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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 480: Ambush Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis’ mind went into overdrive. The ambusher was a metal-attribute beast, and the manta ray had already transformed fully into metal. Even a fully powered Lightning Crescent wouldn’t be able to injure it. The defense of such a beast was just too powerful. One had to remember that the Golden Dragon had only been two levels higher than Gravis. This attacker was three levels higher than him!

“I need your help!” Gravis transmitted to the gathered beasts. Then, Gravis summoned a huge saber. As soon as the ice dragons had arrived, Gravis had already begun forging a new weapon. After all, there was a big possibility that he would get ambushed again, which had proven true.


The saber crackled with an incredible amount of lightning. The saber began breaking down as the power nearly overwhelmed it. Gravis had just converted all the corpses inside his Spirit Space into lightning and had infused a Lightning Crescent into the saber. This Lightning Crescent was more powerful than what Gravis could produce with only himself right now.

Then, Gravis slashed at the approaching enemy. The powerful Lightning Crescent left the saber as the saber broke apart. The enemy felt the power of the attack, and their eyes widened.


A gigantic explosion, just as powerful as the one that had killed the moray eel, appeared and destroyed the surroundings. Yet, Gravis controlled the lightning to not attack his comrades.

The explosion vanished just as quickly, and the attacker appeared again. Right now, the attacker was blinded and couldn’t see anything. Additionally, a lot of the ore inside his metallic body had melted down, including some of his sword-like appendages. Yet, the enemy wasn’t fatally injured.


Gravis summoned the molten ore and forged it into a gigantic nail. As long as he managed to produce enough power to melt the ore, he would be able to forge it. With the added power of the corpses, he had achieved just that.


Gravis used his whole power and threw the nail at the manta ray’s head.


Suddenly, another mighty explosion made out of lightning appeared behind the nail. Gravis had gathered all his power after throwing the nail and had unleashed a Lightning Crescent with all his power, which hit the back of the nail.

The Lightning Crescent wasn’t powerful enough to melt the nail again, but that was not Gravis’ goal. Instead, the power of the Lightning Crescent made the nail shoot forward with incredible speed and power.


The nail buried itself into the head of the stunned manta ray. It was still blinded and couldn’t look at its surroundings due to the disturbances in space. Therefore, the nail managed to hit it before it could react. Yet, the nail didn’t manage to reach its brain. It just dug into the skull of the manta ray.


Gravis shot forward and kicked the back of the nail with all his power. Sadly, he only managed to make the nail move slightly. It still wasn’t enough to kill the manta ray.

“Now!” Gravis shouted at the other beasts.

The other beasts had already gathered their powers and were ready to fire. When Gravis had told them that he needed their help, he had also told them to ready their most powerful attacks. Because of that, everyone had been prepared.


A powerful storm of attacks rained down, and the surroundings exploded again as the elemental storm hit the back of the nail. Gravis, who already knew what was going to happen, had fled behind the body of the manta ray.

The manta ray had also been unable to react to this attack. The stabbing pain of a nail piercing its head had made it unable to react. Because of that, the gathered power of all beasts exploded onto the back of the nail, forcing it further into the manta ray’s head.

The nail reached the manta ray’s brain and stabbed into it. Normally, such an injury wouldn’t be enough to kill a king. After all, they had an incredible amount of Life Energy. Yet, Gravis had angled the nail to hit the manta ray’s beast core.

The nail cracked the beast core, and all the power of the manta ray left it. It lost control over its Laws and element and transformed back into flesh.


Gravis returned and kicked the nail again, burying it even deeper into the enemy’s head. This completely destroyed the Beast Core, and the manta ray died.

Gravis breathed heavily. He had just unloaded all of his power instantly, exhausting him to no end.

“I had to absorb the remaining corpses, but I will leave this corpse to you. If you share it among yourselves, you will gain even more than you would have by eating the corpses,” Gravis said.

