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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 425: Close Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis used one trump card after another. Yet, the fight was still going on. On top of that, his body had also already been injured with several broken bones, destroyed scales, and damaged organs. In comparison, both of his opponents were still quite healthy. The lizard had some broken bones, but it could still fight. Meanwhile, the ape remained nearly uninjured.

Gravis had to find a solution to this, or he would die. His Lightning Form was too slow to flee from these beasts. On top of that, with his injured body, he would probably fall back into the Initial Unity Realm if he transformed into lightning now. Then, his death would be inevitable.

Right now, the lizard was still far away, but it would reach them in no time. Gravis needed to gain as big of an advantage as possible during that timeframe. He had been on the defensive the whole fight, and he needed to change the flow of the battle into his favor.

Gravis charged forward directly and slammed his saber forward at the ape’s incoming fist.


The saber broke, but it managed to cut off an already injured finger. Gravis had been prepared for the punch and had slashed at the fist while it was above him. Like this, he didn’t need to retreat. Yet, the ape was also ready. The trunk quickly slammed down on Gravis.


Since about half of the trunk was missing, Gravis was able to evade the attack. Right now, the ape was completely open, and Gravis summoned another saber. Then, he summoned a powerful Lightning Bomb and infused it into the saber. Without waiting another second, he slashed forward.


The lizard returned at just the right time and slapped the ape away with its tail. The lizard had seen the power of Gravis’ last attack, and he couldn’t risk losing his companion to that attack. The ape flew away while its arm broke from the tail-slam.

Yet, no explosion came. Instead, Gravis only grinned. He had only fainted using an attack since he knew that the lizard would save his companion. Instead, Gravis summoned some kind of sphere. Then, Gravis infused some of his remaining lightning into it.


The sphere exploded. Yet, this wasn’t an explosion that dealt damage, but an explosion that converted nearly all power into light and shockwaves. Gravis had been ready for the explosion, but the lizard hadn’t been. Because of that, the incredibly bright ball of light completely blinded it.

Luckily, the beasts still had their awareness. Yet, for some reason, the surroundings felt distorted to the lizard. This was the second use of the device. Gravis had created it so that it shook the surrounding space and distorted it while blinding the receiver. Gravis wouldn’t forget something as fundamental as a beast’s awareness.

Like this, the lizard had been completely blinded. Gravis had waited for the lizard to return precisely for this reason. They would surely drop their guard when they thought that they blocked Gravis’ most powerful attack. If they were prepared, the beasts would have been able to deal with this explosion.

Gravis used the perfect moment, which was why this explosion was so effective. Right now, Gravis couldn’t use his Spirit to see the surroundings, but he could use his eyes. Eyes were generally seen as an inferior version of a beast’s awareness, but if the awareness failed, the eyes would become their primary sense again.

Sadly, the explosion had also blinded the lizard. Because of that, it lost the use of both of its primary senses.

The lizard knew that something was about to happen, so it released some of its acid-breath in front of it while retreating. It had to get away from Gravis until the surroundings calmed down again.


Suddenly, the lizard felt an incredible power hit its back. A gigantic explosion made of lightning tore half of its back off. Gravis had decided to immediately fly upward and then shot his Lightning Crescent at the lizard from above.

The explosion quickly vanished, and a lot of singed bones were exposed on the lizard’s back. Gravis hadn’t been able to put all of his power into the Lightning Crescent since he still needed to keep some of it.

The lizard realized that it was still alive and wanted to retreat further in panic, but it quickly felt something cutting into its back again.

Gravis knew that this Lightning Crescent wasn’t enough, so he immediately charged at the lizard while it was still recovering from the Lightning Crescent. Then, he started summoning another saber and wildly cut into the lizard’s back with two sabers.


A storm of blood and meat flew away from the lizard’s back. Gravis had basically become a living meat-grinder as he spun wildly with his sabers inside the lizard’s body. Its scales had been its most powerful defense, but the Lightning Crescent had completely decimated that defense. Now, only the relatively weak meat remained.

The lizard screamed in panic, fear, and pain as it felt Gravis dig through its entire body. Meanwhile, Gravis’ eyes were bloodshot, and he also screamed in fury. He only had 10% of all of his power remaining. He needed to kill the lizard now, or he wouldn’t be able to survive.

The ape immediately came back and saw what was going on. With determined eyes, he looked at the lizard. “Sorry, friend,” he said.


Then, the mighty tree-trunk slammed down onto the lizard’s back. Its back broke, and a lot of its organs exploded. Yet, the lizard was still alive, barely.

