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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 156: New Plans Bahasa Indonesia

After some more minutes, Gravis finally spoke up. “So, what are we waiting for?”

The Guild Master didn’t change his expression. “For your pills.”

Gravis squinted his eyes and spoke carefully. “But, don’t you have to inform someone or get them then?”

The Guild Master looked like he understood why Gravis asked such an obvious question. After he understood, he only laughed a little. “I have already informed the elder responsible for the treasure storage,” he explained. “You might not know, but starting the Spirit Forming Realm, we can send thoughts with our Spirit. I have long informed him.”

“Oh,” said Gravis as he finally understood. He didn’t know that that was possible starting at the Spirit Forming Realm, but it seemed to make sense. The Spirit was an extension of the user’s mind and soul, so it could logically also touch and convey the user’s thoughts. “I didn’t know.”

The Guild Master only smiled slightly. “Well, there’s no reason in telling you. As soon as you reach the Spirit Forming Realm, you would know it automatically,” he explained with patience. “I know branch manager Aion, and I can guess why he hasn’t told you about that before.”

Gravis could also guess why. Aion was basically a physical manifestation of laziness. Even talking with Gravis was already too much work for him. Why would he go out of his way to teach Gravis about Spirit Forming?

After some more seconds, an elder came running and handed a sack of pills to the Guild Master. After that, the weapons appeared again, and the elder collected them. The elder had an incredibly powerful body, just like Red had, so carrying all the weapons and the massive halberd wasn’t an issue for him. He quickly left with the weapons.

“By the way, if you don’t know about Thought Transmission, you might also not know about our Spirit Space,” explained the Guild Master. “We can store and retrieve items in our Spirit Space. That’s why those weapons kept appearing and disappearing.”

Gravis nodded and thanked the Guild Master. Gravis already knew about this application of the Spirit. He had learned that thing back in his homeworld. For some reason, they had not told him about Thought Transmission.

The sack of pills floated over to Gravis, who looked inside. He saw many body tempering pills, and he smiled involuntarily. ‘Those should be enough to boost my body to the ninth level. Only about just as many pills remain for me to achieve my goal.’

Most people in this lower world believed that the ninth level was the highest level of Energy Gathering, yet there was the tenth level above that. That also held true for the body. Just like the Energy could reach the tenth level, the body could also reach that tenth level.

Yet, why did no one in the Middle-Continent know? Some elders were sure to consume many more pills to test it. In truth, they actually did know about the tenth level of the body. However, there was an issue with having a body stronger than one’s Energy.

If someone had a body one realm higher than their Energy, their own element would be weakened by the body. It was rather logical. The element had to pass through the body, and if the body were too strong, too much of the element would be wasted while escaping it.

Those people who achieved the tenth level of the body had found issues in releasing their elements. The strength of their element fell from the ninth level of Energy Gathering to the eighth. Of course, thanks to Gravis’ Elemental Synchronicity, that was no issue for him. He could just will his lightning to ignore his body.

This world was an elemental world, which meant that people felt that the elements were the best way to advance. No one would trade their elemental power for physical power. In a different kind of world, the decision might be reversed, but not in this one.

“Alright, everything’s in order,” said Gravis as he closed the sack and looked back at the Guild Master of the Fire Guild. “I’ll be leaving. Bye!”

The Guild Master nodded and waved Gravis off. Gravis nodded back and jumped on the back of Skye, who quickly flew off. Down below, the Guild Master combed his beard with his fingers in thought. ‘His valiant search for power, his readiness to slay his enemies, and his genuine search for tempering would make him an outstanding disciple of our Fire Sect,’ he thought and sighed. ‘Sadly, he already uses the lightning element.’ With that, he shook his head and went back to the guild.

Gravis was quite happy with the result of his tempering with the Fire Guild. There hadn’t been an angry mob that shouted at him for killing their brothers. There hadn’t been some malicious scheme in the background. Even after all his opponents had died, the Guild Master had still been a nice fellow. It was all just simple and pure life and death tempering. Gravis liked this simplicity and honesty. They might have an ideology that he didn’t wholly agree with, but their philosophy was to his liking.

Right now, Skye was flying around aimlessly. Gravis had not said where their next destination was. In actuality, Gravis had to replan. Initially, he had intended to go to the Earth Guild next to do the same thing. Maybe not as many people as the Fire Guild would be interested in this, but everyone needed a powerful will to grow stronger. There were sure to be some interested people.

Sadly, due to the unannounced breakthrough of his Will-Aura, that plan fell flat. Tempering became impossible for him in the Energy Gathering Realm. ‘Might as well just increase my realm and bodily strength,’ Gravis decided. Yet, there were two issues with that.

The first issue was that he needed to kill people to increase his Energy. Yes, he would find many people ready to fight with him to the death on the other guilds, but that couldn’t be considered honest tempering for them. If they knew how strong Gravis actually was, no one would fight him in the Energy Gathering Realm. Yet, if he kept his strength a secret, it would basically be dishonest scamming from Gravis’ side. He was not a fan of that.

Though, due to his strengthened will for power, he would still do it, even if he didn’t like it. One had to trample upon others to rise, and Gravis had realized this truth after his Will-Aura broke through. It might go against his morals, but his goal was more important to him than his morals. Gravis sighed when he made his decision to play the pig to catch a tiger.

This would also solve the other issue with his body. Where could he get the body tempering pills? With this, he could solve both problems at once. This seemed to be the best way to solve both issues.

‘But if I have to scam people, then I might as well scam those that I feel deserve it the most. Well, it seems like it’s time to visit some guilds to check how their general temperament is.’

Gravis decided to first check a couple of guilds before he decided on his target. He had learned the basic layout of the Middle-Continent in the Heaven Sect. An executioner had to know where they had to go, after all. Gravis checked through the map in his mind and saw that the closest guild was the Earth Guild. ‘Let’s first check the Earth Guild.’

“Skye, fly there!” Gravis shouted as he shot a small lightning bolt into the direction of the Earth Guild. Skye cawed and changed its course.

“I wonder how the Earth Guild is.”


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