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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 405: Silva’s and Shira’s Evolution Bahasa Indonesia

Orthar and Gravis split up as they left the hyenas’ territory. Gravis went back to do whatever he was doing all day while Orthar informed the Tribe about their new member and the recruits that would be coming in about a day.

Silva was surprised and nervous when he heard the news. He wouldn’t be able to keep someone so powerful under his control when they joined. Liza would be a level two Lord and was way more powerful than anyone except Gravis. She surely wouldn’t listen to him.

Yet, Orthar calmed him down by telling him that Gravis wouldn’t overlook something like that. Gravis obviously had his own plans for her. Putting her into a normal army was just too big of a waste.

When Silva heard that, he calmed down. Yet, he was also frustrated at his own lack of power. He had gotten enough corpses to become a level one Lord in this fight, and he would be able to eat them by tomorrow. At that point, he would finally become a Lord, a dream he had had for a long time.

Yet, as soon as he achieved that dream, an overpowering new member joined the Tribe that Silva couldn’t even think about controlling. One had to know that Orthar was the strongest member of the Tribe beside Gravis, and Orthar had said that he didn’t even have a chance against her, and that was considering that she was still a level one Lord.

It would take the Land Camp around two days to eat and digest all these corpses, and according to Silva’s calculations, they would get five more Lords in the Land Camp, excluding him. Luckily for him, Shira knew nothing about this. After all, the whole Land Camp was still inside the hyenas’ territory. This would be a mighty surprise for her.

Like this, a day passed where the Land Camp only rested and ate inside the hyenas’ territory. Though, it couldn’t be counted as the hyenas’ territory anymore. It would become part of the River Tribe in no time. In actuality, the fungus was already converting the new territory into theirs. A lot of wide and deep rivers could already be seen stretching through the land.


A one-hundred-meter long beast shot over the resting Land Camp with incredible speeds. Most of the beasts didn’t even notice it. Yet, Silva had already reached the level of a Lord, and he had noticed the “trespasser.”

Silva sighed. “The new member of our Tribe just passed over us,” Silva said as he scratched his chin with his new claws.

Silva had seen the advantage that arms had when he had fought Gravis back then. Ever since then, he had planned to change his body. Right now, his body was only around a hundred-meters-long, half the length of his previous body.

On top of that, he had two long and thin arms ending in powerful claws. His whole body was relatively thin, which would allow him to evade attacks easier and use it to grab his enemy like a constrictor snake. His long arms would be able to defend him from attacks and grab other parts of his enemy.

The Land Camp waited for another day after this occurrence until they finally returned. They had to get everything ready for the new recruits.

When Liza arrived at the Spire of the Tribe, most of the beasts were panicked for a second but then remembered Orthar’s words. Their panic transformed into worship as they realized that their Leader managed to subdue such a powerful beast. They had never seen any beast that was as powerful as Liza.

Gravis talked to Liza and explained what he had in mind for her. “I think it would be best if you took care of all the new recruits and Prey inside the Tribe, land beasts and sea beasts. You just need to let two equally powerful beasts fight and oversee it.”

Liza thought about this for a while. “I can do that. I don’t mind sitting around and watching some fights. It might even be entertaining.”

Gravis nodded. “Yes, that’s what I thought. Right now, we need to get further into the continent. We can’t remain at the fringes of the continent forever. After all, we need powerful enemies to become more powerful.”

“As soon as we find some Tribes with level two Lords, you can join the fighting. Of course, I won’t force you. After all, I also need level two Lords as food,” Gravis explained.

Liza nodded with a smile. “Sounds good to me. As soon as the new recruits win the fight, they get transferred to the Land and Sea Camp, correct?”

“Yes. Just send them to their respective Commanders. Of course, it can also happen that the current members of the River Tribe show interest in a fight with a new recruit. It is also your duty to stop them from doing that.”

Liza furrowed her brows. “I thought every beast could fight every other beast,” she said.

“Yes, but only if they are members of the River Tribe. The new recruits are not yet members. I don’t want the River Tribe to attack the recruits or Prey because this couldn’t be considered tempering. Every member of the River Tribe has won, at least, one genuine life and death battle. By fighting against the new recruits, the members of the River Tribe would have it too easy.”

