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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 732: Testing Bahasa Indonesia

Roger almost couldn’t process what Gravis just said. What was he talking about? Why would a Major Circulation Immortal die here? But then, it hit him. Wait, did Gravis just say that he would kill a Major Circulation Immortal!? That was impossible!

Gravis teleported out of the hall before anyone could react and reappeared in the sky, and for the first time, Gravis saw the higher world in its full glory.

The light caressed the land, and Gravis saw a lot of buildings all around them. Yet, he was sure that they were not inside a city. There were simply a ton of wooden huts with fields of rice everywhere. The hall that Gravis had just left was the only relatively imposing building for thousands of kilometers around.

Gravis could also see several mountains, but in comparison to regular mountains, they seemed to be shorter but steeper. Rivers crossed the land, and Gravis could also see a lot of cows, chickens, and other kinds of livestock living around the area.

Where there were buildings, there were humans, and Gravis could see that one family generally owned one wooden hut and several surrounding fields.

Obviously, Gravis was in the middle of a community of farmers. After a closer inspection, Gravis also saw that most households had at least one Energy Gathering Cultivator in their midst while the remainder was in the Body Tempering Realm.

‘Are these the mortals of this world? Usually, only the mortals without any cultivation experience run farms, but here basically everyone but the little kids have at least some accomplishment in the Body Tempering Realm,’ Gravis thought.

‘Also, I get why people eat rice but so much? Can’t you also get some wheat and make some bread or something? Why is everything just rice?’ Gravis thought.

“Are you the servant that dared to kill my soldier?” the person in front of Gravis asked with narrowed eyes.

Gravis’ attention moved back to the person. “Yes, but not on purpose,” Gravis said.

The man huffed. “How can you kill someone a level above you mistakenly?” he asked with a tone that showed that he obviously didn’t believe anything Gravis said.

“He pointed his spear at me, and I felt it was only fair to reciprocate. So, I took his spear and also pointed it at him,” Gravis said.

“Insolence!” the man shouted with righteous anger. “You stole the path of a Weapon Cultivator!? This is even worse than directly killing him!”

Gravis rolled his eyes. “I know that now, but I didn’t know it at the time.”


“Speaking to you is a waste of my honor and time, servant,” the man said as he took out his spear. “You have taken a life of my Sect, so you will pay with your own life!”

The man pointed his spear at Gravis, who simply looked back evenly.

Yet, surprisingly, the man pulled his spear back slightly as his eyebrows furrowed. “Or you can repay your debt by working for our Sect,” he said with a less offensive tone.

Gravis lifted an eyebrow. ‘That’s unusual. His Sect is probably allied with one of the others, and a guard from an allied Sect informed him about my abilities. That’s the only thing I could think of that would warrant such a change in attitude.’

“Not interested,” Gravis said. “If someone threatens me, I will strike back. I have power, and I will use this power to gain my freedom.”


Gravis summoned one of his sabers and also pointed it at the grey man in provocation. “Like I am doing right now,” he said with a smirk.

The man narrowed his eyes in rage.


The man teleported with incredible speed as he appeared directly behind Gravis. Gravis had felt the teleportation coming, but it had still been hard for him to react with enough speed, but he managed to turn around and blocked the attack with his saber.


The surroundings shook as the weapons clashed. The surrounding buildings down on the ground were obliterated by the shockwaves as mortal families were reduced to ashes. When the powerful ones fought, the weak always suffered.

The guards in front of the hall almost couldn’t believe what they were seeing! Just a couple of kilometers above them, the grey man and Gravis stood there with their weapons interlocked! None of the two moved as they were in a deadlock.

How was this possible!? Gravis was four power levels below his opponent, but he wasn’t pushed back at all! One had to jump levels by using the Laws with more finesse than their opponent. Using brute force to resist someone that much more powerful was impossible!

The man also felt like he was dreaming. How was it possible that someone on that level could directly block his attack without any Laws? Sure, he also hadn’t used any Laws in his attacks, but he was an entire Circulation above this Ascender! According to logic, this Ascender was supposed to shoot into the distance with several broken bones, at least!

‘This truly is a different world,’ Gravis thought with a smirk.

How had Gravis managed to directly block such a powerful attack without any issues? He hadn’t been able to do that in the middle world.

The reason for that was the body.

Gravis had a beast body, and he had always fought other beasts. Their bodies were overwhelmingly powerful, and fighting multiple levels above himself always required him to counter these overpowering bodies.

Yet, this was not a beast. This guy was a human, and humans were not known for their physical powers.

Gravis’ body was just as powerful as the body of this man, even though an entire Circulation was between them.

“If I wanted to,” Gravis said, taking the man out of his stupor and making him retreat, “you would be dead right now.”

Gravis could have ended the fight right then and there, but he didn’t want to. First, he wanted to see how Weapon Cultivators fought. It was important to test these things in a safe environment so that Gravis wouldn’t get surprised when an actually dangerous opponent used something unforeseen.

“How about you take this a little more seriously before you die to your own arrogance?” Gravis said with provocation.

The rage of Gravis’ opponent immediately exploded. “Insolence!” he shouted again like it was his catchphrase.


The man appeared behind Gravis again, but this time, Gravis was prepared. Gravis noticed that several Laws started to become active on his opponent’s weapon and calculated their power.


An even more powerful shockwave appeared as Gravis and the man were deadlocked again.

“H-How!?” The man sputtered. He had just infused his weapon with the Law of Earth’s Power, making it several times heavier and stronger. How had this Ascender blocked this attack too!?

Gravis only smirked. He had also infused his weapon with Laws but different ones. Gravis had already felt that his weapon didn’t have it easy when blocking the first strike, which meant that this guy probably also owned a weapon created with the High-Tier Hard Pure Law. If Gravis didn’t block this attack correctly, his weapon might actually receive damage.

So, Gravis used the Law of Core to strengthen his weapon. The earth element allowed weapons to become heavier and increase their attacking capability by increasing the force behind the attack. Meanwhile, Core, or the metal element in general, increased the sharpness and durability of the weapon by a lot and the weight only a little bit. With that Law, Gravis’ weapon was no longer in danger of being damaged.

Yet, that still left the increased physical power of his opponent unaccounted for. So, Gravis also infused his weapon with Graphite, the level three Law version of earth. His opponent had only used a level two Law, but he was still an entire Circulation above Gravis. This meant that Gravis’ level three Law and the opponent’s level two Law had about the same power.

“How disappointing,” Gravis said. “Your teleportation is awfully fast, but that only shows that you condensed an Avatar with the Law of Space. No wonder you are simply some captain of some guards instead of a Core Disciple or whatever your Sect names them.”

The man wanted to talk with Gravis again since Gravis had shown incredible power. Such a person would do wonders for his Sect. Yet, when Gravis said these things, he felt his weakness attacked and decided to just kill Gravis.


The guy teleported away again.


And then, the Laws around him started to be thrown into disorder. He was readying an actual, serious attack.

Gravis furrowed his brows. ‘Now, let’s see what Weapon Cultivators can do.’


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