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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 710: Yersi’s Future Bahasa Indonesia

After thinking for a bit, Yersi found her answer. “I think my affinity towards temperatures comes from my affinity towards water and lightning,” she said.

Jake smiled. “Right,” he said. “The cold temperatures have a close connection to water while the hot temperatures have a close connection to fire. Of course, there also are secondary connections. For example, the secondary connections to hot temperatures are lightning and light, while the secondary connections to cold temperatures are metal and wind.”

“You are very talented in water, which is the primary connection of cold temperatures. Lightning might only be a secondary connection to hot temperatures, but your ridiculous talent for lightning equalizes this, making you very proficient in these two Laws. The General Law of Temperatures is simply a connection of hot and cold, which means that its affinity shares the affinities of the other two,” Jake explained.

Gravis had to agree with the evaluation. However, Gravis would be lying if he said that he had known all of this. Gravis was not a professional evaluator of these kinds of things, which made him miss several connections, but that was why these professionals existed in the first place.

Yersi thought about what she should do now but looked at Jake again. “Where should I start?” she asked.

“As part of your evaluation test, you have already comprehended the Composition Laws of Fire and Water. This means you have two options now. You could either comprehend the other Laws related to temperature, which would be light, wind, and earth, or you could directly go for the Temperature Laws.”

“I would suggest a mix. Concentrate on light and wind first. Earth would be a waste of time due to your aptitude. After you know these Laws, go for the Law of Heat first before looking at the Law of Cold. After that, I would suggest going for the general Law of Temperatures.”

“Let me advise you on one last thing,” Jake said. “According to my predictions, you should be able to grasp the Law of Heat without having to temper yourself since you are very talented in that aspect and know all related Laws. Yet, there is a 50/50 chance that you might need to temper yourself for the Law of Cold.”

“For the general Law of Temperatures, you definitely need tempering. This is a level three Law, and since you don’t share the Energy and Spirit Fusion that humans have, you will find it impossible to comprehend a level three Law without any tempering at your current Realm. Of course, I’m excluding lightning from this statement.”

Yersi didn’t like that she had to temper herself again. Yet, it wasn’t like she was some greenhouse flower. She had been tempering herself for centuries. Returning to it wouldn’t be a problem. Sadly, the fact that she was content with her life right now made her apprehensive of tempering.

When someone had nothing to lose, they were far more willing to jump into danger. Yersi had a lot to lose right now.

“Okay,” Yersi said. “What Avatar should I choose?” she asked.

“That depends on your goal,” Jake said. “You told us that you want to stop cultivating but want to have a good base if you change your mind in the future. In that case, I would suggest going for the General Law of Temperatures.”

“If your goal were power, I would suggest becoming an Immortal and learning many, many more Laws. The best course of action would be to use a High-Tier Law for your Avatar. Of course, that would come with a time investment of probably over 10,000 years with many fights and an even greater money investment. High-Tier Laws are expensive.”

High-Tier Laws was the term for level four Laws in the highest world. The reason for that was that beings generally only came into contact with these Laws when they were in a higher world.

Yersi thought about this and immediately decided against this course of action. Just the money part was already insane. She would probably have to spend over a billion Immortal Stones, which was an insane amount. She didn’t have the ability to print money like Gravis.

Yersi sighed after she made her decision. “I’ll go with the first one,” she said.

Jake nodded. “Any more questions?” he asked.

Yersi and Gravis remained silent.

“Do you want to know your affinity?” Jake asked Gravis.

Gravis chuckled a bit. “No, thank you,” he said. “I know exactly where I lack.”

“Oh?” Jake said. “You don’t need to answer if you don’t want to, but could you tell me which area that is?”

“Emotional Laws,” Gravis said.

That was true.

Gravis had comprehended the Law of the Dead World, which showed that his talent was more than sufficient in that area. Gravis also knew several Laws about the Soul and many Laws about Life. The Situational Laws were also relatively securely in his hands.

Yet, Gravis had not managed to comprehend even a single Emotional Law. Gravis was pretty sure that this was due to his unique mindset. Gravis had the unique ability to quickly switch his thinking and change himself. Sadly, this often also switched his evaluation of his emotions and his emotions themselves. Because of that, he had no particular affinity for any kind of emotion.

The Law of Apathy could be counted as kind of an Emotional Law, but it was not part of the Laws necessary to create the Law of Emotions. To create a true world, one didn’t need to know absolutely every Law. Weapon Laws, body strengthening Laws, or Aspect Laws of the Elements were not necessary, for example. Everything was about Composition.

Apathy was a state of mind created by a mixture of several emotions. One could say it was impure. Because of that, it didn’t represent a base component of the Law of Emotions.

Jake nodded. “The Emotional Laws are difficult,” he said. “I’m still struggling with a lot of them, but that’s also not my priority right now. I still need to finish the Life Laws.”

The three of them chatted for a bit longer, and Yersi also inquired about a job. She still had a ton of money left, but she would sooner or later become homeless if she didn’t start earning her own money soon.

Sadly, Jake told her that they only directly hired very powerful Immortal Kings and only considered very talented Immortal Kings for training with future employment. Her talent was sufficient, but her Realm wasn’t.

Yet, the pay was absolutely insane. Every clerk received one million Immortal Stones per century, which wasn’t that much, but that also wasn’t the insane part. The insane part was that they got access to any Virtualization Array free of charge. Two centuries of work for one century of any Virtualization Array, regardless of the level.

That was also the reason why nearly all employees of the Smart Cultivator were not actually people that stopped cultivating. They simply used this shop to comprehend more Laws until they returned to the outside world again.

After talking for some more minutes, Gravis and Yersi stood up to leave. Jake also stood up.

“Alright, now that official business is over,” Jake said. “Let me go grab something for you, Yersi.”

Yersi was a bit confused by this. What else was there?

Jake went through several bags of his, which all were empty because everyone stored their stuff in their Spirit Space anyway. As Yersi saw that, she became even more confused. What was Jake doing?

Gravis also looked at Jake, but his eyes widened when he realized something. After that, he wasn’t sure how he should feel.

“Sorry,” Jake said with a bit of frustration. “I wanted to give you my address, but it seems like I’ve lost it.”

“So,” he said with a smirk. “Can I borrow yours for a second?”

Then Jake winked.

“I have to go,” Gravis said as he immediately teleported out, confusing Yersi even more. This was part of Yersi’s life, and it was entirely up to her what she would do now. Gravis wanted freedom, and he also gave his daughter the same freedom.

Why did her father leave like this!?

What was going on!?

Yersi only looked with confusion at Jake. “What? Borrow my address? How would that even work? Does that mean that you want to live with me?” she asked.

“Oh wow, that developed way faster than I have expected,” Jake said with surprise. “I know that I just asked you out on a date, but that you already want to live with me is rather straightforward of you. I’m not sure if I can handle that, to be honest.”

Yersi’s mind tried to comprehend the situation, but after some seconds, it finally clicked. “Date? You want to go on a date with me?” she asked in shock.

No human had ever asked her out on a date. She suspected that the main reason was her aggressive appearance.

Jake chuckled a bit. “I’m just joking, but yes, I want to go on a date with you.”

“So, yes or no?” he asked.

Yersi couldn’t react.


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