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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 472: Bad Thoughts Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis flew towards the east without halting for anything. The green monkey had said that it was a day’s journey, but Gravis was sure that he meant that relative to the general speed, someone of his level would have. Of course, with Gravis’ ability to make his body lighter and Spirit stronger, he was faster than any normal level four Lord, even if they were Divine Beasts.

Gravis could fly even faster by transforming into lightning, but he had no interest in attracting the attention of other beasts. Right now, he only wanted to deal with all the rage and frustration he felt while readying himself for any future fight.

While flying, Gravis was fully concentrating on creating new armor, but he walked into an issue. Theoretically, Gravis had the power to manipulate ore one level higher than the peak Unity Realm, but such a level didn’t exist. Nascent Nourishing Rank materials were two levels higher than the peak Unity Rank, not one. This made it impossible for him to increase the power of his equipment.

Yet, he still needed to forge new equipment. After all, he was a level four Lord now, and he had grown to a height of around 100 meters. Obviously, his old armor didn’t fit him anymore. However, Gravis also knew that it was basically pointless to create a new armor.

He hadn’t needed to use his armor ever since he created it. This armor was designed to fight beasts three levels above himself, but he hadn’t been able to fight one of them. The whole creation of his armor felt pointless to him. After all, he was already creating his third set of armor while having never used the previous two.

And now, he couldn’t even create a proper third set of armor due to there not being any materials with a Rank between the peak Unity Rank and Initial Nascent Nourishing Rank. This created the awkward situation where he wouldn’t need his armor to fight a Lord while his armor would be too weak to be of use against a level one King.

A frustrated mindset often brought one bad thought after the other. While Gravis was grumbling about his armor’s uselessness, he also realized something else that made him also frustrated.

That was his body.

He had created this body to be as effective as possible in a fight, but his current opponents never allowed him to make use of his body’s advantages. Gravis could only use his body’s physical power when fighting against beasts that were one or two levels higher than himself.

That was okay in and of itself, but his body became nearly useless when fighting against someone three levels above himself. After all, one hit from such a powerful opponent would kill him immediately, and just his body wouldn’t be fast enough to evade such an attack. This meant that in such a fight, he had to fully rely on his Lightning Transformation, Lightning Crescent, and Spirit to win.

He had put so much work into designing and planning this body, but all these weapons on his body became useless as soon as an actual threat appeared. What was the point of having it if it only helped against enemies that weren’t a major threat to him, to begin with?

Of course, Gravis knew that the design of his body would become more useful in the future. Right now, he could only fight beasts that were simply too gigantic. Evading with his flexible waist was useless since the weapon of his enemies were many times bigger than his whole body.

Also, what was the use of his powerful scales if he couldn’t allow himself to get hit anyway?

Yet, that would be different in the future. Right now, Gravis could only fight beasts, which had incredibly powerful bodies. In the future, when he would fight against humans again, all of this would be worth it. The body of a human wouldn’t be able to compare to Gravis’ body. Additionally, the humans wouldn’t be as huge and gigantic as his current opponents.

Gravis knew all this, but it was still frustrating. His armor hadn’t been useful up to now, and his body won’t be useful until he became an Immortal. It was like he was sitting on a giant pile of wealth that he couldn’t access.

Of course, Gravis readied his new armor anyway. If there were actually a King that wanted to kill him, the armor might be the difference between his death and survival.

Gravis flew for around 16 hours while creating his equipment inside his Spirit Space. He hadn’t left all of his ore beside the Mountain of Pride since this Unity Rank ore wouldn’t have been a help in the fights anyway. That meant that he still had a lot of Unity Rank ore remaining inside his Spirit Space.

After these 16 hours, Gravis finally arrived at the place that the green monkey had described. He saw two absolutely enormous but thin mountains piercing into the sky. By Gravis’ estimate, they were probably just a little bit smaller than the Mountain of Pride.

Of course, the Mountain of Pride was way broader and made out of harder materials. These two mountains looked imposing, but they couldn’t be compared to the Mountain of Pride.

Gravis looked around and noticed some other beasts sitting here and there. All of them were Lords between the third and fifth level. Gravis guessed that these beasts were probably also waiting for this announcement that the green monkey had described.

Gravis simply ignored all the other beasts and sat down some kilometers away from the two mountains. Right now, he couldn’t care less about other beasts. He just wanted the time to pass as quickly as possible.

He tried to distract himself by thinking more about Laws, but he just couldn’t focus on them. As soon as he started concentrating on the CMO, his mind wandered and showed more signs of his potential future.

Scenes of his kids being born and innocently talking to him appeared in his mind. Yet, whenever he saw these kids in his imagination, he felt a deep, dark pain inside his chest. These children would only exist for his own benefit, and he hated that! He wasn’t some kind of selfish psychopath that used others to further his own agenda!

Some beasts had already noticed Gravis, but they felt some kind of unease when looking at him. To them, Gravis felt like some disturbance inside the calm and serene surroundings. Nearly nobody fought in these surroundings, and only a light wind rustled the leaves on the trees. Even the sun was shining down from the blue sky.

Yet, when the beasts looked at Gravis, it was almost like his surroundings were trembling slightly. It felt like his surroundings were not filled with warmth but with aggressive heat. The wind around him wasn’t calm but violent and chaotic.

Of course, all of this didn’t actually happen. This was just how Gravis’ aura felt to the beasts in the surroundings. They were simply waiting, comprehending, and sleeping to wait for the war. Because of that, they were rather calm and lazy.

Yet, Gravis felt like an unstable, chaotic funnel of nervousness, frustration, and rage.

Because of that, the beasts kept themselves away from him.

Maybe that was for the better.


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