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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 511: King Bahasa Indonesia

The evolution began with a boom. Gravis’ body had way too much lightning, which all went into his body and Spirit now, boosting them way past the requirements for the evolution.

Gravis felt the evolution and felt his body changing. In no time at all, Gravis imagined the picture of the body he wanted to create. This time, in comparison to all the previous evolutions, he wouldn’t change much. All aspects of his body had already been covered, and making big additional changes would ruin his body’s balance.

Gravis’ body shook as he began to become smaller again. He hated it that he always continued growing with each level up inside the Realms. Such a big body might be useful against beasts since they were even more massive, but in the future, when he met humans again, such a huge body would only be a liability.

After around a minute, Gravis’ body stabilized again. Right now, he was back to having a size of two meters, which was very well within the size ranges of a human. Looking from outside, his body didn’t appear any different at all, except for its size.

What had Gravis changed?

Not much. Wings would be cumbersome and ineffective since his speed was already covered by his lightning. Additional arms would seem nice at first glance, but when Gravis used his arms, he also used all the other muscles inside his body. If he had another two arms, his attacking power would not increase at all since it would be just the same muscles being used.

What about a longer tail with a spike at the end? That sounded like a good change, but not when one considered who Gravis always fought. Against a beast on his level, such a tail would do wonders. Against a beast one level higher than him, it would also still prove to be a small advantage.

Yet, as soon as his opponents were two levels higher than him, the weapons Gravis’ body could create wouldn’t be powerful enough to break through the enemy’s defense. If Gravis used that tail to hit such a beast, his tail would break apart at the first impact. An advantage that was only useful against enemies Gravis could easily deal with was not a useful advantage.

Additional legs would make it hard for Gravis to defend against attacks from all angles. Additionally, it would decrease the flexibility of his waist.

A horn? All of Gravis’ defenses would crumble anyway if an actually dangerous opponent managed to hit him. The horn would not be able to work as a weapon and also not as a defense. It would only make his head more cumbersome.

All in all, every addition Gravis could make would sacrifice an advantage that he had. So, he only changed a single thing, except for his size.

When one looked on from the outside, they wouldn’t notice anything different, but when they saw inside Gravis’ body, they would see that the inside of his torso had changed drastically. Gravis added a lot more soft and springy flesh to surround his organs. This was the change that he made.

Right now, when Gravis fought an enemy three levels above him, the biggest danger was the blunt force impacting his torso by blocking an attack with his shield or armor. That’s why Gravis used this change to make his torso as resistant towards blunt force as possible. With this, he could block several more attacks without dying.

The evolution stopped as Gravis took a deep breath to feel his power.

Finally, he was a King!

Some seconds passed in which Gravis only thought about his new power. Yet, the more time passed, the more frustrated and infuriated Gravis became.

Gravis snapped his head to the sky and glared. “Where is my Law?” he asked icily.

No answer came.

Gravis waited for another minute, but nothing happened.


The sound of gnashing teeth could be heard from Gravis’ mouth. “Are you fucking serious!?” Gravis shouted with all his power, his voice shaking the surroundings.

“You count me as a beast and force me to go through the mandatory procreation. I said I am a human, and you disagree! You say I am a beast and force me through this stupid rule anyway, but now, I am suddenly not a beast anymore!? Now you decide to see me as a human!?” Gravis shouted in rage.

This was a blatant manipulation of the rules! When it came to an issue regarding being a beast, Gravis counted as a beast, but as soon as a reward was imminent, Gravis suddenly counted as a human. What was this bullshit!?

“Answer, you useless piece of shit!” Gravis shouted.

Time passed, and no answer came.

Gravis’ fury reached new heights. The past thing with him counting as a beast instead of a human was still debatable. After all, it depended on the definition of the onlooker, if it was the body or the mind that decided one to be a human or beast.

But this!

But this was not debatable! Heaven had made its choice regarding Gravis’ status, and it should go through with everything that this choice entailed.

Gravis clenched his fist so hard that his scales cracked under the pressure.


He hated this constant suppression. The lower Heaven had suppressed him by directly acting against him and also suppressed him emotionally by forcing him to remain alone. The highest Heaven had suppressed him by completely disregarding him and using him against his father.

This Heaven suppressed him with the rules, and now, it suppressed him with its blatant manipulation of them.

Gravis hated being suppressed so much!

He only wanted freedom, but one Heaven after the other forced him to do their bidding.

“Fine!” Gravis said with a threatening voice. “You want to play this game with me? Fine! Do you think this show of force and control will discourage me!? No, this only makes me even more certain of my goal!”

“As soon as I’m powerful enough,” Gravis said slowly.

“There will no longer be a Heaven in this world! I swear it upon my life!”



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