their backs to it.

“One in front, two on the left, one on the right,” the guy in the middle said. He had the Shadow Element, and he could see through everything. He was their eyes and ears in this environment.


The two in the front fought defensively and blocked all the different attacks. The guy in the middle was sharing his Spirit Sense with them, allowing them to see clearly.

Meanwhile, Gravis’ mind was burning up like a meteor. He also knew the Shadow Element, but he couldn’t use it. This meant that he couldn’t see through it without destroying its composition. The problem with that, however, was that destroying composition required concentration.

Sadly, Gravis had absolutely no concentration to spare.

He was controlling four bodies, 24 arms, eight legs, and had to keep track of four Immortal Kings. Gravis’ mind had never been this stressed before.

Gravis’ concentration was burning like a violent welding flame as he had to keep track of everything. One moment of carelessness and one of his bodies would be destroyed. At that point, the enemy would gain a numerical advantage. Then, everything would be over.

Even worse, Gravis couldn’t move his bodies out of the Formation Array to attack them from behind. It wasn’t that he didn’t have the ability, but that this action would result in him dying.

This Formation Array was not designed to keep him inside. This meant that his opponents also kept track of the outside. As soon as Gravis moved one body to the outside, they would notice and unleash all their attacks on the remaining three bodies. Four Attacks would kill at least one body of Gravis if he hadn’t all four available. It was even a great possibility that they wanted him to go outside for precisely that reason.

This meant that Gravis could only remain inside the Formation Array, making it very difficult for him to keep track of everything.


Another jade token was broken as a temporary barrier appeared that blocked a powerful attack. The four of them were fighting defensively. By activating the Formation Arrays in opportune moments, they wouldn’t spend any Energy while Gravis would.

One good thing, though, was the fact that Gravis could spare enough concentration to, at least, break the composition of the Shadow Element immediately surrounding his bodies, increasing the Energy density around him. This allowed him to fight for longer.

However, time was not on his side. His concentration wouldn’t be able to keep being perfect for long. Sooner or later, he would make a mistake.

Gravis’ bodies all unleashed a powerful Lightning Crescent each, but the opponents activated several jade tokens at once, reducing Gravis’ Energy by a ton.

‘How many of those do they have!?’ Gravis thought with frustration as he felt danger closing in. He had to win, now!

“We already spent more money than we will get as a reward,” one of the Immortal Kings transmitted to his colleagues in frustration. “This entire mission has been a bust!”

“Shut up! At least we got some tempering!” another one shouted with a voice transmission.

“Well, better than nothing, I guess,” the woman with the bow said.

“But seriously, this guy is a freak! He’s fighting four Immortal Kings as a Late Major Circulation Immortal. No one would believe me if I told them!” another one said as he blocked another attack.

The others remained silent as they concentrated on defending.

Suddenly, the woman’s eyes shone.


A powerful arrow made out of ice was shot out of her bow as it struck one Gravis.

‘Fuck!’ Gravis thought with panic. ‘I got careless!’

It had only been a matter of time until Gravis made a mistake. His concentration was stretched too thin, and he already started to feel strained. Controlling four bodies that simultaneously fought against four opponents four levels above him was just far too much. Just fighting one of them nearly needed his entire concentration.

One of Gravis’ bodies froze and fell down. He couldn’t even detonate that body since it had been frozen.

‘Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!’ Gravis thought with gritted teeth.

Now, his mind was under real pressure, and he felt his death coming. The Law of Danger was telling him that he would die very soon.

‘Come on! Come on!’ Gravis thought as he concentrated on the Formation Array. ‘Come on! I’m so close!’


Gravis transformed all the Shadow Element in the surroundings into Energy, and all his bodies appeared again.


Gravis had redirected too much concentration on the Shadow Element, which allowed the woman to destroy another body with her bow. Only two Gravises were left now.


The entire Formation Array immediately filled with Shadow Element again, but Gravis had regenerated the entire Energy of his last two bodies.

However, that was not the reason why he had destroyed the composition of the Shadow Element.

‘Finally!’ Gravis thought with elation.

One Gravis stood in the middle of the Formation Array and extended his hand downward.

‘You shouldn’t have chosen the Shadow Element!’


In an instant, the entire Formation Array changed as Gravis tweaked it. He understood the composition of the Shadow Element, and he tweaked it.

Gravis had finally comprehended the Major Law of the Elements!

The Shadow Element vanished as the Formation Array refilled its insides.

However, it didn’t refill it with the Shadow Element.

Everything suddenly turned a blinding white.

Light and Darkness were the same thing but on different extremes. The same thing was true with Shadow and Brilliance.

This Formation Array had been tweaked to the Shadow Element, but it could also be used with the Brilliance Element. Gravis simply changed the composition of the Shadow Element inside the Formation Array into the Brilliance Element.

After all, he could use both elements now with his new Law.

And Gravis sure as hell didn’t choose the nice kind of Brilliance Element.

Gravis still remembered the time when he had comprehended the Brilliance Element inside the Virtualization Array. This dick of an element had completely penetrated his entire body and had burned his very being.

In an instant, all four Immortal Kings felt their beings burn violently.

However, the person that had it the worst by far was the one in the middle. He had had his Spirit wholly synchronized with the Shadow Element to keep track of Gravis. So, when the Shadow Element had suddenly been replaced with a searing light, the person’s Spirit received serious injuries, and he lost all his senses.

“AAAAAAAHHHH!” the person shouted in pain as he felt his being turn into nothingness. Out of reflexes, he blocked out his senses, but the damage had already been done.


A powerful sound was heard, but the four Immortal Kings couldn’t see what was happening. They were utterly blind.


The woman grabbed the injured guy, and everyone immediately left the Formation Array. They couldn’t remain inside anymore.


An ear-shattering sound came out of the Formation Array, and a streak of lightning shot at them.

Inside the streak was a mighty spear made out of lightning.


Three jade tokens were destroyed as the group activated their last defensive Formation Arrays. This attack was way too powerful for just one jade token to resist.


The lightning spear shot through all three Formation Arrays like they didn’t exist.

Time seemingly stopped.

The four of them looked with shock at the Lightning Spear, which would hit the woman with the bow and the blind guy.

Meanwhile, inside the Formation Array, one Gravis stood with a smirk, the lightning runes from Mortality just vanishing from beside him.

However, Gravis hadn’t used Mortality.

He couldn’t load his weapon with lightning and the Laws of Perceived Reality at the same time. When he killed the first guy, Gravis had only used the Laws of Perceived Reality and had only used lightning when his spear had already hit the opponent. With a ranged attack, Gravis couldn’t do that. This meant that Mortality would hit the Formation Arrays and explode.

So, Gravis didn’t shoot a spear but transformed one of his bodies into a Lightning Spear and used the Lightning Runes from Mortality to shoot that body forward. Like this, Gravis’ body would shoot through all Formation Arrays since his body could always use the Law of Freedom to escape suppression.


Gravis’ body, in the form of a spear, shot through the woman and the blind man.

Meanwhile, the Gravis inside the Formation Array grinned, lifted his hand, and snapped his fingers.




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