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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 251: The Priest Bahasa Indonesia

“Hand over Gravis!” a loud and aggressive shout echoed throughout the whole Lightning Sect. The Sect thundered and trembled with the shout, stopping everyone in their tracks as they all looked at the Sect’s entrance. An incredibly powerful person stood at the entrance, radiating unreal power. He wore white robes with gold rims, showing that he was from the Heaven Sect.

He had long red hair, which billowed in an unseen current. It was almost like he was underwater. His red eyes showed a deep arrogance that looked down on everyone in this world. He was a priest, and he was the second most powerful human in this world! No one else could compare.

“He’s here!” Old Man Lightning shouted with excitement. “I’ve been waiting forever for this!” Old Man Lightning shot out of his house and quickly reached the entrance of the Lightning Sect. Lasar, who just came out of the Lightning Tower, smiled happily. Finally, his grandfather had an opportunity to temper himself. Lasar also wanted his grandfather to become more powerful, and even if his grandfather died today, he, at least, had a chance.

Gravis, who was sweating bullets inside the Balzar mine, also looked up. His eyes narrowed as his Spirit inspected the priest that had arrived. By now, he had been punching boulders for four days straight without a break. In some sense, he was annoyed that the priest had taken him out of the flow. Nevertheless, Gravis quickly left the mine. He wanted to see how everything would go down.

“Gravis is part of the Lightning Sect, and I won’t allow anyone to kill him inside his home!” the imposing shout of Old Man Lightning came from the entrance, also thundering throughout the Sect. “You have to go through me to get to him!”

The red-haired priest narrowed his eyes. “Insolent! Are you going against the Heaven Sect!?” he shouted.

“So what if I am. What you gonna do about it?” Old Man Lightning shouted imposingly, but Gravis could hear mirth in the shout. Old Man Lightning was really excited right now. After all, he had been waiting for over 100 years for this opportunity.

“Dorian, are you thinking rationally?” the priest shouted at Old Man Lightning as if he had been insulted. “I know that you don’t like the Heaven Sect, but are you sure you want to doom the entire Lightning Sect with your foolishness? Think before you act!”

Old Man Lightning sneered. “We are one family, and everyone is ready to go to war to protect one of our kids! If you have a just reason to take Gravis, I won’t stay in your way. So, what’s your reason for demanding the life of one of my kids?” Old Man Lightning shouted with righteousness.

“Gravis has had a Will-Aura ever since being in the Body Tempering Realm. According to the rules of Heaven, that is not allowed! He must pay with his life!” The priest shouted with fervor.

“That’s a lie!” Old Man Lightning shouted, stunning everyone. Was Old Man Lightning questioning Heaven’s rules before a Heavenborn?

“How dare you! You dare tell a Heavenborn what rules Heaven follows!?” The priest shouted.

“Hey,” Old Man Lightning sent to Gravis covertly. “Is that against the rules of Heaven?”

“No, it’s not,” Gravis sent back.

“You sure?” Old Man Lightning asked again.

“100%!” Gravis sent back.

Old Man Lightning looked towards the sky. “If having a Will-Aura in the Body Tempering Realm is against the rules, then let Heaven strike me down where I stand!” Old Man Lightning shouted at the sky.

The whole Lightning Sect fell quiet as they all stopped breathing. Was Old Man Lightning suicidal? Did he just invoke Heaven in his conflict against the Heaven Sect? Even if it wasn’t against the rules, wouldn’t Heaven strike him anyway?

Meanwhile, the highest Heaven had a very close eye on this lower Heaven, and the lower Heaven felt those eyes. It didn’t dare act.

Seconds passed, and the sky remained clear. Nothing appeared, and everything remained silent. The face of the priest blanched as he saw that Heaven didn’t act. ‘What’s going on!?’ he thought in panic. This was not like Heaven at all! In the past, it struck down anyone that even dared to question it or the Heaven Sect. Why wasn’t it acting!?

Old Man Lightning took a covert, deep breath to calm down his emotions. This had been risky! If he didn’t fully trust Gravis, he would have never done that. This was basically playing with his life.

After recovering from his fear, Old Man Lightning grew ecstatic and got even more motivation and energy. “You see!? It isn’t against the rules!” he shouted while pointing at the priest. “Do you have another reason for demanding Gravis’ life?”

The priest gritted his teeth. This was not how this was supposed to go! Whenever a priest went out, every Sect kept quiet and accepted judgment. He had never run into a situation where a Sect didn’t allow the Heaven Sect to do whatever it wanted.

“Gravis has killed five Heavenborn and needs to be brought to justice!” the priest shouted.

“Oh?” Old Man Lightning said in a mocking tone. “Then why aren’t you bringing me to justice? After all, I killed 14 Heavenborn! Come on, bring me to justice!”

The priest grew even more frustrated. Why was this old man so hard to deal with!?

“Come on!” Old Man Lightning shouted after some seconds. “Why are you staying quiet? Didn’t you say it’s a crime to kill Heavenborn? Come, bring me to justice!”

“That’s not the same-“

“Oh, I get it!” Old Man Lightning interrupted the priest with a loud shout. “Gravis is weak, and I am strong. So, your Heaven Sect only bullies the weak and fears the strong. Is that it? Aren’t you the most powerful organization in this world? How can you be stopped by a single person from some measly Elemental Sect? Show some pride and balls fitting the most powerful organization in this world! How can you fear the strong if you are the strongest!?” Old Man Lightning shouted out one word after another.

“Shut your face, Dorian, or you’ll regret it!” the priest shouted in immense rage. He had never been this disrespected in his life, and his rage started boiling! He knew that he shouldn’t fight Old Man Lightning, but he was slowly losing his rationality.

“Oh, what you gonna do?” Old Man Lightning mocked while holding up his arms in fear. He slowly started prancing in a circle while wiggling his hands in fear. “Oh no, the big bad bully is going to beat me up. Oh no, what will I do? Oh right, the bully won’t punch me cause he is afraid of beating an old man with a stick! Maybe if the old man didn’t have a stick, the bully might find the guts to kick the old man in the dick. After all, punching the face is scawwy~.”

“Shut the fuck up, bastard!” the priest shouted in absolute fury. He had never been this mad before in his life. This old man was making a mockery of him!

“Or what?” Old Man Lightning sneered. “You gonna stare me to death with those blind-ass eyes of yours that can’t even see Heaven’s rules? I know the rules better than you, and I’m not even a Heavenborn. How stupid do you have to be to not even know your own rules after living for so long? Are you actually mentally retarded? Are you there to just make up the numbers of the Heaven Sect?”

Gravis watched this with an open mouth. ‘The old man is really good in infuriating his enemies,’ he thought with admiration.

“That’s it!” shouted the priest in absolute fury, taking out his weapon, which was a saber.


The priest shot away as Old Man Lightning slapped him out of nowhere. The priest flew for hundreds of meters, breaking through many trees and creating a crater on the ground with his face. The priest hadn’t expected that Old Man Lightning would suddenly attack him. He had just readied himself to start a fight when the fight suddenly came to him. The timing of the slap had been perfect.

“Fuck,” Old Man Lightning shouted in frustration. “Now, I have shit on my hands! Thanks a lot,” he sneered, wiping his hand furiously on his robe.

“AAAAAH!” the forest exploded with fire as the priest’s enraged cry thundered throughout the Heavens.

Then, he shot out with his full speed, creating an afterimage. He shot straight at Old Man Lightning, who smirked in disdain.

The fight was about to start.


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