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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 779: Vultures Bahasa Indonesia

None of the present Sect Masters realized what had just happened, but Gravis felt it. The slight change in the atmosphere as the feeling of freedom reverberated throughout the surroundings.

This was the Law of Freedom.

This situation had been perfect for comprehending the Law of Freedom. The murderer of Ryan’s daughter stood right in front of him, and only some Cultivators on his level stood between him and his revenge.

Ryan had been weighted down by a ton of responsibilities as a Sect Master, which suppressed his actions to a strong degree. Ryan had been at a crossroads in his cultivation and his mindset.

If the middle Heaven had killed Gravis’ three children right in front of him, Gravis would probably also have decided to throw his life away because he wanted to kill Heaven so badly. He would have known that he would die, but he would have done so regardless.

If Gravis had been in Ryan’s situation, he would have also comprehended the Law of Freedom.

However, Ryan couldn’t have.

Ryan was so close, but he just couldn’t take the last step. Sadly, close was not done. No matter what would have happened, Ryan would have never comprehended the Law of Freedom.

If it weren’t for Gravis, that is.

When Orthar had returned to Gravis in the middle world after the clash of the Ultimates, he had told Gravis about his powers. Orthar had said that the last step was the most difficult and that Gravis had the ability to help someone with that last step.

Ferris had comprehended so many things over his long life, but without Gravis opening Ferris’ mind, Ferris would have died a level one Emperor.

Styr had nearly learned the Law of Punishment Lightning, but without Gravis’ demonstration of lightning and how it worked, Styr might also have never comprehended the Law.

Sary had been close to understanding the Law of Energy Healing, but without Gravis motivating her to risk her life, she would have died soon.

As soon as someone stood at the last step of comprehension, Gravis could help them take that last step with his insight. This was Gravis’ power, and he made full use of it this time.

None of the Sect Masters realized what had happened or what would happen now. Gravis looked at Liran, furrowed his brows in distrust, and took out a ring.

Then, Gravis threw that ring into the distance.

Ryan took a deep breath as he made his decision. Finally, he knew freedom. He finally knew how Gravis could have been so courageous and why all of Ryan’s words had failed to dissuade Gravis from killing his daughter.

It was because Gravis wanted to kill his daughter.

That was all.

Ryan opened his eyes as he glared at Gravis.

And now, Ryan wanted to kill Gravis!


A rapier appeared as Ryan quickly infused it with the Major Law of Cold and slashed at Gravis.

The Sect Masters were shocked.

Liran was shocked.

Everyone was shocked.


The slash of the rapier hit Gravis with absolutely unreal speed. Gravis hadn’t even seen the attack before it killed him. The speed difference was simply insurmountable.

Gravis turned into ice and exploded into tiny pieces.

Gravis was dead.

Liran looked with shock at the ice pieces that had been Gravis. His disciple had been killed right in front of his eyes?

“RAAAAAAH!” Liran exploded with rage. He hadn’t been able to protect his disciple even though he had been right there! Why hadn’t he been careful!? How useless was he!?

Liran was mentally weak, but he was a good person. The fact that one of his disciples had been killed right in front of him enraged him to no end. Liran even felt a terrifying amount of guilt, and this mistake might haunt him forever.

“I declare the Sect Master of the Icy Rapier Sect the enemy of the Sect Alliance!” Liran shouted as he took out his bow and started shooting at Ryan.

The Sect Alliance always elected 21 overseeing elders for the Sect Alliance, who would make the big decisions for all the Sects in the alliance.

Twelve of these Elders were present.

The Sect Masters looked at each other, and their eyes turned from shock to greed.

Someone had openly gone against the Sect Alliance.

“Initiate Vote,” one of them shouted.

A prominent display of light appeared in front of that Sect Master with 21 holes in it.


In two seconds, twelve of the holes turned green, showing that the majority had voted positively. Surprisingly, this even included Ryan.

After seeing the source of suppression and finally being free of it, one often became irrationally angry with that source. The Sect Alliance had often hindered Ryan from doing what he wanted, and he had enough!

The Sect Alliance was his enemy now!

“Vote concluded,” a Sect Master said with a smirk. “The Sect Alliance will uphold righteousness on this day!”


