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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 629: Preparations Finished Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis talked some more with Orthar and asked him the question of how his children were. Orthar had the biggest intelligence network out of any beast in this world, maybe even bigger than Meadow’s.

Orthar told Gravis that he specifically ordered his sea beasts to keep a lookout for Gravis’ children, but with the new dynamic, finding traitors in the ranks of the land beasts was much harder. When the land beasts hadn’t felt to be in true danger, running over to the sea beasts was no problem. Yet, if they left their camp now, they might be the next after their regions were destroyed. Because of that, fewer of them dared to collude with the sea beasts.

So, the only piece of intelligence that Orthar had was that all three of Gravis’ children were somewhere in the southern region. The last time any of them had been seen had been about 70 years ago in a battle. As long as the land beasts didn’t do something nefarious, Gravis’ children should still be alive.

Gravis was relieved when he heard that. Even after 650 years, his children were still alive.

Not only that, apparently, they had also all become Emperors. On top of that, they all still had the power to jump an entire level inside the Emperor ranks, which was very impressive.

Gravis also asked Orthar what he was planning to do now. Orthar told Gravis that he would remain here and comprehend more Laws until Gravis was ready to leave. Gravis could take all the time he needed to prepare himself since Orthar wasn’t in a hurry.

Gravis informed Orthar that he would first comprehend more about lightning and then become active. Everything from that point onward would go very quickly. As soon as he found a beast to temper himself against, he would fight it, consume it, and become an Emperor. At that point, there was no reason to temper himself anymore since there were no worthy enemies left. Then, Gravis would rapidly advance through the ranks.

As soon as Gravis became an Emperor, he would only make one last stop for one last thing before fighting Heaven. Yet, in comparison to his seclusion, this last little thing wouldn’t take up much time.

After some hours of talking, Gravis and Orthar said their goodbyes as Gravis and Morus left. Seeing that there was not much land left, Gravis decided to go to Meadow’s territory.

A singular island was amidst the sea. Tons of plants and mortals animals lived there as no sea beast dared to invade. This was Meadows’ territory, and no one dared to enter it with malicious intentions.

Gravis didn’t want to disturb Meadow, so he simply sat down and thought about his lightning. He needed a Law of Speed, and Gravis was sure that lightning had a relevant level two Law in that department.

Gravis imagined the Law of Lightning’s Speed and thought about his other Laws. There had to be some connection between the Laws that allowed lightning to move even faster.


After five years of remaining motionless, Gravis had managed to comprehend another Law of Lightning. Yet, it wasn’t the one he desired.

Gravis had comprehended the level one Law of Lightning’s Power.

In comparison to the Law of Lightning’s Explosiveness, this Law simply increased the power of Gravis’ lightning overall. It wasn’t a significant increase in power, but it also didn’t increase Gravis’ Energy output. This was important since Gravis could now move slightly faster and attack slightly more powerful without wasting more resources.

This was actually the perfect level one Law for his current situation, a small boost in speed and offense without any additional cost.

‘I have concentrated on the aspect of speed, yet I have comprehended the Law of Lightning’s Power. This probably means that this Law is related to the level two Law of Lightning’s Supreme Speed. I’m sure there is one,’ Gravis thought.

15 more years passed, and finally, Gravis got what he had wished for.


‘Finally!’ Gravis thought as he opened his eyes. ‘The Law of Supreme Lightning Speed,’ he thought with shining eyes.

‘Yet, the effect of the Law is different from what I had thought. Instead of increasing my speed, it cuts down my Energy usage severely when I use the Law of Lightning’s Speed,’ Gravis thought as he scratched his chin.

‘But I think that’s actually even better than if it would increase my speed. Using all my acceleration has always cost me a lot of Energy. With this, my base movement speed has risen significantly since I can keep it activated.’

‘Additionally, there is something else,’ Gravis thought with a smirk. ‘My Lightning Acceleration has also cost me a ton of Energy to use. Yet, with the Law of Supreme Lightning Speed, the Law of Lightning’s Power, and the Law of Lightning’s Explosiveness, I can cut down even more on the Energy cost. This means that I can also keep up my Lightning Acceleration nearly indefinitely.’

‘So, all in all, my top speed didn’t increase, but my average speed experienced a sharp rise. I think this is actually good enough for my goals.’

Gravis stood up for the first time in 20 years and stretched himself.

‘Now, I actually need to prepare my equipment before I have my first fight,’ Gravis thought.


Gravis summoned a massive pile of different kinds of materials. One could see powerful ore, but also wood, water, air, and many other kinds of materials.

‘First, my inner armor,’ Gravis thought as he concentrated on the specific materials. Gravis used wood, earth, ash, and many other similar materials to create a tight, black suit. This suit was necessary to give him a softer impact if he got hit by an enemy.

If a level three Emperor managed to hit Gravis with a physical attack, Gravis’ body would be torn apart due to the force. Just the physical power behind the attack would smash Gravis to pieces, which was why he needed something flexible to cushion the blow.

Gravis quickly put the suit on, which encompassed his entire body, except for his face.

‘Next thing, the soft armor,’ Gravis thought.

Then, Gravis manipulated different kinds of leaves, liquids, and gasses to fuse with each other. After some minutes, Gravis had created something like a thin and springy cushion in the form of his body’s outline.

‘Great,’ Gravis thought. ‘This cushion-like substance will lessen the impact even more and will distribute the force over a bigger area. Additionally, the other side of the cushion will also stop me more gently.’

Gravis quickly retrieved the cushion and summoned it around his body. This cushion also had no opening except for Gravis’ head.

‘Last thing, the outer armor,’ Gravis thought. After that, he quickly summoned different kinds of metal. In comparison to the other two parts, Gravis had to use a ton of lightning to forge his armor. Creating something soft was far easier than creating something hard.

After several minutes, Gravis expended nearly all of his lightning, but he had created an imposing, black suit of armor. Now that he had enough materials, he could finally pay attention to color without sacrificing effectiveness.

Gravis summoned the armor around his body.

Finally, Gravis was done with his armor.

‘Weapons and shield,’ Gravis thought as he used a ton of ore to create multiple sets of weapons. If one of them broke, he would have several more to spare.

After that, Gravis was exhausted. So, he quickly rested until his lightning and Spirit returned to their peak. Yet, that was only short-lived since Gravis had to preload his weapon.

After loading his weapon, Gravis rested again until he was at his peak.

‘It’s time!’ Gravis thought with shining eyes. ‘My next fight will be perilous, and it will also be my first time fighting against someone four levels above me. I hope I have prepared enough.’

“Morus, follow me,” Gravis ordered.

“Yes, Master,” Morus said.

Gravis flew away from Meadow’s island until he was at a place with no land present. This would be perfect.

“Wait here, Morus,” Gravis said.

“Yes, Master,” Morus answered.

Gravis flew away from Morus until he had a distance of 100 kilometers.

Then, he turned around and summoned his Life Ring.

With a smirk, Gravis looked at Morus as he summoned his weapons.

Then, he destroyed Morus’ slave mark.

Morus would be his opponent!


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