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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 527: Shrapnel Bahasa Indonesia

The Inquisitor looked at the crater with all his concentration. He was 90% sure that Gravis was dead, but he couldn’t become careless now. His Energy was running very low since he had unleashed so many spires in an effort to kill him. He only had the Energy for a couple more, but that would be it.

After some seconds, space stabilized again, and the Inquisitor could finally see what was going on inside the crater with his senses. He couldn’t use his eyes due to all the dust flying in the air. When the Inquisitor looked into the crater, he smirked.

‘Finally dead, are you?’ the Inquisitor thought. Yet, he still wouldn’t become careless.

What did the Inquisitor see?

Inside the crater, the Inquisitor saw Gravis’ body, or, at least, what was left of it. Multiple spires had penetrated him at multiple parts. His arms were completely destroyed. One of his legs was destroyed, and 80% of his torso had been transformed into holes.

Gravis was bleeding furiously as parts of destroyed organs were strewn all around him and hanging off the spires. No beast would be able to survive such an attack. Additionally, the Inquisitor was absolutely certain that Gravis hadn’t replaced his body with another copy of himself. After all, his body exuded the correct amount of Energy and had an appropriate hardness for his Realm.

Even if that were a powerful copy, it would have had over 80% of his power inside it. Obviously, Gravis couldn’t have an infinite amount of Energy, which meant that, if this were a copy, the real Gravis would be even weaker than a level one king. A level one King wouldn’t be powerful enough to penetrate the Inquisitor’s earth shield.

The Inquisitor smirked victoriously, but he still didn’t become careless. “I should make sure,” he muttered to himself.


Two spires shot out from below Gravis’ head and shot at him, but before they could reach him, something happened.


Gravis’ destroyed leg and his arms transformed into lightning and then transformed back again, healing them fully. Without wasting any time, some lightning below Gravis exploded as he charged forward.

The Inquisitor’s eyes widened in shock. ‘Impossible! No beast can survive such injuries!’ he thought.

Even though Gravis’ legs and arms were healed, all his organs were still completely destroyed, proven by the fact that they all laid around him in pieces. No beast would be able to survive such an attack!

Gravis charged at the Inquisitor, allowing the Inquisitor to observe the world behind Gravis through the enormous holes. The part where the beast core should have been was replaced by a hole. His heart and lungs lay behind him. Additionally, a ridiculous amount of blood had seeped into the earth. All important organs of Gravis were entirely annihilated! He couldn’t be alive!

On top of that, Gravis had just healed his arms and legs, so why hadn’t he also healed his torso with that technique? The Inquisitor felt like he was in a nightmare, as a beast that clearly couldn’t be alive anymore charged at him with cold killing intent visible in its eyes.


But the Inquisitor quickly recovered and shot more Spires at Gravis. Gravis exploded with more lightning than usual, but his speed was the same. The Inquisitor noticed that and narrowed his eyes. ‘His arms and legs are no longer as powerful as before. They probably only have the power of a level one King. He’s using more Energy to compensate for his slower speed.’

The Inquisitor was right. Gravis had used up so much of his Energy in the battle that if he transformed his entire body into lightning, he would fall to become a level one King.

The Inquisitor realized that his Energy was running very low, and he had to kill Gravis very quickly. Due to that, he used nearly all of his Energy to fire one last attack. With this attack, he would only have enough Energy left to keep his shield going. If this attack also failed, he could, at least, win enough time to regenerate his Energy.


Several spires rose from the earth, while others shot at Gravis from the shield. Additionally, the Inquisitor used one spire to shoot at Gravis from behind. With this, he would be forced to meet the attacks head-on!


Gravis evaded the spires that came from below, but to deal with the spires coming from his front, he used something else. The spires coming from his front easily penetrated Gravis’ body, destroying even more of it. Gravis’ body had been bisected horizontally at his chest due to the width of the spire. Any beast would long be dead. Yet, Gravis’ eyes were shining with a crazy gleam.


