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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 615: Perfectly Suited Mindset Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis now knew seven level two Laws, an insane number for anyone in this world to comprehend. Meadow had only comprehended a two-digit number of level two Laws while Sary only had known about nine, as far as Gravis knew.

Right now, in this world, Gravis was probably the person or beast with the highest number of comprehended level two Laws except for Meadow. Even if he decided to ascend right now, his knowledge about Laws was still far greater than nearly any Ascendent.

Yet, did that mean that Gravis should stop comprehending Laws?

Obviously not.

Now, he had the opportunity and time to comprehend Laws. Maybe, if he went to the next world, he wouldn’t have the luxury of time anymore. Maybe there would be Immortal Kings or Immortal Emperors that would keep all the good Law Comprehension Areas under control. Maybe these same people would force Gravis into work so that he would have to earn his comprehension time.

Gravis realized that this opportunity to comprehend as many Laws as he wanted without having to fear any enemy was rare. Because of these reasons, he decided to make the best of it.

‘Next on the list are the remaining Mixed Elemental Laws. Let’s start with wind plus water, which should create rain or some kind of powerful storm.’

Gravis immediately grabbed a ridiculous amount of water and flew with it into the sky. He was not interested in creating normal rain but in creating a powerful and violent storm. He didn’t want to mix air and water. He wanted to mix wind and water, which was a difference.


Gravis violently split the water apart and made it move through the air in a circular motion. Over the following minutes, nearly all the water seemingly vanished as it turned into steam. Yet, Gravis didn’t stop. He just continued whirling everything violently to create as much wind as possible.

Gravis had no control over wind, which was why he needed to physically shove it around with his Spirit. The end result was the same as when a beast with a wind affinity created wind, but the process was different.

One could liken the creation of wind to trying to make a massive beast move. Someone with the wind affinity would be able to talk to the beast and convince it to move by itself without having to put much force into it.

Meanwhile, Gravis was basically shoving the beast violently. Both scenarios ended up with the beast moving, but one of them cost far more Energy than the other. Additionally, if Gravis hadn’t been powerful enough, he wouldn’t even be able to create wind powerful enough that it would fuse with the water.

After some minutes, Gravis had created a mighty, many kilometers wide whirlwind that started traveling away from this region. Gravis looked at the whirlwind with fascination as he noticed some peculiar things. Sadly, he still needed more tries to confirm his thoughts.

Five days later.

‘Sure enough, just like with the combination of metal and water, there is something else going on. Initially, I had believed that the water would simply break down into the steam and be carried by the wind, but that’s not the case.’

‘Surprisingly, the wind doesn’t carry the water but gets absorbed by it. The water is absorbing the wind, which creates an interesting fusion. The water seemingly becomes lighter, which makes it move faster with the same amount of force. Yet, the water also gets part of the offensive capabilities of wind.’

Gravis tore off a branch from one of the few remaining trees in his surroundings and threw it into the whirlwind he had just created.


In no time at all, the branch was torn apart and turned into dust. ‘Usually, if we only had violently moving water, this branch would have first been torn into pieces and then would have slowly been ground into small splinters. Yet, this is not what’s happening here.’

‘The branch is actually not really being torn apart. The water and wind are not tearing at it but cutting it. The round droplets of water seem to have some cutting capabilities. Their form does not show these cutting capabilities since they are still in the form of droplets, but it’s still there.’

Gravis scratched his chin. ‘The water has absorbed the cutting capabilities of the wind element. Yet, with its round form, it logically shouldn’t be able to cut. Does that mean that the offensive component of wind is not based on the concentrated wind blade’s shape but on the inherent wind Energy? This needs more testing.’

Over the next five years, Gravis created a terrifying amount of whirlwinds that tore through the land. Of course, the Grand Lake was safe from the whirlwinds’ power.

Any one of these storms that went towards the Grand Lake would just hit one of the legs of a Strider and be turned to nothing. The Striders were simply too massive. Luckily, this “attack” was not powerful enough to even be considered as an attack by the Striders, which was why they didn’t react at all. It was just some weather to them.

Gravis had been in seclusion for 65 years now, and his surroundings had been changed tremendously. The surrounding 500 kilometers had no more life living in them. One could only see a terrifying amount of crevices that had been carved by the whirlwinds.

The idyllic forest and shore had transformed into a wasteland.

Yet, Gravis didn’t care. Right now, he was like an innocent kid that was simply experiencing the world. All these new concepts intrigued him, and he wanted to understand them no matter what.

This continuous understanding of new Laws didn’t feel like work to Gravis. It was more like playing. Back when he had become a Unity Realm Cultivator for the first time, he had already been surprised and intrigued by the world. Back then, he had just looked at the surroundings, even though his fight against Heaven had been at the door.

As soon as someone reached the Unity Realm, they came into contact with the Laws. Their mind would expand alongside the breakthrough and would finally be powerful enough to understand the incredibly complex Laws. Gravis’ first look at his surroundings back then was the first time he had been able to feel the workings behind the world.

Now, Gravis had enough experience to categorize the different workings of the world, which allowed him to quickly discern complex associations. All the concepts were related. The only difference was how related they were to each other.

Initially, light and darkness seemed to be polar opposites, just like fire and water. Yet, with enough knowledge, one could see that even opposing Laws could be combined and work together.

Right now, Gravis was in the energetic prime of comprehending Laws. Even though he had already spent over 200 years in total understanding Laws, this was just the beginning. He was still new to the whole Law concept but already knew enough to effectively and efficiently discern the rules and play the game.

He was like a person that was hooked on a new, complex game they finally managed to learn and comprehend.

Of course, this was not something that everyone had.

A lot of people didn’t enjoy the process of understanding Laws. It felt like they had to study something. Additionally, a prolonged period of concentration would exhaust people.

One could liken this mindset to physical training. Some people didn’t enjoy doing sports or training but did it anyway because of the benefits it brought. Yet, the process of training itself felt like a chore to them.

Meanwhile, there were those people that loved the feeling of using their entire power to achieve feats of strength they had never been able to achieve before. The training itself was fun for them.

Gravis was part of the second category of people. He not only profited from the results he managed to achieve by comprehending so many Laws but also enjoyed the process. Even if he didn’t gain anything out of comprehending Laws, he might still do it regardless since it was so much fun for him to find out solutions and concepts that he hadn’t been able to see before.

This mindset and personality were among the most important things that one needed to have to become powerful in their cultivation. Comprehending Laws didn’t exhaust these people, so they could do it endlessly without a break while always remaining in their peak mental condition.


‘And I got the Composition Law of the Storm,’ Gravis thought with a smirk.

Yet, without even considering taking a pause, Gravis immediately looked at the hole he had dug back then with fiery eyes.

‘Next thing, wind and fire!’


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