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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 581: Body Composition Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis charged forward again as Borro readied himself. These attacks from Gravis couldn’t even shake his defense, and Borro started to believe that Gravis actually wasn’t that strong. Sure, he could destroy Borro’s metal body, but that was a very specialized attack. As long as Borro didn’t transform into metal, Gravis didn’t seem to be an issue.


Gravis evaded to the side as he barely dodged a goring from the tusks. Then, he attacked Borro’s hide. Sadly, he didn’t have enough power to penetrate Borro’s thick hide. Even though Gravis had used his full physical power, he could only leave a minor scratch, which didn’t even make Borro bleed. Additionally, this injury was so light that it regenerated in just a couple of seconds.


Suddenly, several metal spikes came out of the earth as they shot at Gravis with incredible speed.


And the spikes vanished. Borro was shocked when he noticed that his attack had simply vanished. What was going on?

Of course, Gravis simply destroyed the will on the metal and summoned it into his Spirit Space.

When Gravis saw the thin spikes, a cold light came out of his eyes. This was an Initial Law Comprehension Rank Material. Gravis didn’t have the power to forge with such a powerful metal yet, but that wasn’t important right now. After all, Borro had already created these spikes for him.

Whoop! SHING!

Gravis summoned one of the spikes and used his full power to attack Borro. Sabers could stab, but they certainly weren’t the best tools to stab something. Yet, these thin and long spikes were perfect for stabbing someone!

The spike went through Borro’s skin but was stopped by the muscles. Yet, it had still managed to get quite deep into his body. Borro was surprised when he noticed that Gravis had managed to injure him. He also grew enraged when he realized that Gravis had used Borro’s own weapon.

“RAH!” Borro shouted as his body suddenly grew to be as big as Gravis. Then, he turned to the side and hit Gravis with his tusk. Borro was still faster than Gravis, even with the Law of Suppression suppressing him.


Gravis blocked with his shield but still got shot into the distance. Additionally, Gravis also felt some of his muscles tear by the shock.

Yet, Gravis wasn’t the old Gravis anymore.


In less than a second, all his muscles had been repaired. One shouldn’t forget that Gravis had comprehended all the body-related Growth Laws. These small injuries no longer decreased his Battle-Strength.

As Gravis flew away, Borro grabbed the still-stuck spear with his trunk.


Yet, Gravis exploded forward again with his full speed and attacked Borro’s trunk with another spear. Borro noticed and pulled his trunk away at the last second. If Gravis injured his trunk, this would become an issue. Of course, due to that, a second spear buried itself into Borro’s body.

Now, Borro had enough!

“ROOOOOOH!” a loud trumpet, created by the elephant’s trunk, echoed throughout the surroundings. Together with the sound, some kind of vibration went through the air.

Gravis felt his body shake. Then, Borro turned to him and impaled Gravis with a tusk. Gravis tried to evade, but the sound that Borro had given off before had cut off the connection between his body and his Spirit. Gravis couldn’t control his body at all!


Borro’s tusk went through Gravis’ abdomen but not through the middle. At the last moment, when Gravis had realized that he couldn’t move his body, he used his Spirit to move it. Yet, his Spirit wasn’t fast enough and only managed to move the body slightly to the side. Due to that, Borro’s tusk went through the side of Gravis’ torso.

“Die!” Borro shouted. Then, he concentrated.

And nothing happened.

Borro was still concentrating, and Gravis was looking at him in confusion. Then, Gravis pulled himself out of the tusk and healed himself as he gained some distance.

By now, Borro looked with absolute shock at Gravis. Gravis was also surprised by Borro’s shocked expression and decided to wait. Usually, he would have taken advantage of such an obvious opportunity, but this was not tempering right now.

“How…” Borro said with shock. “How do you still have muscles!?” he shouted in shock.

First, Gravis was a bit confused, but then he realized why Borro was shocked. “You tried to destroy my muscles with the Composition Law of Muscles?” Gravis asked.

Borro didn’t answer, but his expression told Gravis that he had hit the nail on the head. Beasts needed physical contact to use the Composition Laws. So, when he had impaled Gravis on his tusk, he had tried to dissolve Gravis’ muscles, just how Gravis had dissolved his metal.

Yet, for some reason, Borro’s Soul just couldn’t grab ahold of Gravis’ muscles. It was like he was trying to manipulate and tear on something that he had no comprehension of. It was like he was trying to tear earth or wood apart. Gravis’ muscles didn’t feel like muscles at all.

‘Just as I had expected,’ Gravis thought as he scratched his chin while still paying attention to Borro. ‘The Composition Laws of the Body can also tear bodies apart. Maybe it’s actually not that bad that my body is made up of lightning. Advantages and disadvantages, huh.’

Gravis’ eyes shone. ‘But I need to be careful of that soundwave. This is probably the elephant’s level two Law. It probably has something to do with sound, and it shakes and disrupts my body. He has now seen that I can still kind of move under his shock thanks to my Spirit.’

‘I think, if I transform into lightning, I should be able to move. Yet, I’m not a big fan of showing everyone that I can transform into lightning. Telling it to some beasts I trust is different from announcing it to the world. The Lightning Ultimate already has a huge issue with me. If he tries to destroy my Punishment Lightning Compo…’


Gravis facepalmed, surprising the audience. What was he doing in the middle of a fight? Ever since Gravis had been impaled, the fighting had stopped.

‘What am I even thinking about? The guy doesn’t know Punishment Lightning!’

“Hey, Meadow, how many beasts know Punishment Lightning?” Gravis asked with a voice transmission.

Meadow was a bit surprised that Gravis suddenly asked her this seemingly random question in the middle of a fight. “None as far as I know. Let me just ask Sary… nope, she also doesn’t know of one.”

Gravis’ eyes shone as he smirked. ‘So, only Styr, the Grand Elder, knows Punishment Lightning right now. That’s good!’

By now, Borro had recovered from his shock. He still couldn’t find an explanation for why he couldn’t tear Gravis’ muscles apart, but that didn’t matter.

Though, did it really not matter?

As Borro thought more about his situation, he began to become more and more frustrated. He couldn’t transform into metal, which was his primary way of attacking and defending himself. He couldn’t use his metal spikes. Gravis could still move under his level two Law. Additionally, he couldn’t tear Gravis’ muscles apart. One weapon after the other became useless.

“Let’s continue,” Gravis said as he charged forward again.

Thus, began a long and grueling brawl.


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