An ear-grating sound came from behind Gravis as the last spire destroyed the remaining shields. Yet, there were not enough shields to halt the spire, so it still continued and penetrated Gravis’ lower abdomen, but that didn’t matter. That part had been cut off anyway.


A pile of armor appeared in front of Gravis’ lower body just in time. The backlash from the shields gathered and exploded with incredible power. Gravis’ lower body was turned into mush as it exploded forward, taking the pile of armors with it.


Like they were being shot out of a cannon, the destroyed armor’s shrapnel shot towards the earth shield. The force behind them was incredible, and they destroyed the entire front of the earth shield. Due to the Inquisitor’s large size, nearly all pieces hit his earth shield.


Many pieces hit the Inquisitor’s body, making him spit out blood. The force behind this “attack” was even stronger than if Gravis had used his entire power. Many of the Inquisitor’s bones broke, and pieces of destroyed armor had been buried deep into his body.

The “sitting” upper third of Gravis raised one of his arms and pointed at the Inquisitor with two fingers, a smirk on his face.



One of the fragments of a destroyed piece of leg armor that had buried into the Inquisitor’s torso shone violently with lightning and exploded with a powerful Lightning Crescent. When Gravis had designed his armor, he had created the same Formation Arrays on his legs as he was using for his sabers. This meant that he could also use them as a medium to unleash a Lightning Crescent.

When had Gravis loaded his boots with a Lightning Crescent?

He had done that after the Inquisitor “killed” him in the crater. Space had still been shaking at that time, allowing Gravis to gather all his power into one last attack.

As for his healed arms and legs? They were only as powerful as a level three Lord’s and were basically useless. They were only there to confuse the Inquisitor. All of his speed had been created by his Law of Lightning Speed.

The explosion of the Lightning Crescent vanished quickly after it had engulfed the surrounding kilometers.


What was left of Gravis’ body landed on the ground that had been lowered a considerable amount by the Lightning Crescent’s power.

Pack! Pack! Pack!

Then, Gravis simply lifted his “body” with his arms and walked forward. His arms were easily long enough that they could be comfortably used as legs now. As a matter of fact, Gravis wasn’t even acting like he was missing some internal organs.

Normally, beasts that had a significant chunk of their organs destroyed would become weak and exhausted, but Gravis was walking forward like he was a pair of healthy arms and head that wanted to take a casual stroll.

So, how had Gravis managed to survive?

When he had hit the ground after his fall, he felt nearly all his organs shatter on impact. Additionally, his Law of Danger warned him that danger was approaching from below. He had known that he wouldn’t be able to survive this.

Yet, why was Gravis so intent on fighting such powerful opponents? Wasn’t it to understand a new Law?

Sure enough, when Gravis was confronted with his death, he finally managed to comprehend a Law, and this Law was part of a category that Gravis had wanted to understand for a long time.

Finally, Gravis had comprehended a Law associated with Life. Watching the CMO for so many years and watching the creation of his children had finally paid off!

Which specific Law had Gravis comprehended?

Gravis had comprehended the Law of Organ Growth.

With that Law, Gravis had received the ability to sacrifice the power of his body to regrow organs instantly. Additionally, he could grow them wherever he wanted.

So, Gravis regrew all his important organs at the same place, the back of his neck. If one looked closely, one would notice that Gravis’ neck looked way bulkier than before, but that was only thanks to his reptile-like body.

If Gravis had a human’s body, his thin neck would seemingly burst at the seams. Luckily, since he had a longer and wider neck than a human, he had enough space to not make it immediately obvious that all his important organs were there now.

Due to that, he also didn’t care about his lower body being cut off. As long as he produced enough blood, that wouldn’t be an issue. Gravis didn’t know the Law of Blood Growth, but he had pushed most of his blood into his neck anyway. He wouldn’t run out any time soon.

After walking for a bit, the lightning finally fully consumed the Inquisitor’s powerful and hard body.

Then, it entered Gravis’ body.


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