“Later!” a beast shouted as it started flying into the distance. They were still too close to the battle and needed to retreat further. All the other beasts followed the fleeing beast.

Gravis gathered the corpse and nail and shot after them.

“Split apart!” the mighty voice from earlier suddenly resounded throughout Gravis’ head.

Gravis trusted the voice and immediately dodged to the side. He couldn’t transform into lightning right now. If he did, all his gains from consuming the moray eel would be lost!


Gravis’ Spirit Sense saw another ice dragon shooting at him from a distance. Yet, this time, Gravis was prepared. Earlier, the attack had come out of nowhere, but not this time!


Gravis destroyed the will on the ice dragon, but he couldn’t absorb it into his Spirit Space. Gravis could only absorb elemental attacks that hadn’t been created by the user themselves. The manta ray had used some ore that was close by to use its attack, which allowed Gravis to absorb the spikes. Yet, this ice dragon was completely created by the attacker.

Gravis changed directions and barely managed to flee from the ice dragon.


The ice dragon hit the ground and split apart into a wave of icicles. If the ice dragon still had the will of its owner on it, it wouldn’t have split apart. Yet, Gravis had destroyed that will. These icicles weren’t as powerful as the ice dragon, but they still shot at Gravis with incredible force.


Gravis summoned the corpse of the manta ray between himself and the icicles. The icicles dug deep into the manta ray, but they stopped after going through half the corpse. Even one of them would have been able to create a massive hole in Gravis’ body. Luckily, the corpse had been enough to block the attack.


A huge body shot at Gravis from the side. Gravis’ mind was in full battle-mode, and he managed to react appropriately. He immediately retrieved the nail in the manta ray’s corpse into his Spirit Space and then summoned it in front of him.


Many of Gravis’ bones broke from the powerful impact. A humongous shear from a crab had hit the front of the nail with its full power. ‘Level one King!’ Gravis thought.


Even though half of Gravis’ bones had broken, he still used everything in his power to hold onto the nail. The nail had just broken the hard carapace of the crab, and this was a perfect opportunity!

“RAAAAH!” The crab shouted with pain as its shear was destroyed.


Gravis put his right hand on the back of the nail, his eyes filled with madness.



Gravis absorbed part of the corpse of the manta ray, just enough to refill all his reserves. Then, he infused the nail with all his lightning. The lightning passed easily through the nail and exploded from inside the broken shear. The whole shear got reduced into dust while the carapace of the crab broke apart over its whole body, pieces of it flying into the distance.

The crab felt like it was submerged in an insanely hot fire as the lightning burned all over its body.

“FUCKING DIE!” Gravis shouted again as he retrieved the nail and kicked it with his full power.


The nail perfectly hit one of the broken spots of the crab’s carapace and buried itself deep in the crab’s head. This crab wasn’t as humongous as the manta ray. Thanks to that, the nail was wide enough to kill the crab.


Gravis absorbed the whole crab and returned to his peak condition. Additionally, his lightning became far stronger. Now, he was only missing 10% to reach the Nascent Nourishing Realm.

“Run!” Gravis shouted at the shocked beasts, who immediately continued running. Of course, Gravis followed them.

They fled for some more seconds.


Suddenly, a powerful fire beam shot at Gravis. Luckily, he stood apart from the other beasts. If he hadn’t, those beasts would have been burned into nothingness. Gravis immediately realized the power of the fire beam and summoned the nail in front of him.


Gravis continually used his Will-Aura to destroy the will on the fire while hiding behind the nail. The fire beam pushed Gravis into the distance while the nail became hotter and hotter. Gravis’ back was to the nail, and his scales started fusing with the nail due to the heat.


A mighty explosion came from the direction where the beam came from. Then, several more explosions appeared as the beam vanished. A King of their side had gotten involved and had attacked the ambusher.


Gravis tore his body away from the nail. Any mortal would scream in pain, but Gravis had gone through worse.

He was away from his group and was in a territory that he didn’t recognize.

‘I have to flee!’


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