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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 600: Uses of the Body Composition Law Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis was shocked beyond belief. Level two Laws had been incredibly distant to him up to now. He had comprehended the level two Law of Suppression, but that had been an outlier. After that, it had taken him about 150 years to understand the Hard Complex Law, which had been his second level two Law.

For so many years, he had only comprehended level one Laws, but now, he comprehended three level two Laws in less than 50 years.

‘It all makes sense!’ Gravis thought with excitement. ‘The thing I had been aiming for has finally arrived! When my Realm-Stop had started, I knew how hard it was to understand level two Laws. So, I simply said that I just need to understand as many level one Laws as possible. At some point, I would be able to combine some of them!’

‘The level two Composition Law of the Body is comprised of the Composition Laws of Organs, Blood, Muscles, Skin, and Bone. Yet, the Law of Microorganisms, or more accurately the Law of Life Energy, is what combines everything. These five Laws with the help of another Law became one level two Law!’

‘The same thing happened with the Plant Composition law. The Plant Composition Law is made out of the Composition Laws of Organs, Flowers, Roots, Bark, and Leaves! Yet, without microorganisms, it is not a complete whole.’

Gravis also realized something else. ‘No wonder so few beasts are truly knowledgeable about Life Laws. Sure, they might know some Growth Laws here and there, but very few know any level two Law in the Life Law category.’

‘Getting one’s foot in the door in Life Laws is incredibly hard. In order to understand the Composition Laws of the Body Parts and Plant Parts, one needs to know the Law of Microorganisms. Without that, it becomes incredibly difficult.’

‘Yet, to learn about microorganisms, one already needs to understand the Composition Laws of the Body. Otherwise, the entire concept of microorganisms doesn’t truly make sense. Only when someone knows how the microorganisms interact with everything would they be able to understand the microorganisms themselves.’

Gravis scratched his chin in thought. ‘So, what uses do these two Laws have for me? I can’t use the Plant Composition Law for anything as long as I don’t fight a plant. So, this Law is basically worthless for my Battle-Strength.’

‘The Composition Law of the Body is only relevant to the bodies of other beasts, not my own. When other beasts understand it, they can probably move their power from one part of their body into another. They can probably take some power out of their bones, skin, and organs and push it into their muscles, severely increasing their physical strength as a result.’

‘I can’t do that with my body since it doesn’t have the typical Life Energy. My Life Energy is, as the word says, a kind of force, not matter. I don’t have microorganisms roaming around my body that heal it. Instead, when something on my body heals, I use up some kind of weird Energy that expands my body parts.’

‘It’s a bit confusing. If I equate the two processes with math, a normal being would heal their body by adding something while I multiply something. In the end, we get the same result, but the process is different.’

‘I wonder if my body has its own set of Composition Laws or if my body just has the Composition Law of Punishment Lightning. Honestly, I have no idea right now,’ Gravis thought.

‘Be that as it may,’ Gravis thought as he shook his head. ‘The important thing now is to find out the use of my new Body Composition Law. With my level one Laws, I was able to weaken the individual parts of my enemy, but I should be able to do more now.’

‘As far as I see, I won’t be able to weaken the body of my enemy further, but there is something else I can do. Since I now know the true Composition of a Body, I can also influence the microorganisms, which means I can influence the Life Energy of my opponent.’

‘As long as their Life Energy doesn’t surface, I can’t interact with it due to their body blocking my senses. Yet, if I manage to injure my opponent, they would need to use their Life Energy to heal themselves.’

Gravis’ eyes shone. ‘If my opponent knows some regenerating Life Laws, I can severely affect their regeneration. Right now, my Will-Aura is powerful enough that I can turn a level two Emperor into dust after some seconds due to the Composition Law of the Body. Yet, a level three Emperor would have a will more powerful than my Will-Aura due to the level suppression.’

‘The best thing I can do in that situation is to weaken their body. This would be no different to the individual level one Laws of Body Composition. Yet, the difference appears when I have already injured my enemy. With this new Law, I can weaken their surfacing Life Energy, forcing them to use vastly more Life Energy to heal their injuries. It basically multiplies the cost of Life Energy when healing.’

‘Let’s see. If I were to weaken the body of a level three Emperor with my Composition Law and then unleash a Lightning Crescent, I would be able to burn off all of their skin and injure some muscles. Regenerating one’s entire skin probably costs around 10% of Life Energy. With my new Law, I can probably push that to 30% or 40%.’

Gravis looked at some other Ultimates in thought. ‘Additionally, if they don’t know any Life Laws, my Will-Aura wouldn’t get overwhelmed by the wave of Life Energy rushing to heal them. They would only have their passive regeneration left, and I’m powerful enough to destroy all their Life Energy that seeps out.’

‘This means that a single cut of mine against an opponent without any experiences in Life Laws would stay open and unhealed for as long as I remain in their vicinity. This would be a permanent drain of Life Energy. With enough time, in that scenario, I would be able to kill someone like that by only cutting them slightly.’

After thinking that, Gravis noticed something else. ‘Huh,’ he thought. ‘That sounds very similar to the darkness element. How does that even work?’

Gravis scratched himself as he went through a simulation of how darkness destroyed microorganisms. ‘It’s probably a force that cancels out Life Energy. One could also call it poison or venom, I suppose. The venom would enter their body via the weapon. Then, the venom would completely ignore the organs and travel across the body via the blood.’

‘After that, the venom would probably exclusively target the microorganisms inside one’s body until it is fully used up. Then, someone would slowly succumb to old age, basically.’


‘Really?’ Gravis thought. ‘That’s it? That was everything? What the fuck is even the point in learning that Law!?’

Gravis just comprehended the Law of Darkness Poisoning, an offensive Law for the darkness element.

‘The fuck am I supposed to do with that!? I can’t control darkness at all! On top of that, since I don’t have traditional Life Energy, the darkness element wouldn’t even work against me!’

Gravis groaned. ‘Well, it’s another Law. Just take it as some additional experience.’


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