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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1304: The Future Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis remained at Stella’s side for a long time. They had a lot to catch up on.

Gravis also visited Yersi in Opposer City time and time again. He knew that Yersi probably had it the hardest at the moment, and Gravis did his best to be there for her.

After some years, Yersi finally found something she wanted to do.


Cooking wasn’t a very popular profession, but that was mostly because of the limited customer base. After all, when one didn’t need food, one wouldn’t be very interested in food generally.

Additionally, people with a lot of power had very high standards since they had essentially come into contact with everything.

There was also the problem with the ingredients.

Star Gods wouldn’t be interested in some Energy Gathering Beasts.

However, beasts in the Spirit Forming Realm and higher were just as intelligent as humans, making it a bit weird for most people to eat them.

Funnily enough, it was easier for beasts to eat beasts than for humans to eat beasts. Humans never needed to consume beasts to grow more powerful, and they also couldn’t.

Only a beast could eat others to become more powerful, while humans couldn’t. Humans had to rely on natural treasures or God Stones.

Because of that, only very few humans were actually interested.

Beasts were also not as interested since cooking something felt like a waste of effort. It would also diminish the Energy inside the corpse, and they perceived it as wasteful.

However, Yersi enjoyed it. Taking something and elevating it to greater heights was something she deeply enjoyed.

Originally, she had only been interested in cooking for herself and for Jake, but that had changed when a spoiled child from some random Sect told her that he was interested in trying her cooking.

That child loved her cooking so much that he brought his friends along to try it.

After a while, they had seen eating beasts in such a refined manner as an exotic hobby. The high prices were also not a detriment but an advantage. After all, if it was that expensive, it had to be special, right?

These people were mostly Immortals that had been artificially elevated to their Realm.

They had never fought anyone in their lives.

Yersi enjoyed it when others liked her cooking, and she expanded her repertoire of dishes and ingredients.

Sadly, her initial customers quickly left in outrage and shock shortly after Yersi had opened her restaurant.


Because human was also on the menu.

Beasts also ate humans, and it was absolutely normal.

Humans accepted that fact without any issues since it was normal, but seeing a human’s remains prepared in such a delicate fashion sent shivers down their spines.

It felt unnatural.

Because of that, nearly all humans avoided Yersi’s restaurant, leaving only beasts.

Yersi wasn’t earning a lot of money with her restaurant, but she didn’t mind. It was not a business to her but a hobby.

As a Divine God, she had enough money to keep the restaurant afloat until she died.

It was simply something to kill time.

As for where she got the ingredients from?

She simply bought them.

There was plenty of death in the Cultivation world, and since humans couldn’t consume other living beings to increase their power, they always left or destroyed the corpses.

However, after seeing the prices Yersi offered, the humans simply brought the bodies back.

It was good money, after all.

As someone that perceived themselves to be a human, Gravis also felt a small shiver run down his spine when he saw Yersi’s work, but he knew that he couldn’t complain.

He had consumed enough humans in his life, just in a different way.

However, it still felt weird to see Yersi cooking with her “ingredient”.

But in the end, Gravis didn’t really care about any of this. He was only happy that Yersi had found something to do.

Yersi had changed quite a bit after what had happened last time. She had always acted like a happy little girl, but now, she mostly smiled. Her laughter had reduced by a lot.

In a way, seeing Yersi like this reminded Gravis of Orpheus.

Orpheus had laughed occasionally, but it had also not truly appeared heartfelt.

It was like Orpheus was imitating being happy.

After knowing what Orpheus had gone through, Gravis could understand.

Orpheus’ family had long since died, and he had waited for his death before Gravis convinced him to continue cultivating.

In a way, the current Yersi was similar to the past Orpheus.

It was the demeanor of someone that simply waited for their end.

It hurt Gravis to see her like this, but he also knew that he couldn’t do anything about it. Additionally, many things could happen in ten million years.

It was very possible that Yersi would find someone new that brought light to her life.

Speaking of Orpheus, after a couple of years, he had come to visit Gravis, and his visit had shocked Gravis.


Because Lina was beside him.

Lina, the previous Sect Master of the Eternal Fire Sect.

Gravis had been certain that Orpheus had killed everyone in the Eternal Fire Sect, which was why he was so surprised to see Lina.

Orpheus said with an awkward smile that Lina was the reason why he had avoided looking for Gravis for such a long time. After all, he knew that Gravis would have appeared in the Opposer’s home at some point, and Orpheus could go there without attracting suspicion.

Orpheus explained that he had killed everyone, but when he came to Lina, he hesitated.

Orpheus didn’t go into detail, but apparently, something about Lina had reminded Orpheus of his dead wife.

When Orpheus had come into contact with Lina in the past, he obviously hadn’t been interested in her. He had even wanted to kill her for a long time.

Yet, after Lina had talked to Gravis, she had changed quite a bit, and her mannerisms had become rather similar to Orpheus’ dead wife.

Apparently, Lina had had no idea why Orpheus had eradicated the entire Eternal Fire Sect, and she had become even more confused when Orpheus had just left after keeping her alive.

What followed were many years of them meeting each other again and again in awkward situations.

She wanted to kill Orpheus while Orpheus was drawn to her. He wanted to know why Lina felt so similar to his dead wife.

The next years essentially boiled down to one person trying to kill someone that was romantically interested in them.

The atmosphere had been very awkward between them.

Eventually, with Lina fully focusing on her power and Orpheus being so distracted, she had managed to close the gap in power between them.

Orpheus would have won the fight, but he had hesitated too many times, and his heart hadn’t been in the fight.

Lina had the opportunity to finally kill Orpheus.

She had to!

He had killed her entire Sect!

But then, Lina comprehended the Law of Freedom.


Because, deep down, she didn’t want to kill Orpheus.

Everything around her told her that she had to do it.

She had essentially forced herself into that decision.

But in the end, she decided against it.


Because she didn’t want to.

That’s when they began talking.

And eventually, they ended up together.

Yet, Orpheus had never disappointed Gravis during that time. One of the reasons why he had always stayed close to Lina was because he didn’t want her to unveil Gravis’ details.

Additionally, he had always kept his reason for destroying the Eternal Fire Sect a secret from her, even when they had been together.

He had only recently unveiled the true reasons for his actions.

From that moment onward, Lina hated Gravis.

However, she knew that Gravis was too powerful for her. There was a chance for her to overcome Orpheus, but she knew that she would never overcome Gravis.

So, eventually, she had given up.

Yet, she still hated Gravis, and she didn’t want to come into contact with Gravis ever again.

Gravis was only happy that Orpheus was happy.

Everything had turned out okay, and Orpheus had still done a gigantic favor for Gravis.

It didn’t matter whom Orpheus was with. The most important thing was that Orpheus was happy.

And sure enough, Orpheus was laughing way more than in the past.

The two brothers spent a long time together, but Orpheus had to leave before he wanted since his new wife was getting impatient.

After Orpheus left, Gravis also felt more hope for Yersi.

Orpheus managed to overcome everything, and Yersi could do the same thing.

She only needed time.

Then a long time of peace followed.

Gravis spent all his time with everyone around him. These were the last friends he had left, and he enjoyed being around them.

Of course, most of the time, Gravis was with Stella.

And then, 400,000 years later, Mortis contacted Gravis.

Enough time had passed.

It was time for the last push.

Time to focus on the True Law of the Dead World.


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