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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 696: Apartments Bahasa Indonesia

The woman summoned around a hundred different jade tokens, which floated over to Gravis.

“These tokens give you an image of our apartments, which will be available in 95 years. Some of these apartments currently have tenants, and we can’t just enter these apartments,” the woman said with an apologetic smile.

Gravis nodded. “Thanks,” he said.

The jade tokens floated around him, and Gravis turned to Orthar and Yersi. “Let’s check them out!” he said with a smirk.

Yersi smiled in excitement while Orthar remained silent, but he was very intrigued deep inside.

One of the jade tokens floated between them, and they all looked at it. As soon as they concentrated on the token, they felt their senses being pulled into it, and they finally saw the appearance of the apartment. It was like the apartment was inside the jade token.

Yet, could this really be called an apartment?

They entered a mountain range filled with volcanos and lava. This looked very similar to the Law Comprehension Area Gravis had been in when he comprehended the Composition Law of Fire.

Gravis looked at this mountain range and even noticed that the entire Composition Law of Fire was displayed here. Someone could use this room to understand the Composition Law of Fire without any issues. That was truly incredible! On top of that, the mountain range was about 50 kilometers across.

Orthar and Yersi looked with wonder at the mountain range.

This was an apartment!?

This was obviously a Law Comprehension Area!

Gravis exited the Jade Token while Orthar and Yersi continued looking around. When Gravis exited, he turned his gaze to the woman from earlier. “Are you sure this is an apartment?” he asked.

The woman laughed. “Yes, this is one of our apartments,” she said. “The centralized area where you can all meet also serves as a free Law Comprehension Area. All of our apartments have a centralized Law Comprehension Area for an Initial Law. This is one of our services.”

Gravis had known a lot about the highest world, but he was still shocked about the sheer luxury. Having an entire Law Comprehension Area acting as their living room? Sure enough, his mother had been right. The people running these places knew exactly what Cultivators wanted.

Gravis’ Spirit Sense entered the jade token again.

“Father, look!” Yersi said with excitement as she pulled Gravis’ Spirit Sense in a seemingly random direction. Gravis chuckled a bit and allowed his senses to be pulled by his daughter. In an instant, their senses stopped before a gigantic door nearly five kilometers tall. This door was built inside one of the tallest mountains.

“I think this is one of our three rooms,” Yersi said.

Gravis checked the entire mountain range out, and sure enough, there were two other doors. “It seems so,” Gravis said.

“Wanna go inside?” Yersi asked Gravis with excitement.

Gravis laughed a bit. “Sure,” he said.

The two of them entered, but the inside was surprisingly barren.

There was nothing.

It was simply an empty, square room, 10x10x10 kilometers big.

Yersi frowned when she saw the room, but Gravis quickly understood. Gravis pulled Yersi to the middle of the room. There, at the floor in the middle of the room, was a tiny hole, just big enough to fit a jade token in.

“I think this hole is for the Virtualization Array,” Gravis said. “As soon as you put the Virtualization Array in this hole, the entire room will probably transform into a Law Comprehension Area.”

“You think?” Yersi asked with skepticism. She hadn’t had much contact with Formation Arrays, which was why she was so skeptical.

“Let me ask,” Gravis said.

Gravis exited the Jade Token and looked at the receptionist again. “Could you show us a visual of how the cultivation rooms would look like with a Virtualization Array?” Gravis asked.

“Sure,” the receptionist said, “but the room won’t have the Laws for obvious reasons. Is there any specific Law you wish showcased?” she asked.

“Could you show us one for Punishment Lightning?” Gravis asked.

“No problem,” the receptionist said. “I just so happen to know this Law.”

Gravis nodded. “Thank you,” he said.

“No problem.”

Gravis entered the room again and looked at it. Some seconds later, a small jade token entered the hole in the middle, and the entire room began transforming.

The walls turned into dark clouds. Some seconds later, thunder and lightning rumbled around the room as lightning bolts exited one cloud and entered another. Some more seconds later, some clouds left the “wall” of the room and started floating around the room.

After a minute, the entire room was filled with small and big clouds filled with lightning.

Gravis and Yersi looked around in wonder. The barren room had transformed into a seemingly living storm filled with Punishment Lightning. Orthar also quickly arrived and looked at the room with fanatic interest. Sure enough, it had been the correct decision to go to the highest world!

“This is amazing!” Yersi said with astonishment. “I would have never thought that something like this was possible!”

Gravis nodded. “I’m also very impressed.”

Orthar also nodded wordlessly.

The three of them looked around for a bit but decided to exit the jade token. The central area was not to their liking.

After that, they entered several more jade tokens. One was filled with storms, while others were filled with water, light, darkness, and even blood or flesh. There were all kinds of different apartments available.

After looking through all the jade tokens, they were stuck between two of them. One had a forest, while the other one had a massive lake in the middle.

Orthar wanted the one with the lake, while Yersi wanted the one with the forest. Gravis was fine with both of them. Both options had their strong point.

The one with the lake demonstrated the Composition of Water, while the one in the forest demonstrated the Composition of Bark.

The one with the lake had the additional advantage that it reminded them of the Grand Lake in the middle world. Yet, the one with the forest was still in the running due to Gravis’ conversation with the Black Magnate.

Neither Orthar nor Yersi knew anything about plants. After some time, they would have no problems with understanding water, but taking a step into the Life Laws of Plants was harder.

The Black Magnate had said that looking at something one already understood was not as enchanting as looking at something one didn’t understand. Because of that, Gravis believed that the forest would be more attractive for a longer period of time.

After thinking for about a while, Gravis turned to the receptionist again. “Can we commission a remodeling?” Gravis asked.

“Sure, but you need to provide the funds,” she said.

The two jade tokens floated over to the receptionist. “Can we combine these two?” Gravis asked. Then, he showed the receptionist an image of the Grand Lake in their previous middle world. “Is it possible to remodel the apartment so that half of the apartment looks like the beginning of a huge lake while the other half is a forest?”

“Sure,” she said. “Do you want both Laws to be showcased? I must warn you, keeping two Laws active at all times quintuples the price.”

Gravis scratched his chin. “How much would that be?” he asked.

“The one-time remodeling will cost 200,000 Immortal Stones. Renting the finished apartment for one century will cost 900,000 Immortal Stones,” she said.

That was a lot of money, but Gravis was willing to spend that. They had made a profit of 300,000 Immortal Stones in one month. In a year, they would probably make several million, and they would be working for an entire century. After the century, they would probably have several hundred million Immortal Stones. Renting the apartment for an entire millennium would only cost between 1% to 5%.

Gravis nodded. “Please do so, but we currently don’t have the funds,” Gravis said. “We have only been running our shop for a month. How about we return in a year? Then we can finish the agreement.”

The receptionist became shocked for the first time. The three of them earned 300,000 Immortal Stones in only a single month? This was insane for their Realm!

After some seconds of staring with shock at the three of them, the receptionist smiled again. “Sure,” she said. “You can come back whenever you like.”

Gravis nodded. “Sounds great. See you in a year!” he said.

“Thank you for your visit. Wish you a good day,” the receptionist said with a slight bow.

Orthar and Yersi also said their goodbyes, and the three of them left.

“Well, time to get back to work, guys!” Gravis said.

Orthar and Yersi nodded. Now, they knew what they were working towards!

It was time to earn more money!


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