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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 396: The Princess Attacks Bahasa Indonesia

The black general noticed that only the fire hyenas had been targeted, making him even more careful. He was absolutely sure that the leading snake, which the reporting hyena had talked about, led this attack. For some reason, that snake had anticipated their invasion.

“Keep the formation! Don’t wildly attack!” the black general shouted. Being careful was the best option right now. Sooner or later, the sea beasts would run out of these tactics.

When Shira saw that, she sneered. “Idiot,” she commented again. “Use the squid tactic,” she ordered.

Quickly a lot of beasts started moving around seemingly at random. Shira had had several hours to plan for the incoming fight. Of course, she had created a lot of plans and had informed her army about them. This invasion was meant only for the sea camp.

The main reason for that was rather interesting. It had everything to do with the recruitment of new members.

A lot of sea beasts had been scouted from the ocean by their tribesmen. Hearing that they only needed to win against one enemy to join a Tribe made these sea beasts go wild with greed. Therefore, most of the fighting sea beasts were new recruits from the ocean that hadn’t proven themselves yet. If they managed to kill a hyena, they would be able to join the Tribe and also eat their enemy.

The hyenas that won the fight would also join the Tribe. Of course, they would be part of the land camp. Like this, both camps would get powerful, new members.

Shira’s new plan would take some minutes to come into effect. Meanwhile, the front of the pathway was blocked by a lot of hard and annoying to catch sea beasts. The blocking party was mostly comprised of shrimp that could take a hit and retreat quickly.

Because of that, the plan was ready before the enemy arrived at the 50% mark. When Shira saw that everything was ready, she ordered the army to start.


A lot of gigantic fish appeared at the surface and slammed their fins into the water, creating a powerful wave that swept towards the hyenas. Of course, this was a common tactic that sea beasts used. So, the enemy’s Earth Movers were prepared.

Big walls appeared around the pathway that deflected the waves. Yet…


Holes opened up beneath the Earth Movers, and long tentacles came out of them. The hyenas had been distracted by the wave and hadn’t noticed the tunnels that had been created below them.

Of course, that couldn’t be blamed on the hyenas. Usually, Water Makers didn’t appear in such wars. On top of that, these tunnels had been created way too fast. Something like this needed more than one Water Maker.

The responsible Water Maker was also responsible for something else. Far away, many injured hyenas were thrown to the mountains of the River Tribe together with the sea beasts they had killed.

It was Orthar doing all of this.

Whenever a hyena won, he would transmit a prepared speech to them and throw them at the land by enlarging his tentacles. Changing his body’s size made him weaker, but he was still way stronger than high-rank Spirit Beasts. The transmission of information was also very fast. Like this, Orthar had collected the new members for their Tribe.

Of course, creating so many tunnels wasn’t an issue for a Water Maker Unity Beast. Shira had asked him for his cooperation, and he had agreed.

The squid-tentacles wrapped around many of the Earth Movers and pulled them into the water. Then, the squids would fight the hyenas in a duel.

Losing so many Earth Movers made the creation of the pathway nearly grind to a halt. When the black general saw this, he gritted his teeth. “Retreat!” he shouted.

The formation stopped and turned around, walking back to land.

“Oracle, if you will,” Shira said.

“Sure,” Orthar said back.


Their pathway was cut off before them. The hyena’s Earth Movers went to work, but they couldn’t outspeed Orthar. The pathway was vanishing way faster than they could create it.

“They’ve been weakened enough,” Shira transmitted to her army. “Choose your target freely,” she ordered.

All the beasts had been waiting for this. In nearly no time at all, all sea beasts not currently fighting burst out of the water and jumped on land. Then, they charged at the hyenas.

The hyenas fought against them, but all the hyenas with a fire affinity had already been dealt with. The rest of the hyenas had to fight in close quarters with their enemies.

Of course, the hyenas were still very powerful. This meant that the casualties of the sea beasts were higher than the hyenas’. Yet, that didn’t stop the greedy horde of sea beasts. They only needed to kill a single opponent to join the Tribe!