Liza hummed for a bit. “That makes sense. Your goal is not only to increase their Rank but also to increase their Battle-Strength. I guess that is the best way forward.”

“Exactly. There is no free food in the River Tribe. Every member needs to fight a genuine life and death battle to become stronger. Only like this will they have the highest possible Battle-Strength,” Gravis explained.

“Sounds good to me. I’ll get right to it then,” she said.

“The two level one Lord snakes are the Commanders. Just ask them where the recruits are. Currently, the recruits are still under the Commanders, so they know where they are. Just gather them all and let them fight.”

“Alright, bye!” Liza said and shot away from the Spire, right into the Abyss that was surrounding it. She had already felt one of these Lords and went to talk to her.

Shira had also become a level one Lord. Yet, her evolution was different from Silva’s. Instead of decreasing her size, she increased it. By now, Shira was over a kilometer long. On top of that, she had a new addition.

Shira had decided that her most powerful weapons were her venom-filled fangs. As long as she hit an enemy with them, she would be able to win the fight. Therefore, she had grown a second head. On top of that, if one head was destroyed, the other could take over for the body.

With this evolution, she had duplicated her most potent weapon and had also gotten rid of a weakness. Shira didn’t like it at all that she was losing the authority over her recruits to some new member. Yet, what could she do? Liza’s power was eclipsing hers. She could only accept the loss.

Yet, she quickly recovered her usual, confident mood. After all, while Silva had been away, she had gone to work. When Silva returned, he would realize how close he was to his death. This provided her with an endless amount of comfort. Her impending victory over Silva was keeping her happy.

What had Shira done?

While Silva had been away, she had instigated one unfair fight after the other. With that, she had managed to kill every remaining member of the Land Camp. Her Camp had eaten all the hyenas and border-guards that hadn’t joined the invasion. She might have also lost some of her powerful members, but that was no issue.

On top of that, she managed to raise three other Lords with these fights. Sadly, only two of the Lords remained as the third had directly challenged Shira. The fight had been brutal, but Shira had won against him. With this, she was already one step closer to becoming a level two Lord than Silva.

One day later, Silva returned with his remaining 33 members. Shira was shocked when she noticed that Silva and five other members were already Lords. She grew incredibly frustrated when she realized that suppressing him would become incredibly difficult now.

With the abundance of Spirit Beasts, it wasn’t hard for Shira to find beasts that had a perfect counter towards other beasts. Yet, with only two other Lords, she didn’t have as many options. Shira quickly changed her plan. Now, she wanted to create as many Lords as possible, even if it meant that the Sea Camp would fight each other.

Yet, her plan was about to be thrown to the wind. As soon as the Land Camp returned to the River Tribe, Silva turned to his soldiers.

“The Sea Commander has used all her schemes to kill our members. I’m also sure that she wouldn’t have missed such a prime opportunity to give us another hit. Right now, we are probably the only remaining members of the Land Camp. All of our companions are probably already dead,” he said.

The Land Camp got enraged when they heard that. The Sea Camp wouldn’t care about something like that, but the Land Camp had an attitude that reflected Silva’s attitude. They saw their Land Camp as one being. They were united, and when someone attacked their comrades, it would be like someone had attacked them.

“The time to remain passive has passed. Now, we become active!” Silva shouted.

The Land Camp listened to him with battle-intent. It was almost like they were back in the invasion of the Hyena Tribe.

“Go wild! Shira can control some fights, but not all of them. Go crazy!” Silva shouted. “Go out, find any member of the Sea Camp that you think is weaker than you, and directly challenge them!”

“You have all gone through a bitter war and have experienced a powerful life and death battle. Half of our companions have died in this war, but you, you are the stronger half! You have proven your strength! So, what can some shrimps from the Sea Camp possibly do to you!?” Silva shouted aggressively.

“RAAAAA!” the beasts shouted aggressively in answer.

“Go out! Kill, slaughter, and feed!”

Then Silva took a deep breath.

“FUCK THE SEA CAMP!” he shouted with all his power.

Some of the beasts were surprised by Silva’s choice of words, but their Battle-Intent quickly returned.

“FUCK THE SEA CAMP!” they shouted back.

“GO!” Silva shouted.

“RAAAAAAA!” the Land Camp answered as they charged into the River Tribe.

Today, blood will flow, and chaos will reign!


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