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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 727: Yersi’s Struggle Bahasa Indonesia

Jake almost couldn’t believe that one of the legendary Heaven’s Magnates stood right before him. Just some years ago, Jake didn’t even know that they existed, but now, one of them was standing right in front of him.

Yet, as time passed, Jake noticed that the Black Magnate was also just a guy. He talked like everyone else, and he also started some conversations with Jake. After talking with him for a while, Jake noticed that he was simply another Cultivator, just more powerful.

Oftentimes, people put someone’s grand accomplishments above the person, attributing a near divine-like status to that person, even though that person just casually talked with everyone like everyone else. Their accomplishments were not their being but something they did, like any other hobby from any other person.

After some days, most of the people scattered again. Gravis spent more time with Orpheus, Yersi, and Jake since he didn’t need to comprehend any Laws anymore until he left. Comprehending some Laws for a bit more than a century was unnecessary since he wouldn’t gain anything good out of it anyway.

Gravis was already done with the elements for now. Sure, there also were attributes of the other elements that didn’t involve their Composition, but they were the last Laws Gravis needed.

The only thing that Gravis could theoretically comprehend in maybe a hundred years were the Laws of Extreme Heat and Extreme Cold. Yet, after a short talk with Jake, that also fell through.

Apparently, there were no level three Laws for Heat and Cold. The level two Laws of Heat and Cold culminated in the level three Law of Temperatures, and the next level would be the level four Laws of Heat and Cold, which would then culminate in the level five Laws of Temperatures again. Understanding another level four Law in such a short period of time would be impossible.

Yersi had comprehended the level two Laws of Heat and Cold already, and her next stop would be the level three Law of Temperatures, which would then act as her Avatar. Yet, Yersi decided against comprehending this Law for now since she wanted to spend as much time with her father as possible. After all, there was a chance that she would never see her father again after he left.

An Immortal Emperor had a longevity of 200,000 years, and if Gravis reached that in the higher world, 20,000 years would have passed in the highest world. Sure, Yersi would still have 30,000 years left at that point, but Gravis also told Yersi that he would not return until he killed the higher Heaven.

Yersi asked why Gravis wanted to kill this Heaven, even though he hadn’t even met it, but Gravis could only say that he couldn’t tell her the reason why. It was simply something that had to be done.

How long would it take to reach such incredible power? The chances were high that Gravis would overstep his soft longevity cap several times over, and then, even with the time dilation, far more time would have passed than Yersi could live for.

As they all spent more time together, Yersi started to feel worse. She knew that Gravis loved her, and she knew that if she begged him to stay, he would probably comply. Sadly or fortunately, depending on one’s perception, love meant that someone wants the best for the other person. Yersi would never ask Gravis to stay.

Yet, Yersi knew that Gravis would feel horrible if he never saw his daughter again. Just imagining Gravis’ grief hurt Yersi.

On top of that, Jake was postponing a ton of time of his cultivation just to be with her. Jake loved cultivation, and he would definitely reach the level of a Star God in the future if he kept at it. Yet, Yersi was making it harder and harder for him to cultivate.

What about her siblings? Aris and Cera had a high likelihood of reaching the highest world. They would not take nearly as long as Gravis, but how would they feel when they, as maybe even Star Gods, returned and saw their sister, an Immortal?

They wouldn’t feel disappointed about her power, but they would feel disappointed that they would only see her again for maybe only 20,000 years or so. This was not that long for Star Gods. One cultivation session might even take longer.

Everyone she loved was becoming more powerful and leaving her behind. Everyone said that they didn’t mind that Yersi decided to stop cultivating, but that hurt her even more. It felt like the others were making sacrifices to ease her feelings.

The years passed with Yersi appearing more and more absentminded. Jake and Gravis noticed this very quickly and also knew exactly what she was worried about. They said several times that the only thing they wanted from Yersi was for her to be happy.

Yet, every time Yersi heard these words, she felt a sting. They only wanted her to be happy, but she couldn’t even accomplish that. How could she be happy when she saw all their sacrifices for her and when she imagined their pain when Yersi inevitably died in her tribulation?

For the first time, Yersi envied the simple mindset of regular beasts. They had no real loved ones, which made the future much brighter. They were living for the day, trying their best, and if they died, they died. There were no close ones grieving over them.

Yet, if Yersi died, a tsunami of pain would wash over all her close ones. The guilt nearly felt overwhelming to her.

Should she continue cultivating?

This was not simple to answer.

She wasn’t interested in continuing, but the potential rewards nearly made it worth it. Being able to live longer than her close ones, being able to accept the pain of their passing while sparing them the pain of her passing, being able to spend more time with them, all of these things held great attraction to Yersi.

Yersi would have long decided to continue to cultivate if there weren’t the fact that she could die even faster if she decided to continue. Gravis had already explained the concept of Karmic Luck to Yersi since they were now in the highest world, and with that knowledge, she was able to see the effect it had on her past.

Without her greater Karmic Luck, she would have died twice already, at least. In her perception, this showed that she was actually not destined, talented enough, or powerful enough to even become an Immortal. Every other being would have died while she had been artificially boosted to the Immortal Realm by her Karmic Luck.

In her mind, her talent was already below average in comparison to all the beings who managed to reach this level without the effect of special Karmic Luck. These beings were more talented than her, and their average talent would only increase the more powerful Yersi became.

Yersi had spent millions upon millions of Immortal Stones to close in on the Law of Temperatures. How many other Immortals had such an insane amount of wealth? How many Immortals were able to condense an Avatar with a good level three Law?

As far as Yersi knew, around 20% of Immortals had an Avatar that was not the Law of Space. Yet, how many Immortals had her insane wealth? Probably less than 0.001%. But even after spending so much money, Yersi still hadn’t managed to comprehend the Law of Temperatures.

Everything was crashing down on Yersi. What was she supposed to do? Should she risk it and try to get more power to potentially live longer, or should she accept that all her loved ones would feel incredible grief at her death?

The decision was hard, but in the end, Yersi decided to continue cultivating.

And with that, Heaven got its way again.

As always.


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