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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 666: Aris and Cera Bahasa Indonesia

Everyone was shocked when they heard that. Yersi would not go to a higher world but would stay in the highest world? Was this truly the best path to reach supreme power for her?

“I should stay here?” Yersi asked with uncertainty.

The Opposer nodded. “In the highest world, no one differentiates between beasts and humans. There are only cultivators. Beasts are simply being seen as body cultivators that rely more on their body than their Energy, while humans are Energy Cultivators. Of course, there are humans that cultivate their body and beasts that cultivate their Energy, but that is generally how it is.”

“If you want to temper yourself, you can simply take one of the portals to a fitting area and stay there. If you want to take a break, you can come back to the city and visit your family. You have the freedom to do whatever you want, but the disadvantage is that you don’t have much pressure since you always have a place to come back to,” the Opposer said.

“This world will be your home until the day you die,” the Opposer said.

Gravis had to smile when he heard his father’s world. Yersi would stay here. In this world, she could decide to live out her life in peace or continue on her cultivation whenever she wanted. Even better was that Gravis could visit her whenever he wanted, at least until he left for the next higher world, but that wouldn’t be for a long time. Gravis already had several plans.

Yersi looked at her siblings. She knew that the time dilation between the highest and higher worlds was one to ten. This meant that her siblings would overtake her in power very quickly.

Aris and Cera noticed their sister’s feelings.

“So what if you have less time to cultivate and become weaker?” Aris said with power. “You are our sister, and we won’t forget our time together. Do what you feel is right.”

“Yes!” Cera shouted. “You have always looked out for us, and I will never forget this. Do what you feel is right!”

Yersi showed a warm smile at her siblings’ encouragement. Then, she looked back at the Opposer. “I accept.”

The Opposer nodded and turned to Orthar. Orthar hadn’t spoken much, but that was because everyone simply talked about seemingly irrelevant stuff. Orthar was a pure beast and had no familiar ties to anyone here.

“Orthar,” the Opposer said. “You already know what you want to do. You can stay in the highest world, but I would suggest following Gravis for a while until you are more familiar with this world.”

Orthar nodded. “Logical. That was my intention,” he said.

The Opposer nodded and turned to the three children again. “When do you want to leave?” he asked.

The three of them looked at each other with a bit of reluctance. Then, Aris turned to his grandfather. “In one month,” he said.

The three of them didn’t need much more time with each other. Getting to know this world was irrelevant for two of them, and staying inside for years felt stifling. One month seemed to be the perfect amount of time to say their goodbyes.

The Opposer nodded. “You can have the rooms across from mine. For the next month, do whatever you want,” he said. “If you want some advice on how to cultivate, you can ask me for advice.”

The three of them were very thankful to their grandfather. Not everyone had access to the most powerful being when they had questions.

After that, everyone talked for a couple more hours, but most of the things have already been talked about. When a lull in the conversation appeared, the three of them decided to retreat to their rooms. They wanted to spend the last month with each other.

Of course, that also included Gravis. Aris and Yersi had a close bond with Gravis, and they also wanted to spend more time with him. Even though Cera didn’t hold the same feelings for Gravis as her siblings, she still saw him as a close companion.

For the next month, the four of them stayed together for most of the time. From time to time, one of them went to the Opposer to ask for advice. The Opposer gladly gave them the answers they wanted. Orthar simply waited in a different room, just feeling the different atmosphere of the highest world.

And before they knew it, time to say goodbye had come.

Everyone gathered in the Opposer’s room. The three siblings looked with reluctance at each other, but they also wanted to get back to cultivating.


Two portals opened in front of Aris and Cera. They threw one last hesitating glance at each other.


Not before Gravis pulled them all into a hug. “I will miss you,” he said with sadness.


And then Gravis’ mother joined them in the hug. “We haven’t spent much time with each other, but I still see you as family. I will also miss you,” she said.

Yersi returned the hug, and Aris did so too, after some hesitation. Cera simply let it happen. She didn’t feel these things that humans felt and started to accept that.

After a minute, everyone split up again.

Cera looked at Yersi one last time. “I will miss you, sister,” she said.

“I will miss you too, sister,” Yersi said, her voice shaking a bit.

Then, Cera turned to Aris. “When we meet again, I will be more powerful than you,” she said with confidence.

“Try it,” Aris said with a smirk. Then, he also turned to Yersi. “Goodbye, sister. I wish you all the best,” he said.

“I wish you also the best,” Yersi said, some tears appearing in her eyes.

Cera charged through the portal, and it quickly closed behind her. There was a possibility that they would never see Cera again.

Aris looked at Gravis. “When I return, I will be the stronger one of us,” Aris said with a smirk. “But even if you are the weaker one, you will still be my father.”

Gravis nodded with a smirk. “Do your best, kiddo!” he said with a thumbs up.

Aris smiled warmly one last time and also entered the portal, which quickly closed.

Aris and Cera were gone, and there was a chance that they would never return.

Gravis’ smile broke when they vanished, and a heartbroken look appeared on his face. This might have been the last time he would ever see those two. He didn’t want to let them go. He was their father, and he had to look out for them. Yet, Gravis knew perfectly well that he needed to let them go. They needed to forge their own paths.

“Hey,” Yersi said softly as she put one of her hands on Gravis’ shoulder with tears. “I’m still here. I know how difficult this has to be for you.”

Tears appeared in Gravis’ eyes as he tightly hugged his daughter. He had remained strong for Aris and Cera, but now they were gone.

There was a time to be strong.

There was a time to be weak.

Right now, Gravis only wanted to hold his remaining daughter. He just wanted to feel the closeness of family.

Yersi broke into tears as she also hugged her father. She felt just as much pain as her father, and she also wanted to hold her remaining family.

Fortunately, the two of them could stay together.


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