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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 332: Finally Being Rich! Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis stretched himself with his actual body to get rid of the stiffness.

“I’m the dodgeball king!” he said with a smirk.

The High Priest’s last struggle had been pathetic. He had evaded the increasing number of balls for some minutes, but then he just exploded out of nowhere. He probably thought that if he released all his Energy into Gravis’ Spirit Space, he would be able to make it explode due to the pressure.

Yet, what was the pressure of Energy compared to the pressure of lightning? His lightning had immediately absorbed all the Energy and grew even more powerful. Yet, Gravis could only absorb around two-thirds of it. At that point, Gravis felt like his head was about to explode.

But as soon as the High Priest exploded, all the restraints on Gravis had been lifted. Without further ado, he moved the remaining Energy into his lightning, increasing its storage by quite a bit. Normally, Gravis wouldn’t have been able to absorb the Energy of a dead enemy, but it was different when they died inside his Spirit Space.

Gravis’ Spirit was even more powerful now than ever before. His Spirit was actually so powerful that he was confused. No one in his homeworld had said that it was possible to further temper the Spirit in the Self Stage. Something major as this should have been common knowledge.

Why hadn’t Gravis been told about that? Why did Forneus say that everyone should immediately reach the Unity Realm as soon as they got the opportunity?

On top of that, what about everyone in this lower world? Many people should have known about this. After all, there had been many Self Stage cultivators that had remained on that level for a long time.


Gravis jumped to the Lightning Tower and stopped before the unmoving body of the High Priest. His eyes were still lifeless, and his body was in a state of hibernation. His Spirit still existed, so he could be considered as still being alive. Gravis took out his saber.


A thunderous sound echoed throughout the Lightning Sect as Gravis’ fully-powered attack bounced off the High Priest’s body. This loud sound woke everyone up, and they looked at Gravis with shock and elation. The fact that Gravis had acted while the High Priest was still in hibernation meant that Gravis had won.

Gravis only scratched his chin in thought. “Hmmm. I’m not powerful enough to destroy that body. At least, my body is not powerful enough. Let me try something else.”


Gravis used all of his Destruction Lightning and Spirit to condense one small needle. “The eyes have bone behind them, which would make it difficult. Luckily, there is no bone behind the nose,” he said with a smirk.

Gravis used one hand to slightly bend the nose of the High Priest upward. Then, he stabbed the needle into the open nose.


A silent sound of lightning appeared as the needle unloaded all its lightning from the tip. It went through the weak membrane of the nose and the weak flesh. After losing around 50% of its power, the lightning reached the High Priest’s brain.


A lot of incredibly expensive items appeared all around Gravis, which he quickly picked up with his Spirit. Sadly, Gravis only felt a small flicker of Energy entering him. Though, that was understandable. After all, the Energy of the High Priest had been concentrated on his Spirit and body.

Gravis smirked as he saw that the High Priest was dead. There would be no future High Priest anymore, even if Gravis died and Heaven survived. The highest Heaven kept watch over this world, and making Heavenborn was against the rules.


A cry echoed throughout the Lightning Sect as everyone realized that the most powerful person in the world had died. What immense glory was this? They had all been present and witnessed the death of the most powerful person in the world. The end times had arrived for the Heaven Sect! Finally, the Elemental Sects would reign supreme!

Gravis smiled when he saw the happy disciples and bowed politely. “Thank you, thank you,” Gravis said.

“You won?” Lasar asked with his Spirit while showing an excited smile. Gravis had never seen Lasar smile like that.

Gravis only nodded.

Lasar sighed but then started laughing loudly. “The Heaven Sect is at an end!” he shouted with excitement. “Grandpa, I will tell you everything when I see you again.”

Meanwhile, Gravis looked through his loot. It was a lot! This was more wealth than probably all of the Elemental Sects combined.

Yet, Gravis only sighed. ‘What’s the point of having all this now?’ Gravis thought. ‘I have no use for resources from a lower world anymore. Well, who knows, maybe I can trade some of this stuff in my homeworld? Though, would anyone even be interested in stuff from a lower world?’