The lizard screamed in pain, but the ape only stared at it. “Is he dead?” he asked.

The lizard still screamed, but the ape felt no more movement coming from inside the lizard. On top of that, no more blood and meat shot out of the lizard. The attack with the tree trunk must have squashed Gravis.

Some more minutes passed, and the lizard became increasingly weaker. By now, it had calmed down a little and only waited for its death. “I don’t want to die,” it said weakly.

“I know,” the ape answered. “No one wants to die. I’m sorry, it was my fault. I shouldn’t have taken him lightly in the beginning.” Then, the ape gnashed his teeth. “The Commander was right. This is really my biggest weakness.”

The ape waited until the lizard took its last breath. When the lizard died, the ape released a bitter sigh. “This is my fault,” he said to himself in a quiet voice.


A bit of lightning appeared at the lizard’s back. The ape was surprised for a second, but in nearly no time at all, the lightning violently expanded until it engulfed the entire lizard. The ape saw how the body of his companion quickly dissolved.

The eyes of the ape burned in rage as he lifted the tree again. Then, he slammed down with all his power, right into the lightning.


The lightning completely ate up the tree, but it also seemed to become weaker. Then, a small metal sphere flew out of the corpse. As soon as the ape saw that, it closed its eyes and only watched with its awareness.


Another bright explosion appeared, but it vanished just as quickly. As soon as the bright explosion vanished, the ape opened its eyes again. The surrounding space was distorted, and it couldn’t use its awareness anymore. Without waiting, the ape jumped forward and slammed both of his fists down into the lightning.


The ape’s fists vanished as the hair and skin burned away. After that, even the muscles started disappearing. Yet, the lightning was also visibly becoming weaker. After some seconds, the lightning completely vanished while only bones remained of the ape’s arms.

The ape took some deep breaths. It was exhausted and in incredible pain. Not everyone had the privilege of feeling their entire arms burn away. After some seconds, the ape took a deep breath and exhaled. The fight was over.


The ape’s eyes widened in shock as it felt something horrifying. Something had just parted its ass-cheeks to enter, and then, an incredible pain shot throughout its entire body.

What had Gravis done during all of this?

As soon as Gravis noticed that the ape had returned, he quickly fled to the lizard’s behind. The attack completely missed him, but Gravis knew that the lizard would die. So, he simply waited until the lizard ultimately died.

Then, he used his last remaining power to absorb the lizard’s body. The next attack with the trunk ate up nearly 20% of his new absorbed power. If the ape attacked again after that, Gravis would vanish before the ape died.

So, he threw another bomb out. Creating a blinding light didn’t cost much Energy, but distorting the space took an incredible amount. One of these bombs cost Gravis an entire 20% of all his power. While the ape closed his eyes, Gravis split his lightning. Enough of the lightning left the lizard to make a body that could harness all of Gravis’ physical power.

The power of his Spirit and lightning was left behind to make it appear like he had never left. The lightning continued raging while the body kept itself hidden behind the ape. The ape wouldn’t be able to notice him as long as the surrounding space remained disturbed.

Then, when Gravis saw the ape relax, he saw his opportunity. He didn’t like it, but it was his last chance. He jumped and directly entered the ape’s body from its behind.

As soon as he entered, he summoned more of his sabers and started destroying everything he saw. As soon as he hit a bone, he moved away and cut into a different direction.



By now, the space wasn’t distorted anymore, and the ape jumped at different mountains in an effort to kill Gravis. Since its arms were destroyed, the ape couldn’t use them to hit Gravis. Sadly, its own body was a powerful shield against these impacts, and Gravis only received some light injuries.

After around a minute of destruction and panic, the ape became weaker. Then, it fell over and remained motionless as something beneath its skin moved violently around.

Some seconds later, the ape also died.


An incredible amount of lightning appeared from the ape’s corpse. Then, the lightning dissolved its corpse in a matter of seconds.

As soon as the ape had completely vanished, Gravis appeared again.

‘I survived,’ he thought in relief. This fight had been pretty close. Initially, he had expected to die, but he managed to survive.

Gravis closed his eyes, and he felt his Will-Aura become more powerful. The shark from a couple of months back had also tempered him, but not as much as this fight.

Then, Gravis closed his eyes and thought about the fight.

“You survived,” a new voice suddenly commented from the side.

Gravis was shocked since he hadn’t felt anyone else being present.

He immediately became alarmed and looked over.


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