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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 265: Visitors Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis waited for several minutes in which the Ogre started losing his Life Energy. Its body was doing its best to heal, but the loss of Life Energy due to the injuries was just too rapid. Before it came even close to regenerating its neck, its Life Energy was already used up. After that, it slowly stopped moving.


Gravis felt the Energy inside the Ogre entering his body, which confirmed the Ogre’s death. Sadly, Spirit Beasts didn’t have much Energy, so it only gave him a minuscule amount back. Gravis had absorbed around 10% of his lightning back while being inside the Lightning explosion and got another 5% from the Ogre’s death. The couple of minutes of rest also recovered another 5%. This meant that right now, Gravis had 20% of his lightning, and around 10% of his Spirit left.

“I wonder if I can fit that into my Spirit Space. It should fit, theoretically,” Gravis said.


The corpse vanished and reappeared inside Gravis’ Spirit Space. One shouldn’t forget that the size of his Spirit Space had become bigger after his breakthrough. If the Ogre were standing upright, it wouldn’t fit, but with big parts of its body missing and by changing its position, Gravis managed to squeeze it in. Though, he also had to move his Spirit Seed out of the way. Otherwise, the seed would just burn through the corpse. That thing was an incredibly concentrated and potent loaded ball of lightning, after all.

After that, Gravis stretched himself a little. “That was a good fight,” he said.

Gravis had used all his Spirit and lightning to win that fight. If he hadn’t managed to use the Lightning Crescent, he wouldn’t have been able to win. The fight had been short, but Gravis had used all his power in a swift but powerful burst.

By now, the shockwaves had calmed down, and Gravis could use his Spirit again. Having nothing better to do, Gravis checked out his surroundings. “Weird, why isn’t the old man here yet? There’s no reason for him to wait.”

“Hey, old man, I’m done. You can come over now,” Gravis shouted. Old Man Lightning wasn’t inside his Spirit’s range, but Gravis was sure that he was inside Old Man Lightning’s Spirit’s area.

“You’ll see why,” the voice of Old Man Lightning appeared inside Gravis’ mind, making him lift an eyebrow.

“The only reason why you wouldn’t come is that there is probably another fight approaching,” Gravis muttered. “At least, I can’t think of another reason.”

“Well, I wouldn’t call it a fight,” Old Man Lightning transmitted back. “Let’s just call it diplomacy,” he said.

“Diplomacy?” Gravis asked, but before he could ask any further question, multiple people entered the range of his Spirit. Gravis looked at them and realized that they were from the Earth Sect. Their clothing, weapons, and demeanor fit perfectly. On top of that, the group was quite powerful. Gravis saw two Sapling Stage cultivators and around ten Seed Stage cultivators.

One should remember that the Earth Sect only had seven Sapling Stage cultivators in total. Having two of them here was quite impressive. “They probably noticed the commotion and came to check the place out,” Gravis said, seemingly to no one in particular. Of course, he was talking to Old Man Lightning.

“Do you think they will reward me for killing the menace that plagued their Sect for decades?” Gravis asked. He couldn’t transmit his thoughts since Old Man Lightning was outside his Spirit’s range.

“Not sure,” Old Man Lightning sent back. “The people of the Earth Sect are weird in some way. I really can’t predict what they’ll do.”

Gravis waited for them to reach a distance of 40 kilometers. After all, a Sapling Stage cultivator only had a Spirit with such a range. Gravis noticed that the eyes of the two leading people changed. One of the people was an older man with thick brown hair, while the other one looked nearly identical to him. The only real difference between them was the age. One was old, while the other looked to be in his twenties.

Their eyes showed a glint of surprise. Gravis guessed that that was probably due to him not being injured and his weird cultivation. After all, the inherent Energy of his body corresponded only to the tenth level of Energy Gathering. This, together with his Spirit, made for a lot of confusion.

Gravis waited until they closed in some more. It took nearly a full five minutes until they crossed another 20 kilometers. Earth cultivators really weren’t the fastest. After they reached a distance of about 20 kilometers, they stopped. Gravis guessed that they stopped at that distance so that even the Seed Stage cultivators could see him.

“Why are you here?” asked the older man at the Sapling Stage.

“I killed the Ogre,” Gravis transmitted back.

The eyes of the people narrowed in doubt. “Don’t lie to us!” the older man said again. Who was Gravis kidding? They could feel that Gravis’ Spirit was only at the Seed Stage. How could someone at that Stage accomplish something that their Sect Master couldn’t?


A huge, mangled body appeared beside Gravis. The eyes of the cultivators widened in shock. They quickly recognized the corpse as nearly everyone had seen the Ogre at least once. Even though it was nearly unrecognizable, its thick bones, mighty chest, and powerful muscles allowed them to identify the corpse.


The corpse disappeared again. “Happy?” Gravis asked evenly.

The people looked with shock at each other, but the two leaders still showed narrowed eyes. “Who helped you?”

“Was just me. Was an honest one-v-one,” Gravis stated. Then, Gravis rolled his eyes. “You’ll probably also doubt that. Wait a second.”


A small bit of lightning appeared above Gravis’ hand and vanished again. “You believe me now?” Gravis asked. Everyone knew that being dishonest was an issue for lightning cultivators. The only proof that was better would be to swear upon the name of Heaven. Of course, something like that was only reserved for important matters.

Everyone’s eyes widened again in shock, yet their eyes then showed emotions that Gravis would have never expected. They showed sadness, melancholy, grief, and similar emotions. ‘What’s up with them?’ Gravis thought.

Yet, Gravis was sure that those emotions didn’t appear because of the Ogre’s death. After all, if they had liked the Ogre, they would have reacted with shock, rage, and hatred. But if they wanted the Ogre to die, they should be elated, happy, or relieved. Melancholy and unaggressive sadness made no sense to Gravis.

“Thank you for telling us,” the younger person said politely, but then he narrowed his eyes in coldness. “But I have one last question. This is important, so please answer truthfully.”

Gravis furrowed his brows. “I have no reason to lie. Just ask.”

The young man took a deep breath and closed his eyes to calm down. Then, his eyes shot open, and he looked at Gravis with concentration.

“Are you blind?”


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