Shira also sneakily grabbed a hyena with the darkness attribute. She was pretty confident in dealing with such an enemy. She just needed to avoid its darkness-covered teeth.

Meanwhile, the hyenas on land that had managed to kill a sea beast were grabbed by some sharp tentacles from below the ground and pulled away. After this had happened a couple of times, the black general noticed something.

‘Is this a Lord?’ he thought in panic. The tentacles were too fast and too powerful to come from a Spirit Beast. Also, the hyenas that the tentacles grabbed were only the ones that had won their fight. ‘They’re recruiting them! This isn’t a war! The enemy is just playing with us!’ he thought in panic.

“RAAAAAAAAA!” the black general shouted with all his power, his voice echoing into the horizons. This was a signal for the princess, which said that they faced annihilation.

The princess narrowed her eyes and decided to charge forward. It was time for her to get involved!

As soon as she reached the water, she started flying. Unity Beasts could fly, just like Unity Realm cultivators. Yet, flying worked differently for them. It wasn’t their own Spirit that lifted them, but the world itself. This was an advantage created by Heaven for beasts. After all, if cultivators could fly, but not beasts, the beasts couldn’t act as good tempering to cultivators.

She charged at the isolated island with all her tribesmen on it with incredible speed. Yet, before she could arrive…

“You are my enemy!”

A powerful and imposing voice thundered from the mountain range of the River Tribe. The princess halted and looked over. What she saw was the biggest beast she had ever seen in her life.

It was an absolutely massive pangolin, nearly two-kilometers-long. No Spirit Beast could possibly become that big. So, the princess was sure that this was a Lord.

Morn became a Unity Beast around a day ago. As soon as the new rules had come into effect, he had quickly looked for opponents, creating some panic among the beasts. Every beast knew that they would die as soon as Morn challenged them. Morn… was just too powerful.


Morn jumped off the mountain he stood on, completely decimating it in the process. He was absolutely gigantic, and his shadow nearly covered the whole island where the hyenas currently were.

At this moment, the princess knew that all the intelligence they had received from the reporting hyena was wrong. Not only was there a Lord, but the Lord was also a land beast.

No words were spoken as the two Lords charged at each other.


The princess burst into flames. After that, the flames left her body and shot at the approaching Morn.


Morn curled into a ball and spun quickly. The sound of something burning was heard as the flames spread across his body. Yet, the princess’ attack only had so much Energy. The flames were distributed across a massive surface, and the spinning quickly extinguished them.

Morn’s whole back and tail were charred, but that was all. He didn’t even feel any pain. This had been one of the princess’s most powerful attacks, and she had expected her enemy to get injured. After all, Morn was too big and cumbersome to dodge that attack. The fact that Morn wasn’t injured shocked her to no end.

Morn easily closed the distance in that short time, and the princess tried to charge to the side. Yet, Morn’s gigantic tail stretched while he was spinning and came at her from above. The princess only managed to flee 100 meters to the right. That would have been enough to evade any attack. Sadly, Morn was just too massive.


The tail hit her, throwing her like a bullet towards the water, and a gigantic splash of water shot into the sky as she hit it. When one hit the water at such speeds without the help of a Spirit to soften the water, it wouldn’t be any different than hitting the ground.

The princess was stunned for a moment as she felt pain from all over her body. Yet, she quickly recovered and looked at the sky.

Just to see a gigantic, opened mouth engulf her.


She burst into flames again, but Morn bit down anyway. His mouth was burned beyond recognition, but due to his size, his brain was far enough away to not get injured by the burns. Yet, in exchange for these burns, he had killed the princess.

Typically, a huge size was a disadvantage in a fight. Yet, with good defense and intelligence, one could make use of this size. Everything had its advantages and disadvantages. Morn easily had enough experience to create a fighting style fitting for his incredible size.

When the black general saw the gigantic pangolin swallowing the princess, all hope left him.

“We surrender! Please give us a chance to survive!” he shouted.

After some seconds, the sea beasts stopped attacking and retreated into the sea.

Then, Shira poked her head out of the water and smirked at the black general. Some blood was running down her chin.

“Sure,” she said with a bloodthirsty smile.


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