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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1327: Hell Bahasa Indonesia

The combined shout of all the living beings with their Spirits exited Orthar’s Cosmos through his Spirit, entering the infinity of Primordial Chaos.

An infinite place away, a small Cosmos, half-black and half-white, vanished.

In an instant, it appeared inside Orthar’s Cosmos.

And then, it combined with it.

The Cosmos began to shake and quiver.

Space was expanding.

The single world of the Opposer’s Cosmos fused with the highest world.

The Opposer’s Cosmos was smaller, but since he had put everything into a single world, it was still barely comparable to the size of the highest world.

The highest world became bigger.

The Laws were thrown into disarray as new Laws clashed with them.

Some of the Laws vanished.

Some of them fused.

Some of them broke apart into new Laws.

In the end, a mess of Laws appeared.

The Cultivators in Orthar’s Cosmos lost a huge chunk of their Laws. Nearly 50% of the Laws they had comprehended over their entire lives had become unusable!

In their place, new Laws appeared, which they knew absolutely nothing about.

And in the expanded space, new lands appeared.

They were pure black.

When the Opposer had heard his name, he had banished nearly all of the Energy from his Cosmos, creating a nearly pure land of Death.

There was much more Energy in Orthar’s Cosmos, and the Opposer had to give the Cosmos enough Death to throw everything into chaos.

The harder it was to comprehend the current situation, the better the Opposer’s chances.

Orthar thrived on planning and knowing everything, while the Opposer thrived in chaos.

The Opposer’s will took control over 20% of Orthar’s Cosmos, which was the part that had previously been his Cosmos.

The Cultivators, which had already been submerged by terror and panic, found terror appear around them.

Black and red.

Everything was black and red!

One of the powerful Ancestral Gods saw something appear right beside him.

What… What was that thing!?

It was one gigantic eye filled with tentacles!

How could such a beast even fight!?

The monster saw the Cultivator, and the Cultivator saw its eye.


Pure hatred!

The Cultivator had never seen so much hatred, and he was frozen in place.

The eye let out an ungodly screech that tore the surroundings apart.

Plants began to wilt!

Rivers of blood flowed out of the earth!

Cracks in space opened, revealing more eyes!

When the Cultivator heard the screech, his mind felt like it got hit with a hammer.

He couldn’t move his body!

A solitary eyeball, the nerves still on it, fell out of one of the rifts in space, and it crawled through the opened mouth of the Cultivator.

The Cultivator’s world broke down.

And then…

The beast turned away and shot into the distance, leaving a land of death behind it.

For a long time, the Cultivator had no idea if this was real.

This couldn’t have been real!

‘I have to tell Master!’

The Cultivator teleported away, and he quickly found his Master, who was trying to organize all the surviving forces of his Sect.

“Master, what- UARGH!”

An eye appeared in the Cultivator’s throat, and when it managed to look into the Master’s eyes, the Master received a shock to his Spirit.

The possessed Cultivator shot forward and hugged his Master.

Then, tentacles and eyes broke out of him.


The Master managed to recover and tore his disciple apart with an explosion of fire.

The monster inside the disciple had also been torn apart in the process.

The monster had been able to fight an Ancestral God, but it hadn’t been able to fight a level five Divine God.

The Master was still in shock.

What just happened!?

However, he was quickly thrown into an abyss of despair as he felt something approach.

His True Law of Danger was shouting at him!

He was going to die!

A shadow appeared.

It was over thirty meters tall, and it seemingly only consisted of a black cloak worn by grey mist.

This power!

It had so much power!

The Master knew he couldn’t fight it!

The monster extended its misty hand towards the Master.


An ethereal wave of Heavenly Wind shot past the spot the hand had just been.

The monster quickly transformed into mist and traveled at insane speeds towards the new arrival.

The new arrival activated the remaining Laws he knew as he fought the misty wisp, which turned into its cloak-form again and again.

Whenever the Cultivator got touched, his skin began to age and vanish, and the most terrifying part, it couldn’t be healed!


In the end, the new Cultivator managed to destroy the monster, but it hadn’t been an easy battle.

“Ancestor!” the Master shouted.

The Ancestor looked with a solemn expression at the Master.

“Gather everyone. We have to regroup and get hold of the situation!” Manuel said.

Yes, the Ancestor was Manuel.

His inability to comprehend the Law of Freedom had assured his survival.

If he had known it, he would have already become a Heaven’s Magnate, and he would have been absorbed by Orthar.

“Manuel! Everyone’s being attacked by monsters!” Orpheus shouted in panic as he arrived. “You’re better at planning. What do we do?”

Manuel immediately shot away as he listened to Orpheus’ report.

He couldn’t waste any time.

Hell was breaking loose in the entire highest world.

Meanwhile, Orthar and the Opposer were still fighting.

As soon as the Opposer’s Cosmos fused with Orthar’s Cosmos, Orthar was on the defensive.

The offensive of the Opposer was relentless!

The Opposer had always had a terrifying talent for battle, and he had lived for an eternity in absolute danger.

Meanwhile, Orthar hadn’t even nearly been under as much stress.

And it was showing.

With their powers nearly equalized, the Opposer was pressuring Orthar to an unrecoverable degree.

Orthar knew that he was going to die if he didn’t do something!

However, what was Orthar’s plan?

It was planning.

So, did Orthar have a plan for this situation?

Of course he did.

However, Orthar had never wanted to let it come to this.

Orthar’s human body opened his eyes in a Cosmos made of water and ice.

Fire Laws, Lightning Laws, Earth Laws, and Metal Laws didn’t exist in this Cosmos.

“The situation has occurred,” Orthar told someone.

“Really? Wow, I thought it would never happen,” the other person answered with a loud laugh.

“Hurry, I don’t have any time! The reward is as discussed!” Orthar shot back with anger.

“Hahaha! Great! I’ve always wanted to know the secret to your power!” the man answered.

“I’ll get the boys!”

“We’ll take care of the guy making trouble on your lawn!”


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