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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 189: Strong Bird Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis was more crestfallen about this comment than he should’ve been. He didn’t have something against blind people, but if he got confused for a blind person, many misunderstandings would occur. “I’m not looking forward to this,” he muttered to himself.

The Guild Master waited for some seconds but then lost his patience. “So, what are the other two things that you wanted to do?” he asked.

Gravis perked up like he remembered something. Then, he shook his head to get his bearings back. “Right, did Vice-Guild Master Saron return?” he asked.

The Guild Master and Vice-Guild Master narrowed their eyes. So it was about that. “No, he hasn’t returned yet. We want to tell you that his personal decisions have nothing to do with us. He left our Wind Guild a couple of days ago,” he explained solemnly.

Gravis shook his head. “I know. Saron and I actually met around a day ago. Long story short, we actually became friends. There were a lot of misunderstandings about Wendy’s death, and we split up. I only wanted to talk to him a little bit. He said that he wanted to say goodbye to some friends of his since, due to some circumstance, he probably doesn’t have much longer to live,” Gravis explained.

The two experts sighed. “I believe you, but Saron really hasn’t returned yet. We don’t know where he is,” the Vice-Guild Master explained. They knew that Gravis cultivated lightning, so they trusted his words. Lightning was always direct. He wouldn’t lie about something so unimportant.

Gravis could only nod solemnly. If he hadn’t returned by now, it probably meant that he had already died. The Heavenborn would have no reason to attack him, so if he died, it could have only been one thing. He probably met a freshly ascended Spirit Beast on its way to the Core-Continent.

Though he could also still be alive. Who knew, maybe he just settled down and was living somewhere? As long as he didn’t go anywhere dangerous, his lack of Karmic Luck wouldn’t kill him. Gravis could only wish Saron the best.

“Is there anyone that Saron would consider close? You don’t have to tell me their names,” Gravis said.

The Guild Master looked at his Vice-Guild Master unsurely. “He doesn’t have any immediate family anymore, but he treated the whole Wind Guild like his child. There isn’t one particular person that was close to him. It was rather all of us,” the Guild Master said.

Gravis nodded.


Gravis retrieved around 10% of his gold and placed it beside himself, creating a huge boom when it hit the floor. The solid cube of gold weighed way over five tons, destroying the ground below it. “Saron has helped me with an issue, so I will be repaying the Wind Guild in his stead. Please accept this gold,” Gravis said.

The two people at the Spirit Forming Realm stopped breathing for a second. This was so much gold! What did Saron do that Gravis gave them so much gold in repayment? “This is too much. We can’t accept all this gold!” said the Guild Master back.

Gravis had already expected something like this. “Well, then this gold will just function as some stone. I gave you the gold, what you do with it, is your thing,” Gravis said.

The two people didn’t know what they should think right now. Gravis was just throwing this cube of gold at them and telling them to deal with it. Did they have no other option than to accept it?

“Alright, I’ll release my Spirit on it now. The gold’s still liquid, so if you wanna keep it, you should do something, or it will just become a dirty plate when it hardens.” After Gravis said that, he retracted his Spirit from the gold, and it started flowing to the sides.


Yet, the gold quickly stopped flowing and returned to its previous cube form. Gravis only smirked. ‘So you accepted it after all,’ he thought smugly.

The Guild Master couldn’t see the gold being wasted and had saved it. It seemed like they were forced to accept it. “Thank you, Heavenborn,” said the Guild Master to Gravis.

Gravis continued smirking. “I’m not a Heavenborn. Just call me Gravis. Wish you a good day, Guild Master, Vice-Guild Master.” With that said, he went onto his last target. Gravis had already located it.

The two people didn’t know how to react to his last words, so they didn’t. They just said their goodbyes to him.

“Hey, I’m back!” Gravis transmitted.

Up on a big tree, a gigantic green bird raised its head and looked into a Gravis’ direction. It was Skye’s parent. It noticed Gravis, yet looked away again. It seemed like it didn’t recognize him. “Hello? It’s me, Gravis. You know, the friend of Skye, your child?” he sent another voice transmission.

“Child? Where?” Gravis suddenly heard a singing voice in his head.

Gravis’ eyes widened as he realized what this meant. Skye’s parent was able to transmit its thoughts back to Gravis, which meant that it became a Spirit Beast. Gravis hadn’t expected that. Now, Gravis looked closer at Skye’s parent and noticed that it felt different. It still looked the same, yet it had some special aura around itself.

Then, why was it still here? Shouldn’t it have already gone to the Core-Continent? ‘Wait, is it still waiting for Skye?’ Gravis thought.

“Child? Where?” the voice asked again.

Beasts could only form some rudimentary language skills when they became Spirit Beasts. It was like communicating with a three-year-old child.

“I was the human accompanying your child, Skye. We both left together from the tree,” he said.

Skye’s parent looked closer at Gravis. “No, not same human. Different human,” it commented.

Gravis was already annoyed by his new look. He looked too different, so no one recognized him. He already saw it coming in the future. He would meet someone he knew and first had to spend a considerable amount of time to convince them that he was Gravis. This whole thing was going to be a massive pain in the ass.

“Let me prove it!” he said back. “Look at this!”


Outside of the Wind Guild, a gigantic area started breaking down due to some pressure pressing everything into the earth. As Gravis reached the Spirit Forming Realm, he could summon his gigantic Will-Aura anywhere he wanted. It was no longer bound to be around him. Yet, the size and compression of it still remained the same.

Skye’s parent looked at the area and widened its eyes. It knew this feeling. It had seen different Will-Aura’s, and every Will-Aura felt unique. This Will-Aura was many times stronger than when it had last felt Gravis’ Will-Aura, but it still had the same feeling. This was proof that Gravis was who he claimed to be.


The branch, where Skye’s parent sat on, exploded as the gigantic bird shot at Gravis with unreal speed. It reached Gravis in less than a second and landed in front of him. “Child! Where!?” it said with more agitation.

Gravis raised his hands to show that he didn’t want to do anything bad. “Relax. I’ll explain everything that happened to Skye. You don’t need to worry. Your child is fine,” he said back.

Skye’s parent calmed down after it heard that its child was fine. “Explain,” it said.

Gravis nodded and jumped onto a tree. This would be a long story, so he wanted to sit comfortably. Luckily, Gravis had reached the Spirit Forming Realm. Transmitting one’s thoughts was different from speaking a language.

When he was talking normally, it was like he was speaking in a different language to beasts. Yet, if he used his thoughts, their thoughts connected. Only the concepts he wanted to convey would be conveyed, making it easier for beasts to understand him.

As Gravis told the story, he realized that Skye’s parent even knew some advanced concepts like politics. That surprised Gravis, and it also made it easier for him to tell the story. Like this, he could tell Skye’s whole story without having to omit concepts that were too complicated.

Like this, Gravis told Skye’s parent about everything they’ve been through together.


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