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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 24: The Town Lord’s Action Bahasa Indonesia

“So, he said he is coming into the city, and then lieutenant Handers just let him walk through the gates?” An imposing man sitting on a throne inside a big hall asked. He was looking at a soldier, kneeling in front of him. The soldier was the same one that had been sent to inform the town lord. The man on the throne was obviously the town lord. He was the only individual inside the town with tempered muscles.

“Your majesty, I was on top of the wall, and when the man said that he would come into the city, I felt like a blade was resting on my throat. The lieutenant and the other guard knew what the punishment for failing our duties, was. Yet, no matter how hard we tried, we could not step forward to obstruct him. He then opened the gates and walked into town with his weapon,” the guard continued.

The town lord’s eyes narrowed. “He opened the gates?” Suddenly, he stood up. “Idiot! Why didn’t you mention that the gates were closed, sooner?” The town lord shouted.

The guard shivered. “I apologize a million times, your majesty. This little one forgot,” the guard whimpered.

The town lord wandered around his throne hall, unsure how to proceed with this situation. Only people with tempered muscles could open the gate. On top of that, the guards knew very well that failing one’s duty meant death. This meant that the fear the guards held toward attacking the young man outweighed the fear of certain death for failing their duty.

This young man was, at least, as strong as him. This could be an issue, if not handled correctly. “Did the young man introduce himself?” The town lord asked while looking outside of his window into the town.

“No, he just asked if everyone had to follow the weapon-prohibition. We told him that it concerns everyone who was not of a certain status. Then he said that he was going into the town, pushed open the gate, and walked in,” the guard narrated again.

The town lord rubbed his chin in thought. “Announcing his status would have made things way easier. Either he is a wanted criminal, which I doubt since he didn’t hide, or he is unknown. Maybe, he is a disciple from some mysterious master. He didn’t announce himself, so he is probably not interested in meeting me, or interested in my position.”

“Yet, he is a young man, probably in his teens judging by how the guard described him. He must have some incredible treasures with him. Maybe, I could get them and finally temper my bones…” the town lord looked at the ceiling and continued rubbing his chin while muttering to himself. After a while, he nodded to himself and made his decision.

The guard continued kneeling, not daring to say a word. “Alright,” the town lord shouted while turning back to the guard. The guard stood up and saluted. “The soldiers will not receive the death penalty since this seems to be an unusual circumstance. Yet, punishment is necessary. Return to the gate! Everyone involved in this incident will receive 40 hits of the Skin-Rod after their shift ends!”

The guard shivered slightly. The Skin-Rod was a specific rod to punish people with tempered skin. The lieutenant would survive, but he would lose a layer of skin, while the guards would have to fight for their lives. The guard saluted again. “Yes, your majesty!” shouted the guard and left.

The town lord sat back on his throne and began to drink some tea.

He had decided to let sleeping tigers lie. If the young man were not interested in meeting him, he would probably do what he came here to do, and then leave. The young man was at least as strong as the town lord himself, and the fear he instilled in the guards seemed unnatural. He never even heard of something like that. Angering him could go south, very fast. The potential treasures were not worth the risk.

As for the situation that the young man would do something illegal or kill someone? The town lord would not risk his life for that. “Just let him do what he wants, as long as it does not compromise my position.”

The town lord wasn’t an idiot.

Having no money was an issue. Body tempering needed a lot of money in the form of pills to progress. The following stages were easier in that requirement. Gravis had to find a way to earn money. However, it shouldn’t be that hard. Being one of the strongest in the area would surely help.

“Alright. So…” Gravis began, and the girl’s eyes lighted up. She was about to make lots of money. “What’s the best way to earn money around here?” Gravis asked.

The girl wasn’t sure if she heard him correctly. “The best way to earn money, sir?” She asked for confirmation.

Gravis nodded.

The girl felt the money glide out of her hands. This guy had no money. But then, how did this guy walk around with a weapon? Some guesses started forming in her mind. If cash or status weren’t the way he got his saber in, then it could only be strength. Maybe, she actually could make some money off of him.

“Actually,” she started. “There is a place where sir can earn a lot of money.”

“Oh? Where?” Gravis asked.

The girl’s eyes shined. The man was obviously, genuinely interested in making money. “We have a big problem with ferocious beasts and demonic beasts in the surrounding villages. The Hunting Guild has a lot of bounties and missions for killing different beasts. Of course, one needs a certain amount of strength for that, but I think this would be no problem for sir. Sir can find the Hunting Guild outside the town.”

Gravis’ eyes lighted up. Making money for killing enemies? Money could increase his realm, and enemies could increase his will and experience. This was killing two birds with one stone! Gravis nodded. “Thank you. I will look for this Hunting Guild, and return with enough money.” Then, he turned around and left.

“Sir, one more thing…” the girl shouted while he was leaving. Gravis turned around and looked at the girl. “I think there is a notice on the notice board on the central plaza, that sir should be interested in,” the girl said.

Gravis furrowed his brows but nodded and left the store. The girl, on the other hand, rubbed her chin with a smirk. If she were right, she would earn a lot of money in the near future.

Following the girl’s advice, Gravis looked for a notice board and found it quickly. He walked towards it, everyone giving Gravis a wide berth, and began to read the announcements. After a while, Gravis found an announcement that made him shiver in excitement.

It read:

“To all talented youngsters,

On the day before the summer solstice, the yearly entrance exams for the Elemental Guilds are being held!


Under 20 years of age

Must have tempered skin

Must have a firm will

Every youngster that fulfills the requirements is invited to Body City to participate in the entrance exams.”

Further down was a list of all the Elemental Guilds, and he noticed the ‘Lightning Guild’ was part of them. He quickly checked the date on the top right of the notice board. The date for the entrance exams was about 90 days away.

Gravis narrowed his eyes. He had to temper his skin by then!

He quickly turned around and left the town, looking for the Hunting Guild.


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