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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1305: True Law of the Dead World Bahasa Indonesia

After having spent so much time with Stella, Gravis decided to commit to the last push.

He already knew three of the four main Laws.

He already was a level nine Divine God.

His Will-Aura had already reached the power of a Heaven’s Magnate.

There was nothing left but the Law of the Dead World, the easiest main Law.

Of course, Mortis helped Gravis in comprehending the Laws. They would fully focus on the Laws, and they would only occasionally come back to take some breaks.

Gravis went on to finish the Mixed Elemental Laws related to Zero, while Mortis focused on the Pure level nine Elements.

By now, Gravis’ comprehension speed had been pushed to the absolute limit.

He had the strongest Spirit available since he was a level nine Divine God.

He had Mortis.

He had Elemental Synchronicity.

And lastly, he knew all the other main Laws, which gave him a terrifying amount of experience when it came to comprehending Laws.

So, how long did the first level eight Law take Gravis to comprehend?

20,000 years.

Just 20,000 years.

How little were 20,000 years?

Most people would need 20,000 years to comprehend a level six Law, but Gravis managed to comprehend a level eight Law in that timeframe.

With a longevity of ten million years, Gravis could theoretically comprehend 500 level eight Laws before his tribulation arrived.

And Gravis only needed 20 more, 18 level eight Mixed Elemental Laws, and the two Temperature Laws.

Now, how long did it take Mortis to comprehend a level nine Law?

Well, level nine Laws were far more complex, but Mortis still managed to move forward at incredible speeds.

Mortis only needed 150,000 years for a level nine Law.

Their speed was terrifyingly fast!

And why?

Because they had worked for this moment for their entire lives.

They had always remained for a very long time in their Realm, always pushing their Battle-Strength to the peak and always comprehending as many Laws as possible before reaching the next Realm.

There were plenty of Ancestral Gods that became Divine Gods at the age of only two to three million.

Yet, they would need a very long time to comprehend all the necessary Laws to reach the Heaven’s Magnate Realm, assuming they could comprehend them in the first place.

And now, after always having been on the old side in terms of age, Gravis and Mortis transformed into relative youngsters.

At the age of five million years, most Divine Gods were in the middle Stages. Some of them might have managed to become Elders already, but most of them would just be officials.

And Gravis?

He was a level nine Divine God with more Laws than nearly all the Ancestors.

Gravis and Mortis traveled from Law Comprehension Area to Law Comprehension Area. They didn’t want to deal with the owners of the Law Comprehension Areas, so they used the Law of Perceived Reality to hide their existence. They just didn’t want to deal with the owners.

It would just be annoying.

In just 60,000 years, Gravis finished all the Mixed Elements involving the Zero Element.

Then, Gravis took another 100,000 years to finish the remaining Mixed Elements involving the Hurricane Element.

Mortis finished the Law of Heavenly Zero during that time.

The two had comprehended nine Laws in only 160,000 years.

It was terrifyingly fast.

However, they wouldn’t take a break until they were done.

80,000 years later, Gravis finished the remaining Mixed Elemental Laws involving Ancestral Wood.

In the meantime, Mortis finished the Law of Heavenly Wind.

60,000 years for the Mixed Elemental Laws involving the Stygian element.

40,000 years for the Mixed Elemental Laws involving the Purity Element.

And lastly, 20,000 years for the last Law, the Law of Adamantite Stone.

Simultaneously, Mortis finished the Law of Heavenly Wood.

Gravis finished the True Laws of Heat and Cold quite quickly. Since he already had access to all the other Laws, these two Laws basically came naturally. The time it took him to comprehend them wasn’t even worth mentioning.

About 360,000 years.

In just 360,000 years, Gravis had finished all the level eight Laws he was missing.

The huge number of level eight Laws one needed for the True Law of the Dead World had crumbled before Gravis just like that. A nearly insurmountable and time-consuming task for other Divine Gods had been finished by Gravis in just this bit of time.

Comprehending the Laws wasn’t hard.

Comprehending them didn’t take long.

Comprehending these Laws was easy work for Gravis, almost making him bored while doing it.

It was simply the processing of a lot of simple information.

After they were done, the two of them contacted their friends again to ask if anything had happened.

However, 360,000 years for Divine Gods was basically nothing.

Yersi was still running her restaurant while everyone else was doing whatever they wanted.

Nothing of note had happened during those years.

So, the two of them decided to finish the Laws.

They were only missing five more level nine Laws, four Pure Elemental ones, and the True Law of Temperatures.

120,000 years later, they finished the Laws of Heavenly Darkness and Heavenly Light.

Another 120,000 years later, they finished the Laws of Heavenly Earth and Heavenly Metal.

With that, all of the Elemental Laws were done.

Lastly, the two of them focused on the True Law of Temperatures, which only took them about 50,000 years to comprehend.

And with that, they were done.

650,000 years, an average amount of time for a Divine God to be in seclusion.

650,000 years only represented 6.5% of their longevity.

For comprehending so many Laws, this was basically nothing.

They had the True Law of Matter.

They had the three True Laws of Primordial Force.

They had the True Law of Temperatures.

They had the 36 level eight Laws of Mixed Elements.

They had the nine level nine Laws of Pure Elements.

Everything was done.

Gravis and Mortis closed their eyes, and all their insights converged.

Everything happened naturally.


In just a mere moment, they comprehended the True Law of the Dead World!

And now, it was time for the Law of the True World!


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