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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 736: Intense Atmosphere Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis and the Core Disciple glared at each other as the atmosphere seemed to electrify.

The only reason why Gravis even considered fighting this person was that he had the lightning element. Destroying this person’s lightning element wouldn’t kill him, but it would weaken his offense significantly.

Yet, this person still had a Will-Aura just as powerful as his Realm, and he obviously knew how to fight very well. The explosive power of his Energy, even without lightning, would still be hazardous to Gravis.

If this guy didn’t have the lightning element, Gravis wouldn’t even consider fighting them.

“I will take you back to the Sect,” the Core Disciple said with narrowed eyes.

“Try it,” Gravis said back. “If you try to force me into something, one of us will die. I guarantee it. There are two things I hate above everything else, suppression and hypocrisy. I will not join any Sect that harbors people with these traits.”


The Core Disciple’s Will-Aura intensified. “Is that an accusation!?” he shouted in righteous anger.

“What do you think?” Gravis answered. “You are trying to suppress me by pulling me away and talk on and on about kindness. Have you spared every guy that attacked you? If not, then you’re talking out of your ass.”

The Core Disciple had never felt so disrespected before. He was a chosen of the Sect! Even when he had been a mere Nascent Nourishing Cultivator, everyone else treated him with respect! Yet, this guy was disrespecting him like never before!

Sadly, not everyone was able to see their own hypocrisy. Gravis had also been the victim of that before.

“You have no choice,” the Core Disciple said with anger. “You are weak, and I will take you back to the Sect!”


Gravis retrieved his saber, which was sparking crazily with lightning. Gravis couldn’t possibly absorb a person’s “corpse” right in front of others. Consuming others to become more powerful was an ability of beasts, not humans. Additionally, Gravis was not willing to consume the corpse of another human.

Sure, in the lower world, Gravis had absorbed the Energy in other people’s dantians, but that was different from straight-up eating an entire human. Gravis was a human, and he wouldn’t eat another human.

Yet, Gravis was willing to use the lightning as a weapon. The dead opponent had transformed into lightning, and Gravis had changed him into a loaded Lightning Crescent, which had far more power than normal.

Sadly, even though the Energy part of the Lightning Crescent was increased severely, the Will-Aura and Spirit part were normal. This would be a powerful attack, but the Core Disciple might be able to evade the attack or survive it.

“Then come and try it,” Gravis said as he pointed his loaded saber at the Core Disciple. “As soon as you attack me, one of us will die, no matter what happens!”

The guards on the ground felt the shaking atmosphere. Any second now, an intense fight could break out. The entire Ascension Hall might even be destroyed!

“Will you join my Sect?” an urgent voice transmission arrived in Gravis’ mind suddenly. Gravis didn’t turn to the speaker so that the Core Disciple didn’t know that Gravis had been contacted.

The voice transmission came from one of the guards on the ground, and just the fact that he had been willing to risk his life by contacting Gravis told Gravis a lot about his Sect. If Gravis had looked at the speaker out of instinct, the Core Disciple might have killed the guard because of some bullshit reason like disrespecting his elders or something.

“Do you teach sabers?” Gravis asked back with a voice transmission without looking away from the Core Disciple.

“Yes!” the guard answered urgently. “Will you join our Sect!?” he asked with urgency again.

“What if I kill this disciple too?” Gravis asked back.

“If you can do that, we would want you even more! Please, you need to answer quickly!” the guy said.

Gravis inspected the guard with his Spirit Sense and saw that he wore white robes. He didn’t have any lightning element inside him, which meant that this Sect was either comprised of people with a different element or entirely without one. Just by his outfit and weapon, Gravis couldn’t guess what element this Sect followed.

“If the rest of your Sect is like you, I will gladly join, but you have seen the difference between the guard from the Punishment Cleaver Sect and the Core Disciple. If you are only putting up a show, the same situation will happen again, but this time between me and your Sect,” Gravis answered. “I hate suppression, and I hate hypocrisy.”

“Great!” the guard answered quickly as his face lighted up. “Don’t worry!”

Gravis narrowed his eyes even further as he looked at the Core Disciple…

Who had just turned to the guard.


The Core Disciple slashed towards the guard on the ground. The change in expression of the guard had tipped the Core Disciple off about what was happening. He couldn’t allow this guard to contact his superiors! The payment for this action was a problem for the future.

The guard’s face fell in horror as he saw his life flash before his eyes. A wave of Saber Intent shot at him from a distance, and he was not nearly fast enough to evade.

The air around the slash and the Core Disciple vibrated as Gravis intensified his Law of Control. He had already noticed that he couldn’t destroy the will upon these kinds of physical attacks. Somehow, these attacks were connected to the attacker.


Suddenly, the head of the guard was pulled away with incredible force, decapitating him.


The slash exploded on the guard’s body, completely decimating it. The guards in the surroundings also got injured, but they survived since they had not been the targets.

The one guard felt life slipping away as only his head remained. This was it. He was dead. He already felt his Spirit rapidly leaving him.


The head appeared beside Gravis. He had pulled the head off of the guard since saving his entire body was impossible. When someone reached the Law Comprehension Realm, their Energy and Spirit fused in their heads, which meant that it housed everything but Life Force.

The air around Gravis and the head vibrated with a ton of Laws as Gravis transformed Energy into Soul, infusing it into the head to keep the guard from losing his Spirit.


The air around the head was transformed into a green ball of water.

This was the mixed element Loaded Water, a level one Law that combined the level one Law of Lightning with water. Yet, the level one Composition Law of Lightning not only had Destruction Lightning but also Life Lightning.

Then, light appeared as Gravis used the level one Composition Law of Light to intensify the Life Energy.

“Use your Spirit to regrow your body!” Gravis transmitted with as much power as he could. He had to get this person out of his stupor.

Gravis’ voice shook the remaining Spirit of the guard. “But… Spirit…” he barely transmitted.

“Use it!” Gravis transmitted forcefully. “I am infusing you with pure Soul! Hurry!”

The guard did as told, and he felt like his Spirit was vanishing even faster. Yet, just as fast as his Spirit was vanishing, it somehow regenerated. Slowly, his neck started regrowing.

“Condense your organs first! We don’t have time!” Gravis transmitted with urgency.

“I… no…. Law,” he transmitted weakly.

Gravis gritted his teeth. This was a problem! Regenerating the guy like this would use up a ton of Gravis’ Energy. On top of that, condensing so much pure Soul Energy was also draining him.

Everyone looked in shock at what was happening. This person should be dead, but he was somehow still clinging to life!

The Core Disciple narrowed his eyes.


And shot another Saber Beam at the head.


Gravis stood in front of it and blocked it with another shield of his. His shield cracked a little due to the difference in equipment quality, but Gravis was able to hold. Such a casual attack was something that Gravis could block.

The Core Disciple gritted his teeth in rage.


And then he shot forward with unreal speed.

This time, he was attacking Gravis directly.

Gravis took his saber and unleashed his Lightning Crescent!

“Who killed my Captain!?” A third voice shouted.



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