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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 647: Gravis’ Plan Bahasa Indonesia

The world was silent as it waited for Gravis’ words.

“Highest Heaven,” Gravis said, his quiet voice echoing throughout the world.

The world remained silent as Gravis spoke.

“This world is dead,” Gravis said. “There are not enough beasts for even one level five Emperor to emerge. When I fight Heaven, even more beasts will die, and the chances are high that the entire world won’t recover without a Heaven intervening and creating new life.”

“Yet, how long until the beasts become powerful enough to ascend again? A hundred thousand years? A million years? Ten million years?” Gravis asked. “All of the present beasts are Energy, and they all will die of old age. Isn’t this a waste?”


“Additionally, after I kill this Heaven, there won’t be a Heaven to reignite the flame of life of this world. This world will become a dead world.”

“So, highest Heaven, why not transport the beasts of this world into another middle world?” Gravis asked. “The beasts of this world will be seen as intruders, and a gigantic war will break out between worlds. Like this, this world will still become a dead world, but, at least, the current Energy of these beasts doesn’t get wasted.”


The beasts that heard Gravis were confused. Who was Gravis speaking to? Who was this highest Heaven?

After a minute, Gravis continued speaking. “Meadow will not involve herself in the war. She will only help the beasts to establish a foothold. Everything else is on them.”


A minute passed.

Two minutes passed.

“I swear that I will not involve myself majorly in this war, and if I do, you may kill me,” Meadow suddenly said, surprising Gravis. He had not told her to do this. Additionally, she had just now given her life to Heaven. If Heaven wanted, it could kill her with even the flimsiest of excuses.

“Do you know what you have just said!?” Gravis asked Meadow with shock.

“I know what I’m doing,” Meadow said seriously. “I may look down on weaklings, but I still value life. If risking my life gives this world a chance to survive, I’m willing to take it.”

Meadow sighed. “And if the beasts of this world will die in the other world, it just means that we were not powerful enough.”

Silence returned.

“Thank you, Meadow,” Gravis said quietly.

The world waited for something to happen.

One minute.

Five minutes.

Thirty minutes.

“The old bastard agrees.”

The world remained in silence as Gravis heard this voice.

Gravis smiled warmly as all the memories of his original home had been stirred by this voice. He hadn’t heard this voice in a thousand years.

“I’ve missed you, father,” Gravis said with closed eyes, having a smile on his face.

“I have also missed you, son,” the Opposer answered. “I’m proud of you.”

Gravis felt a long-forgotten kind of warmth coursing throughout his body. Right now, he felt like he was back to being a kid, even though he was still a man. Hearing his father say that he was proud of him touched Gravis.

“The world has one year to prepare itself. In one year, every living being in this world, except you, will be transported to another world. Any beast that you do not want to leave should be inside your Life Ring during that time,” Gravis’ father said.

Gravis nodded and sighed. He was willing to sacrifice this world for his power, but if he had a chance to solve this issue, he would take it. Luckily, his plan had worked out.

“Father,” Gravis said with a smile. “Why don’t you give your three grandchildren some of your wisdom?”

Even now, Gravis was thinking of gaining something for his three children.

“I usually don’t involve myself in the lives of my grandchildren,” the Opposer said, “but these three have shown a lot of potential. Bring them with you to the highest world.”

Gravis smiled widely when he heard that. “Thank you, father.”

“No problem. We’ll see each other again,” the Opposer said.

“See you soon,” Gravis said.

Then, silence returned.

Gravis turned around as he looked at the gathered Emperors. “In one year,” he started, forcing the entire world to listen to him. “Every beast in this world will be transported to another world. When that time happens, you must claim your place in that world.”

“You will be seen as invaders. You will be seen as the enemy. Your ruler won’t be able to protect you. The other world might have several level five Emperors. The other world will certainly have more level four Emperors,” Gravis announced.

“The land beasts and sea beasts in this world must unite to even stand a chance. If you don’t, this world will truly die, and the other world will consume this world. In this remaining year, you must prepare yourself.”

“If you are too weak, you will die even faster than if you remain in this dying world. You will be forced to fight more intensely and ferociously than you ever had before. There is a great chance that you will die very quickly.”

“But,” Gravis said, “at least, you have a chance to survive.”

“Prepare yourself!”

The dark world remained silent.

And then, everything began to move.

The land beasts started going into the ocean of their own volition as the sea beasts entered the land. Several fights broke out, but these were not fights to the death but to get to know each other.

Yet, that was only true for the fights between camps. As soon as the world heard Gravis, the camps themselves started fiercely slaughtering each other. However, this slaughter was very systematic. The more powerful beasts of a Realm were slaughtering the weaker beasts of their Realm.

The beasts couldn’t allow the enemy to gain easy food. Instead, they would kill off their weaker comrades to make the powerful beasts more powerful.

Parents were consuming their children.

Children were consuming their parents.

Companions were consuming each other.

Rulers consumed their subjects.

The world was preparing for war.

And today, 40% of all beasts would die.

The world had not said a word, but it had answered regardless.

Gravis witnessed the world changing. Instead of fearing the future and spending their remaining time in peace, nearly all beasts started violently slaughtering each other. This was the difference between man and beast. Man might fear the future, but a beast will do its best to become more powerful.

Companionship, friends, family, Kingdom, Empire, everything became irrelevant when their survival was at stake.

Death and destruction would consume the world so that the destruction may ignite a flame of hope.

The world was preparing itself.

Right now, there were no land beasts and no sea beasts. There were only the beasts from this world, and they would fight the beasts of the other world.

Land and sea would unite to create a force powerful enough to slaughter another world.

Gravis smirked when he saw the carnage. His calm and composed aura was in stark contrast to the rivers of blood that flowed under his feet.

“Orthar,” Gravis said. “Isn’t it ironic?”

“It is ironic,” Orthar said as he appeared near Gravis.

Gravis looked at the world.

“The River Tribe is not dead.”

“Instead, it has transformed the world into a singular force of sea and land beasts.”

“This world is now the River World.”

“And these rivers of blood mark its birth.”


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