After some minutes of celebrating, Gravis jumped away from the Lightning Sect. After he was ten kilometers away, he summoned another will-sphere and injected it with lightning.


It exploded, and Gravis scratched his chin in thought. “One to seven. Even though I have used a lot of the Energy for my lightning, I’m still not even close to having an equal amount of lightning and Spirit. I need to septuple my lightning.”

With a nod, Gravis went back to the Lightning Sect and jumped onto the Freya’s Birch again. “Alright, we can begin now!” Gravis shouted.

The disciples were brought out of their celebration by the shout, but they quickly remembered that a lot of Contribution Points were waiting for them. Excitedly, they ran back to their positions. After around a minute, everything calmed down again.

“Alright! Start!” Lasar shouted.


All the disciples unloaded their lightning at Gravis, who quickly filtered and absorbed it. The filtered Destruction Lightning went into his dantian while the filtered Life Lightning went into the Freya’s Birch. Way more disciples helped this time than last time. On top of that, the elders and Lasar also helped.

Yet, Gravis’ lightning was increasing rather slowly, at least, from his perspective. It took nearly an hour to double it. On top of that, many of the disciples were exhausted already. They had to refill their lightning.

“Alright!” Lasar shouted. “Everyone, stop!”

And like this, it was over. Gravis furrowed his brows. “Why did you tell them to stop?” he asked.

Lasar only smiled. “You might not know, but you shouldn’t upgrade your Energy too much. It should remain equal to your Spirit.”

Gravis remembered something. “Speaking of, I absorbed nearly all of the High Priest’s Energy into my Spirit. Why didn’t you tell me that it was possible to temper my Spirit even further in the Self Stage?” he asked.

Lasar was first shocked, then sad, but then smiled again. Gravis saw Lasar go through three different emotions and was confused. What was that?

“We don’t tell people because the Unity Realm needs balance. Only when the Spirit, body, and Energy are at the same level can you breakthrough. If someone tempers their Spirit further in the Self Stage, they need more Energy and a more powerful body. Our body can’t keep up, and our dantian will explode with too much Energy. So, if we continue tempering the Spirit, we won’t be able to reach Unity,” Lasar explained.

Gravis furrowed his brows some more. “That’s not what I experienced. I felt the feeling of Unity, even when my lightning was still at the Tree Stage.”

Lasar furrowed his brows. “That’s unusual. I’ve never heard of that.”

Gravis nodded. “On top of that, I still need about five times the same amount of lightning that I have just received for it to become equal to my Spirit.”

Lasar’s eyes widened in shock. “That much? How is your Spirit already this powerful?” he asked.

“As I said, I absorbed nearly all of the High Priest’s Energy while he was inside my Spirit Space,” Gravis explained.

“He was inside your Spirit Space?” Lasar asked.

Gravis grew a little frustrated by all the questions, so he told Lasar to just make the lightning disciples continue while he explained everything to him. Gravis also said that he could pay for everything. After all, he was super rich now.

The lightning disciples continued under Lasar’s directions while Gravis told Lasar everything related to his cultivation. After several minutes, Lasar now knew about Gravis’ power and how his Spirit became so powerful.

Lasar could only sigh. “So, you’re not bound by the usual laws for Unity, huh?” he asked.

By now, Gravis’ lightning had grown even more. On top of that, the tree had also grown wider. Its height had already reached the void, and there was no logic in increasing its height any more. So, instead, it grew wider. Its trunk and crown extended rapidly into the horizons.

When Lasar saw the Freya’s Birch destroying the Lightning Sect with its growth, he wanted to stop, but Gravis told him to continue. Gravis said that he would pay for the complete reconstruction of the Lightning Sect. Gravis had no use for the more worthless things that the High Priest carried. He was only interested in the unique stuff.

Lasar complied in excitement and let the tree continue getting bigger. He didn’t mind that its trunk was already over a kilometer wide. It had destroyed and ruined the entire Lightning Sect, including the Lightning Tower. Yet, what did that matter? Gravis easily had enough money to reconstruct the entire Sect, including the Lightning Tower. They might as well make the Lightning Sect bigger. This was the power of money!

Like this, Gravis remained on top of the tree for several hours, constantly being soaked in lightning.


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