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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 625: Into the Ground Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis immediately started to combine the Laws of Heat and Cold to create the Law of Temperature. Yet, Gravis knew that this Law would take a long time.

When he had tried to learn the level three Law of Elements, he had spent over a century trying to comprehend it. During that time, he had subconsciously learned two other level two Laws. But this Law of Temperature was different.

This Law only required two level two Laws as a prerequisite, not three or more, as was usual. This meant that this Law had a ton of exclusive knowledge inside it. The temperatures between cold and hot didn’t have any Laws associated with them, which meant that they were part of the Law of Temperature.

Since there was a lot of exclusive knowledge, it was far harder to learn this Law. After all, the exclusive knowledge didn’t have a base Law.

After 20 years, Gravis was still finding a lot of new concepts.

After 40 years, he was finding even more concepts. Additionally, these concepts were scattered and difficult to discern. If Gravis hadn’t already understood the Laws of Cold and Heat, he would find it impossible to learn this Law.

After 60 years, Gravis thought that he could see the whole Law.

After 80 years, Gravis was sure that he finally knew the true expanse of the Law.

After 90 years, Gravis reached the threshold, but he tried to break through the threshold for five more years.

Sadly, Gravis still wasn’t able to understand a level three Law without any tempering right now. Because of that, he had to stop his comprehension.

‘I’m at the threshold. I can feel it!’ Gravis thought as he relaxed. ‘This is the second level three Law that I’m ready to understand. I only need one more push to understand both of them.’

Gravis dispersed the heat and cold and smirked. ‘My Battle-Strength has not progressed in the last century, and I also have not learned an additional Law. Yet, this is all just preparation. All my preparations will explode forward at once when I return to the world. After my next fight, when I become an Emperor, all my accumulation will transform me into the third most powerful being in this world, after Heaven and Meadow.’

Gravis looked at his hand as he clenched it into a fist. ‘Right now, if I were a level one Emperor, I could already fight an Ultimate. Yet, as soon as I understand these two Laws, not even the Ultimates will be my opponents anymore.’

Gravis took a deep breath. ‘I’m about to reach that point again. In the lower world, there had also been a time when only the High Priest and Heaven had been above me. I’m not at that position right now, but I’m close to reaching it.’

‘Additionally, my Battle-Strength now is even more powerful than back then in relation to my Realm. Back then, even when I had reached the Self Stage, the High Priest would have still been nearly impossible for me to defeat. After all, every three Realms, there’s a major jump in power.’

‘Meadow has already said that she had already managed to kill an Immortal before, and when I’m a level five Emperor, I will be even more powerful than Meadow. I would be able to become more powerful than an Immortal when I’m not even one myself.’

Gravis stood up as he stretched himself. ‘Anyway, it’s time to get to my next objective. My next goal will be the Law of Gravity. I’m not sure if it is a level two or level three Law, but I want to take a look at it anyway.’

By now, the hole that Gravis had dug all these years ago had completely vanished. After all, one shouldn’t forget that Gravis had been in seclusion for 400 years, a terrifying amount of time.

Gravis quickly dug a new hole and entered it.

As soon as he reached a depth of 10.000 kilometers again, Gravis felt it difficult to resist the heat. Yet, he had changed tremendously since the last time he had entered. He had comprehended the Law of Magma and the Law of Heat. Both of them gave him a terrifying defense against the heat.

At 15.000 kilometers, Gravis suddenly stopped. He could still go deeper, and there was still a lot of Energy left since it entered the hole. Yet, Gravis realized something terrifying.

Gravis wanted to take a deep breath but remembered that he was inside magma right now. ‘I need to be smart about this,’ Gravis thought. ‘The gravity down here is already terrifying. Keeping myself floating is draining me severely. I feel like I can go deeper without any issues, but what about my return? If the gravity becomes even more terrifying, I won’t be able to exit from here.’

Yet, Gravis had to chuckle. ‘I wonder, is the reason why I saw no one with knowledge about gravity because all of them died to the gravity down here?’ Gravis mused. ‘I’m not so stupid.’

Gravis flew upward again until he reached the surface.

“Morus,” Gravis said.

“Yes, Master,” Morus said as he flew to him.

“Follow me into the hole,” Gravis ordered. “I want to take a look at gravity. If you want, you can also try to comprehend it. However, I probably won’t be able to exit myself. That’s why I need you close to me. You’re a level three Emperor, and your body is many times more powerful than mine.”

“Yes, Master,” Morus said.

Gravis nodded and entered the hole again as Morus followed behind him.

‘Luckily, I have Morus. Otherwise, I would need to make some kind of rope or contraption to pull me out. Using a contraption is far riskier since I don’t exactly know what will happen as soon as I lose against the gravity,’ Gravis thought. ‘Someone with more power is much more reliable.’

Did Gravis have any worries about Morus betraying him or breaking free of the control of the Life Ring?


Where did the Life Ring come from? It came from the highest world and could even contain some weaker Immortals. It was specifically designed to keep such beasts under control. If it were so easy for the Life Ring to break, it wouldn’t sell at all.

Why was the Life Ring so popular in the first place?

Simple, it acted as a portable barracks for bodyguards. Some Cultivator Clans would fill a Life Ring with powerful beasts and give the ring to their weak progeny. Like this, their progeny would always be protected by several powerful beasts without the Clans having to waste personnel.

Because of that, the Life Ring had to be reliable. Otherwise, all the progeny of these Clans would die to their own bodyguards. Gravis knew all this since he wanted to know the uses of what he had actually bought. Gravis knew that sometimes an unreliable weapon was even worse than having no weapon at all.

In no time at all, Gravis and Morus shot past the depth of 15.000 kilometers. Morus was a level three Emperor with a fire affinity. The heat down here was not hard for him to resist.

“Are you still in control, Morus?” Gravis asked.

“Yes, Master,” Morus answered.

“How much further do you think you can go until it becomes difficult?” he asked.

“Probably around 10.000 kilometers more. I estimate that the gravity and heat down there will be difficult for me to resist,” Morus said.

Gravis nodded. “I don’t intend to go that far. The gravity is already becoming difficult for me to resist right now. Morus, grab my tail,” Gravis said as he extended his tail.

Morus grabbed the tail with one of his claws.

“When I tell you to pull, you need to get me out of here,” Gravis said.

“Yes, Master,” Morus said.

“Alright,” Gravis said as he looked downward with shining eyes. “Let’s do this!”

Then, Gravis shot downward with more power as Morus followed him.

At a depth of 17.000 kilometers, Gravis stopped resisting the pull and ordered Morus to keep him stable. Trying to keep himself stable cost more Energy than he was regenerating. As long as he let Morus carry him, he wouldn’t need to waste Energy on that.

“Bring me deeper,” Gravis ordered as he hung from Morus’ claw with his tail.

Morus slowly brought them lower.

And when they reached a depth of 19.000 kilometers, Gravis ordered Morus to stop.


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