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Gravis walked out of the ground and looked at the Lightning Sect. ‘I’m ready to reach the Unity Realm, but I don’t know if I can stay in this world after I kill this Heaven. I should first do that other thing. After that, I might as well reach the Unity Realm instantly.’

Gravis also looked at Lasar, and Lasar smiled back. Lasar knew that it was time for Gravis to fight Heaven. Everything would depend on him from now on. The world was already on a course of change, even if Gravis died. Yet, if he managed to kill Heaven, the world would change just so much more.

When Gravis saw Lasar’s expression, he only smirked. “Sorry, but you have to wait for like half a day more. I first have to do something else,” Gravis said, but then his eyes sparkled as he remembered something. “Speaking of, I still have to give my wealth to you.”


A small hill of ores, treasures, pills, weapons, and even armor appeared before Lasar. The High Priest had only kept the most valuable stuff, so everything that he had owned was top grade.

Lasar’s eyes shone as he saw the mountain, and he quickly pocketed it, filling his entire Spirit Space. One had to remember that Lasar had fallen to the Sapling Stage to temper himself more. This meant that his Spirit Space was many times smaller than Gravis’.

Lasar didn’t thank Gravis since it wasn’t necessary. He was part of their Sect, and giving something to the Sect was normal. “Where do you plan to fight Heaven? I want to watch,” he asked.

Gravis just shook his head. “Does it matter? I’m pretty sure that everyone in the Core-Continent will notice, if they want to or not.”

Lasar chuckled a bit. “I guess you’re right. Go! I’m looking forward to your fight,” Lasar said.

Gravis nodded and charged away. He didn’t summon his Lightning Board because it probably won’t be able to handle Gravis’ speed. After all, it had been constructed with Old Man Lightning in mind. Gravis not only had Destruction Lightning, but it was also compressed to an even greater extent.

Gravis’ strength was probably equal to or a little bit more powerful than Unity Realm cultivators that only went through the Tree Stage. Materials from this lower world wouldn’t be able to resist his power. His saber was the best proof of that.

Gravis looked with a sigh at the nearly destroyed saber in his Spirit Space. It had already started cracking as soon as he had used his Lightning Crescent in the fifth trial. Together with Gravis’ attack against the High Priest’s body, it had become unusable. Cracks were all around its blade.

The second saber, which he had gotten from his copy, was only in a marginally better condition. After all, it had also been used for a Lightning Crescent. It might be able to withstand one more attack from him, but that was only considering his current power.

Gravis wouldn’t need to use the saber before his fight with Heaven. There was nothing else in this lower world that would require Gravis to use a weapon. Heaven was the only thing left. Yet, as soon as he would reach the Unity Realm, the saber wouldn’t even be useful as a weapon anymore.

‘As soon as I return home, I should learn to smith. My cultivation is too weird. Normal weapons just don’t fit my style. I guess, since I’m the one that knows my cultivation best, I should craft my own weapons. With that, I wouldn’t have to be worried about my weapons in the future.’

Gravis’ mind also thought a bit about his lightning and how useful it could be for smithing, but he quickly ignored that thought. ‘My homeworld is so powerful and advanced that there are surely thousands of smithing techniques that use lightning. This should be the least of my worries.’

With Gravis’ powerful body and powerful lightning, he moved about as fast as the Lightning Board when he had just reached the Self Stage. To describe Gravis’ current speed, one couldn’t use seconds-per-kilometer, but only kilometers-per-second. Even though Gravis “only” moved two kilometers-per-second, that could still be considered ridiculously fast.

In nearly no time at all, Gravis arrived at his goal. His eyes narrowed as he looked at his target.

It was the Earth Sect.

Most of the Earth Sect was underground and could only be accessed by a huge tunnel inside Quake City. One wouldn’t be able to see the Earth Sect from above the ground with their eyes. The Earth Sect was only visible to the Spirit.

Similar to the Earth Guild in the Middle-Continent, the Earth Sect was in a hollowed-out cave. Of course, the material that made up the walls and ceiling was many times harder and more compressed. On top of that, the Earth Sect was also way bigger.

