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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 322: Talking to Oneself Bahasa Indonesia

Both Gravises looked at each other with narrowed eyes. This could become troublesome. Heaven couldn’t create something in the Spirit Forming Realm that could take down Gravis, so it instead went to the highest Heaven to copy Gravis.

The highest Heaven surely had enough knowledge to create a second Gravis from scratch. After all, the highest Heaven was probably also involved in creating his peculiar state. Something like this lower Heaven probably had no idea how his current state worked. Even Gravis himself wasn’t sure why he could do the things he could.


The Gravis with Karmic Luck summoned a Lightning Spear and threw it at the other Gravis. This Gravis only stood there and let the spear hit him.


The spear was absorbed without problems. Then, this Gravis used a Lightning Spear and shot it at the first one. The same spiel repeated, and the Lightning Spear was absorbed.

Both Gravises rubbed their chins in thought. Apparently, both of them were one with lightning, so they couldn’t discern the real one with that method.


Both Gravises summoned their saber, and both sabers sparkled with lightning. Both of them had a Lightning Crescent saved up. “Even weapons, huh,” they both said in thought.

After some seconds, one Gravis looked at the third door and then back to the other one. The other one had the same idea and knew what the first one had planned. They both nodded at each other.


Both charged at the third door but didn’t use their lightning for acceleration. After they arrived at the third door, they summoned a Lightning Bomb each. Before the unstable Lightning Bombs could explode, they shot their preloaded Lightning Crescents at them.


An incredibly powerful explosion echoed throughout the nothingness. Such a Lightning Crescent was equal to 400% of Gravis’ lightning, and therefore, became the most powerful attack that he could summon.

The explosion reached the size of multiple kilometers, but the blue world just didn’t seem to end. They were standing on something but also on nothing, seemingly in the middle of the air, but excluding the doors, there was nothing else. Actually, they weren’t even sure if they were even standing on something. The explosion stretched far into the distance and vanished.

Both Gravises looked at the door with interest and narrowed their eyes again as they saw that it was undamaged. After a while, they scratched their chins again. “This Formation Array is too powerful for this lower Heaven,” the Gravis with Karmic Luck said.

The other nodded. “Using this Formation Array probably takes up a huge amount of Energy. Heaven has sacrificed quite a bit to stop us,” he said.

Then, the Gravises looked at each other again and approached each other. Both lifted their fists in tandem with serious eyes.

“Rock, paper, scissors!” they shouted and unveiled their hands.

The Gravis with Karmic Luck chose rock, while the Gravis without Karmic Luck chose scissors.

“I’m Gravis A,” the Gravis with Karmic Luck said.

“Then I’m Gravis B,” the Gravis without Karmic Luck said.

“Isn’t it interesting that I won?” Gravis A said. “I think that’s the use of Karmic Luck.”

Gravis B lifted an eyebrow in mock interest. “I don’t need Karmic Luck.”

Gravis A laughed a bit. “I know, but it’s fun to have it for once. You’re just jealous.”

Gravis B narrowed his eyes. “I’m not,”

Gravis A smirked. “I know. Even if we had the option to have Karmic Luck, we would probably not choose it. Having no Karmic Luck has worked out quite well up to now.”

Gravis B rolled his eyes. “Am I really that annoying to talk to?” he asked.

Gravis A lifted an eyebrow in interest. “Am I?”

Gravis B nodded. “I think so.”

Gravis A rubbed his chin in thought. “Maybe I should work on that.”

Gravis B shrugged. “Is it really necessary? We don’t want to be too close to others,” he said.

Gravis A looked unsure. “I guess, but having a skill is better than not having one.”

Gravis B sighed. “I guess you’re right.”

Both were lost in thought, and Gravis A looked at Gravis B. “Huh, I really do get lost in thought sometimes. You look just like you are worried about someone close to you dying.”

Gravis B perked up. “Huh, is it really that bad?”

Gravis A nodded. “Yes. You looked incredibly serious like you don’t want anyone to talk to you.”

Gravis B rubbed his chin again in thought. ‘This could become an issue if I need to get close to others in the future,’ he thought.

Gravis A pointed at Gravis B. “There! You’re doing it again!” he shouted and then sighed while rubbing his temple. “Man, it’s challenging to find a conversation with you when you completely space out.”

Gravis B lifted an eyebrow and looked at Gravis A. “But aren’t we talking right now?”

Gravis A also rubbed his chin now. “I guess we are,” he said in thought.

After some seconds, Gravis B shook his head. “Okay, I see what you mean now.”

Gravis A cursed under his breath. “We need to work on this,” he said.

Gravis B nodded. “We do.”

Some more seconds passed. “So, how do we solve this issue?” Gravis B said.

Gravis A thought about this. “There should be something that Heaven wasn’t able to copy. I guess that you probably also felt like you just left the hall and went through the corridor. Then, you felt that complex Formation Array, and entered, right?”

Gravis B nodded. “Exactly. But I arrived first in the hall. I guess you probably stopped for a bit because you felt your Karmic Luck increasing.”

Gravis A nodded back. “Yes. That’s why I came later.”

Gravis B narrowed his eyes. “It could be that you are the copy then.”

Gravis A continued scratching his chin. “Possible, but Heaven is sly. Even though it has fucked up a bit, it’s still really clever. It could be that it gave the real Gravis Karmic Luck to make the other Gravis think that the Gravis with Karmic Luck is a fake.”

Gravis B looked back at the door. “Possible. So, it’s down to a 50-50 again.”

“Well, not exactly,” Gravis A said.

Gravis B nodded. “Yes. It’s obvious that only one of us can proceed from here. This means that Heaven wants us to fight.”

Gravis A continued. “But with our aggressive fighting styles, there is probably a chance of over 90% that we will both die at the same time.”

Gravis B ruffled his hair in frustration. “Both of us think that we are the real one, and we both don’t want our path to end like this. None of us is willing to sacrifice himself because we both think we are the real one. Yet, if we fight, we will both die most likely.”

Gravis A took a deep breath. “This is a really sinister weapon. Heaven is keeping to its rules, but it used our strengths as weaknesses to force us into death. I’m pretty sure that it also won’t allow us to reach the Self Stage. There is probably some deadline in place for that.”

“I know that. You don’t have to state the obvious. I’m you, after all,” Gravis B said.

Gravis A looked with furrowed brows at Gravis B. “Am I really that direct? That was kinda rude, you know?”

Gravis B shrugged. “Who cares about rudeness? Politeness is just there to- “

“Shut up. I know that,” Gravis A said.

Now, it was Gravis B, who looked at Gravis A with furrowed brows. “Huh, I really am a dick in conversations.”

“Yeah, that’s what I just said,” Gravis A said.

“But you still did it anyway,” Gravis B answered.

“To prove it to you,” Gravis A said.

Gravis B rolled his eyes. “Come on, as if. You just thought that I was talking down to you, even though you know exactly that I don’t.”

Gravis A remained silent for a while. Was Gravis B right? Did he get offended because of that?

“Hey, your thinking face is back,” Gravis B said.

Gravis A looked at Gravis B with annoyance. Gravis B was constantly interrupting his thinking process, annoying Gravis A to no end.

“Don’t look at me like I just killed your friends,” Gravis B said with narrowed eyes.

Sparks seemed to appear between their eyes for some time.

Then, both sighed at the same time.

‘How do my friends manage to talk to me?’ They both thought as they were lost in thought, scratching their chins.


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