Then, all the Sect Masters readied their weapons and shot at Ryan.

Ryan needed to die!

Were they doing this out of righteousness?

Pfft, as if.

The wealth of a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal King, new recruits from a destroyed Sect, and the wealth of a destroyed Sect were what motivated them. The Icy Rapier Sect would be torn apart, and its remains would be shared among the warring parties.


Several explosions appeared in the sky as an apocalyptic fight broke out.

This was not tempering.

This was an execution!

Could Ryan win against twelve other Sect Masters on his level?

If he managed to comprehend several new Laws, maybe.

However, comprehension took time, and Ryan didn’t have any time right now. All the Sect Masters jumped on him like vultures that saw a fresh carcass.


One of the Sect Masters exploded as an attack from Ryan caught him unprepared. The poor Sect Master was sure that Ryan wouldn’t go through with this attack since he would be hit by several others as a result.

Sadly for him, Ryan knew that he would die today, and he wanted to kill the ones that he disliked the most. This one Sect Master had gone against Ryan at several intervals, frustrating him to no end.

After the Sect Master died, Ryan smiled peacefully. ‘I’ve avenged you, Samantha. I’m sorry that I couldn’t protect you.’


Then, all the gathered attacks of the other Sect Masters hit Ryan, turning him into dust.

Ryan was dead.

He died a free man, one of the very few that managed to comprehend the Law of Freedom.

The Sect Masters grinned viciously. So many new resources were waiting for them! Even more…

The Sect Masters glanced at the icy corpse of the other dead Sect Master.

Surprisingly, a second Sect had appeared that would be “redistributed” amongst the current Sects. The poor Sect of the dead Sect Master couldn’t possibly defend themselves against the outside world, could it? No, the Sect Alliance had to fulfill its sacred duty and honor the dead Sect Master’s Sect.

What was the best way to honor the Sect? To protect the disciples, of course! The Sect’s disciples would find home and solace in other Sects as they took all their belongings with them. The other Sects would graciously accept the refugees of that Sect.

Silence returned again.

“One of our brothers has died,” one of the Sect Masters said with a tragic tone. “I will honor his death by taking care of his disciples. He has always been a close friend of mine, so I implore you that you will let me take care of this burden. It’s the least I can do.”

“I understand you, brother,” another Sect Master said. “He has also been one of my closest friends. I will share this burden with you.”

The first Sect Master sighed. “Thank you, brother,” he said.

Then, the two of them left, leaving the others behind.

“Ryan has gone against my Sect and killed my disciple,” Liran said with rage. “I will take the majority of his Sect.”

“No, he didn’t,” a new voice suddenly appeared as everyone looked to the ground.

The eyes of the Sect Masters opened with shock as they saw Gravis.

He was still alive!?

“I’m still alive,” Gravis said.

How had Gravis survived?

His Life Ring!

Gravis weakened his body and created a new body with the majority of his power and put it into his Life Ring. Gravis knew that he couldn’t possibly react to an attack from someone so much more powerful. So, he pre-emptively threw his Life Ring with his other body away.


Because Gravis didn’t have any confidence left in Liran. Gravis was not about to trust Liran with his life. Any competent Sect Master would have been incredibly cautious if it involved a life of their disciple.

Was Liran a competent Sect Master?

That question didn’t need an answer. Gravis’ “corpse” was the best answer.

“Your disciple is still alive, friend,” one of the Sect Masters shouted happily with a smile. “The Icy Rapier Sect has not done any damage to your Sect. I’m sure you’re happy about the survival of your disciple. Come, let’s take care of the Icy Rapier Sect as equals. We are all in this together. We are an alliance. We are a family.”

“Yes, let’s have a celebration when we return, Liran. Let’s celebrate your disciple’s survival!” another one shouted with a laugh.

Seeing that Gravis had survived, the other Sect Masters echoed this sentiment. Liran wouldn’t gain a bigger share than the other Sect Masters now. After all, Gravis was still alive, was he not?

Liran looked with a complex expression at Gravis.

Gravis could have stayed hidden, but he didn’t.


Fuck Liran, that’s why!


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