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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 728: Departure Bahasa Indonesia

Yersi didn’t tell Gravis or Jake about her decision. If she did, they would probably try their best to talk her out of it since they didn’t want her to do something she didn’t want. Maybe it was better for them to believe that their sacrifices gave Yersi some happiness.

After she made her decision, Yersi felt like a crushing weight had left her shoulders. She was no longer torn between two choices but had committed to one. Whatever happened, happened.

The last couple of years felt like a dream to everyone. Knowing that one may not be able to see a loved one again in their life made the time spent together that much sweeter. Yet, there was also the ever-present feeling of future doom looming over them.

Sadly, the last couple of years passed far faster than any of them wanted. Even Jake had built a significant connection to Gravis. In terms of age and power, Gravis couldn’t even come close to Jake, but Gravis still felt like a dear friend to him. Sometimes, it even felt like Gravis was a big brother to him, even though Jake was far older.

Gravis’ horizon and mindset towards cultivation inspired Jake, making him adapt a lot of these philosophies. Especially Gravis’ mindset about the disconnection between happiness and power opened Jake’s eyes. Cultivation did not result in happiness. It was better to look at it as a hobby instead of one’s entire purpose.

The more time passed, the happier Jake became that he met Yersi and Gravis. His life was as good as nearly never before. The only time he might have been even happier was when he was still together with his old wife, who had sadly passed away many years ago.

Gravis’ birthday party came quickly, and everyone gathered in the Opposer’s room. Jake, Yersi, Orpheus, the Black Magnate, the Opposer, and his wife were there. Gravis would have wished for Orthar and his other two children to also be there, but that wasn’t possible.

This time, there were no presents. Gravis was no longer young, and anything that others could give to him might do more damage than good. In actuality, it was the opposite. Gravis was the one that made a gift to Yersi.

Gravis handed the CMO over to Yersi. She was already an Immortal but didn’t know much about the Life Laws. The CMO showed nearly all the Mid-Tier Life Laws. If she concentrated on the CMO long enough, she might be able to comprehend all the Mid-Tier Life Laws in the future. Additionally, looking at it was also mesmerizing. Even if it didn’t help her, it would act as some entertainment.

First, Yersi didn’t want to accept the gift, but after Gravis said that he didn’t need it anymore, she accepted it. Gravis was about to enter a new world full of more powerful Laws. Keeping the CMO wouldn’t help in any way.

The party went on for three days, and when a lull in the conversation occurred, Gravis decided that it was time.

The happy atmosphere immediately turned into a sad one as Yersi even started crying. There was a high chance that she would never meet Gravis again. Orpheus also felt horrible, but he kept it hidden behind a cheerful smile. This was his brother, and he had watched him grow from a 14-year-old boy into a powerful Immortal.

Gravis went over to Yersi and embraced her with all his heart. It actually took all of his willpower to hide his intense feeling of grief in front of his daughter. He knew that he would never see her again. This was the last time he would ever see and feel his daughter, and he wanted this moment to last forever.

He didn’t want to let go, but he had also made his choice. Yersi was happy, and that was everything that was important. Gravis would gladly accept the grief he felt right now if it meant that Yersi’s life would be full of bliss from now on.

He was her father, not her life companion. Jake would be able to give Yersi more happiness than Gravis ever could. After today, she would feel horrible grief over him, but she would get over it. Her family was there, and Jake was there. With all of their support, she would be able to get over Gravis leaving very quickly.

“I love you,” Gravis said quietly as he embraced Yersi.

Yersi also tried to hide her pain, but her will wasn’t powerful enough. Streams of tears appeared in her eyes, and she felt guilty for it. She wanted Gravis’ potential last look at her to be a happy one instead of a sad one.

Yersi put something in Gravis’ hand. It was a jade token.

“Keep it,” Yersi said with a tearful smile. “As soon as you enter the higher world, look at it.”

Gravis looked at the Jade Token. He felt like something very important was in there, and he wanted to look at it, but he would respect his daughter’s wishes. So, he nodded at Yersi. “I will.”

After some minutes, Gravis went over to Jake and put his hands on Jake’s shoulders. “Make her happy,” he said.

Jake nodded solemnly. “I will,” he said.

Gravis nodded. “Thanks,” was all he said.

Then, Gravis looked at the Black Magnate and smirked half-heartedly. “See you later,” he said.

“See you always,” the Black Magnate said. “I’ll be watching.”

“Oh, right,” Gravis said awkwardly. “I forgot you can do that.”

“There isn’t much I can’t do,” the Black Magnate said with a smirk.

Gravis nodded and went over to Orpheus. “See you soon, big bro,” he said.

Orpheus’ smile didn’t falter, but he felt a horrible sting inside of him. “See you soon, little bro,” Orpheus said.

Then, Gravis walked over to his mother, but before he could do anything, his mother pulled him into a tight embrace. “This is only temporary, Gravis,” his mother said quietly. “The pain will pass with time, and we will see each other again, I’m sure of it!”

Gravis’ resistance to his mother was the weakest, and he almost unveiled the deep grief he currently felt. They simply embraced for around a minute until they parted again.

“See you soon, mom,” Gravis said.

Gravis’ mother only smiled at him with happiness. “I’m proud of you. Always remember that,” she said.

“I know,” Gravis said.

After that, Gravis walked over to his father and nodded.

His father nodded back.


A portal appeared beside the Opposer. “As always, I’ll be watching. Remember, don’t engage Heaven too early. Take your time, and don’t overestimate your own power. Don’t compare yourself to others, but compare yourself to your previous self.”

Gravis’ expression changed into a solemn one. “I will,” he said.

“Then go,” Gravis’ father said with power. “This is not something that can stop you.”

Gravis nodded at his father again but turned to Yersi one last time. Then, he took out the jade token she handed him and waved it around.

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t wait,” Gravis said, making Yersi feel nervous, “but if that’s your decision, go through with it. I won’t stop you.”

Yersi felt like she was in a dream. Her father had not disagreed? She would have expected that her father would feel betrayed, which was why she only wanted him to look at the jade token when he already left.

The jade token told Gravis that Yersi was returning to cultivation and why.

“So, see you soon, Yersi,” Gravis said with a smirk.

Yersi’s tears streamed down her eyes, and she nodded. “See you soon, dad,” she said.

Gravis smiled and stepped through the portal without hesitation.

Silence came over the room as no one spoke for several seconds.

“You didn’t tell him,” the Opposer said to Orpheus.

Orpheus released a deep breath, and some tears appeared in his eyes.

“I always showed Gravis a façade to not make him worry. My wife has been dead for a while, and my longevity will run out in another 20,000 years. I wanted his departure to be a happy one. He doesn’t need to know about my incoming death,” Orpheus said.

Yersi and Jake felt shocked when they heard that. Orpheus would soon die? His wife was dead? They had no idea!

Just like Yersi had her secrets, Orpheus had his secrets.

People often kept their pain hidden to not worry their close ones.


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