Gravis’ Spirit wasn’t hindered by the Formation Arrays protecting the Earth Sect. He still remembered that it had been impossible for him to look into the Earth Sect, back when he had fought the Ogre. At that time, his Spirit had been too weak. But now, it was like the Formation Array didn’t even exist.

Gravis saw some elders and the Sect Master gathering in a vast spire in the middle of the Sect. The spire was probably the core of the Sect, and it connected the floor to the ceiling. One could also call it a pillar.

There were not a lot of elders left. Gravis had killed one after he had killed the Ogre, and he had killed another two when he had exited the Heaven’s Trial. In total, Gravis only saw three elders and the Sect Master.

Gravis didn’t even listen in on their conversation. Their conversation was irrelevant to the situation at hand. They had gone multiple times after Gravis, and he had had enough. Just like with the Darkness Sect, the elders and the Sect Master were the responsible ones. They had sent out the killing order, and the lower disciples had nothing to do with this.


Four Lightning Spears appeared inside the hall out of thin air and annihilated the four people. Gravis wasn’t interested in their defenses and justifications. He was also not interested in posturing before them and intimidating them. What was the point of that? To make him feel better about himself? He didn’t need that. Ending it quickly and cleanly was the best option.

Like this, the whole upper echelon of the Earth Sect had been destroyed without even anyone noticing from the Earth Sect. Due to secrecy, the hall had been isolated. No disciple of the Earth Sect had the strength to look into the spire.

“I am Gravis, and I have killed your elders and your Sect Master,” he transmitted to everyone in the Sect. “They have gone against me multiple times, and I don’t feel any guilt in killing them.”

The whole Earth Sect became deathly silent.

“Let me give you a piece of advice,” Gravis transmitted to everyone. “We all are young. In a hundred years, we will think that the us from today are only inexperienced kids. So, when we are inexperienced kids in our future self’s eyes, how can we have the capability to correctly decide our belief and path for a future we don’t know yet?”

The Sect was still silent. Everything came as a sudden shock.

“Saying that earth does not give is an oversimplification. That description might fit stone, granite, and other similar materials, but there is more to earth than just that. Doesn’t grass bury its tiny and weak roots into the earth? Are there not mortals that create fields in the earth? If it doesn’t give, all of this wouldn’t be possible.”

“Think back to when you were six years old. Imagine if you were stuck in the beliefs which you had had back in that age. Wouldn’t that feel stupid to the current you? You know so much more now. Following such a stringent cultivation system won’t help you in reaching the top.”

“Mortals use iron for weapons, not gems or harder minerals. Gems like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, quartz, and similar gems are harder than iron, yet, even if mortals have unlimited access to them, they wouldn’t make weapons out of them. That’s because those gems are harder than metal but also brittle. Metal weapons don’t get as easily destroyed because they sway when they hit something. They bend. Gems crack apart.”

“Rethink your cultivation system. Earth isn’t as simple as you think,” Gravis said and then turned around. He had given some of his insights to the Sect, but what the disciples would do with it was their thing. Gravis didn’t even check if his speech had destroyed any beliefs or not. It was unimportant to him.

Gravis left the vicinity of Quake City and went to the highest mountain he could find. The more desolate the area, the better. He had finished everything that he wanted to do. Nearly nothing was binding him to this lower world anymore.

Gravis remained at the peak of the mountain for an hour, just sitting there with closed eyes. With his Spirit, he watched the world. Gravis was 22, and he had been in this lower world for six years. This was more than a quarter of his entire life.

He relived his whole life in this lower world in his memories. He had been simple and fragile in the Outer-Continent. He had been regretful and pressured in the Middle-Continent. Right now, he was determined and insightful in the Core-Continent.

Heaven had always suppressed him at the beginning.

Heaven had fought him equally in the middle.

Heaven had constantly been losing at the end.

His journey had made a full turn, and only the last battle of this world remained. Gravis had brought Heaven to a corner. There was nothing left for it to do other than just bite. The veil has been lifted, and all the deceit and schemes of Heaven have failed and lost their meaning.

After the hour of contemplation was up, Gravis stood up. He looked at his three centers of power that were ready connect and narrowed his eyes.

“It’s time!”


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