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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 772: Samantha Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis floated above an icy landscape. Rivers made of Frost flowed around this area, and tornados of ice ravaged the surroundings. Gravis floated in the center of all of this, on a heightened platform of ice and frost.

This was the resource point, the Icy Wasteland.

There were no expensive resources here.

No ore to be found.

No beasts to be found.

No plants.

There was nothing.

However, this area showcased over six different Laws of Water, including the higher element, Frost. This was an incredibly valuable resource point, about as valuable as it could get in regards to Major Circulation resource points.

Peak resource points that counted as Law Comprehension Areas showcased more than one level three Law, while the Immortal King resource points showcased level four Laws. This one showcased only one level three Law, but several level two Laws too.

This area was probably in the top three of all Major Circulation resource points across the entire alliance.

However, Gravis didn’t look at this resource point but at a person sitting on a mountain in front of him.

An icy beauty.

Her hair was white. Her skin was white. Her clothes were white. She perfectly represented the iciness and coldness of such a desolate and isolated wasteland of icy death.

Her eyes looked at Gravis like he was unworthy. He was beneath her. He was simply some common farmer boy while she was the holy maiden of the goddess of ice and snow.

Her distant and rejecting aura eliminated every feeling of warmth that closed in on her.

Meanwhile, Gravis stood there with crossed arms.

‘Yep, I can kill that,’ he thought.

Gravis despised this holier-than-thou feeling that some Cultivators radiated. If she were one of the most powerful beings in the world, it wouldn’t really be an issue. After all, nearly no one would be able to contend against her.

However, here? In the unimportant alliance of the Sects? As an Immortal?

In the grand scheme of things, she was just a bit above average.

Yet, she showed herself as the absolute paragon of power. Her attitude was clearly far more arrogant than it should be for her power.

As soon as Gravis had arrived, she hadn’t even deigned to look at him. It was like he didn’t exist.

That was until Gravis said his first words.

What did he say?

“I bet you don’t know the Law of Pride.”

As soon as Gravis had seen her, he immediately felt apathy towards her. He had always hated these beings that acted all-powerful when they were obviously not. Blinded by their weak surroundings, they had lost track of the wider world, forgetting that there were far more powerful people out there.

In their little hole, away from everyone else, they were the most powerful, and they sure as hell would tell everyone about that.

As soon as Gravis spoke these words, a powerful icy storm raged around Gravis as she looked coldly at him.

Gravis had very accurately hit a nerve with his words. Samantha had always immersed herself in the feeling of pride, feeling like she had a destiny with the Law of Pride. She was the most powerful. Everyone on her level was beneath her.

She was above everyone, and she knew that. Her pride was untouchable by anyone.

However, she had never comprehended the Law of Pride, no matter how hard she tried.

Gravis waited for a bit as the storm raged around him.

“You done?” he asked.


“Alright,” he said, “then let’s get down to business. I’m here to challenge this resource point as a representative of the Unrestrained Sect.”


The Formation Array activated immediately. This meant that Samantha had accepted the challenge.

Samantha slowly took out her thin and long, white rapier. She only coldly looked at Gravis.


She swung her rapier and created a white wave of Frost that shot at Gravis, an attack easily powerful enough to annihilate this worthless ant that couldn’t tell the difference between a mountain and an anthill.


Gravis vanished as he teleported away, dodging the attack. Samantha hadn’t locked down space yet, since she thought that such a weak opponent wouldn’t be worthy of more than a single, casual slash from her.


Another casual swing of her rapier came down on the spot beside her, where Gravis would appear shortly. As soon as Gravis appeared, his body was bisected vertically as his body froze over and exploded into particles of ice.


However, just an instant later, a second Gravis appeared on the other side of her. The first teleportation had only been a very weak clone created with the Lightning Fork. No one watching would be able to notice that this had been a real body and not just an illusion.

Samantha stood just one meter in front of Gravis, her right side turned to him.

If Gravis unleashed a Lightning Crescent right now, Samantha would be dead.

How many enemies had Gravis slain because they had underestimated him?

When one didn’t unleash their full power, their full power might as well not exist. Samantha was obviously very powerful, but her arrogance had allowed Gravis to kill her.

However, Gravis didn’t come here to kill her. At least, that was not the main goal.

No, he was interested in tempering, and this definitely wasn’t tempering.

Samantha’s head quickly shot to Gravis’ new location as her rapier followed.


However, Gravis was faster and was in a better position. Before Samantha could do anything, Gravis gave her a powerful, back-handed slap to the face.


Samantha shot away, and her body was buried into the ground as an explosion of ice appeared on her landing spot.

Gravis rubbed the back of his hand as he grinned at Samantha’s new location.

“Man, your face is so thick that my hand hurts,” he said.


Another explosion of ice appeared as the element of Frost raged around Samantha in a storm.

Cold, deadly, furious, hateful eyes glared at Gravis from the storm.

“You taking me seriously now?” Gravis asked with a smirk. “Can we actually start for real then?”

“DIE!” a cold and furious shout came from the storm as all the cold elements entered Samantha’s rapier.

Gravis only smirked.


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