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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1295: Changing World Bahasa Indonesia


The Vice-Sect Master was immediately destroyed, and Gravis absorbed his corpse.

There wasn’t even a need to think. All the Vice-Sect Masters had been complicit in searching for Gravis.

A lot of wealth exploded out of the Vice-Sect Master’s Spirit Space, and Gravis pocketed everything.

Gravis only smiled.

Then, he turned to the present people. “The True Life Sect doesn’t exist anymore,” he proclaimed. “The survivors can do whatever you want, but I would advise you against going to the other Peak Sects for the time being. You don’t want to become collateral damage, right?”


And after Gravis said that, he teleported away.

The surviving members of the True Life Sect only had two thoughts on their minds.

First, they were happy that they were still alive.

Second, they knew that the entire world would undergo a gigantic reshuffle.

After teleporting away, Gravis split up into five copies at the seventh level of the Divine God Realm, which quickly dispersed into different directions.

Each copy went for one Peak Sect.

The other Peak Sects didn’t know it yet, but death had come for them.

Mortis remained in one body, and he accompanied one of the copies. From what they had seen, the war against the Heavenly Divine Sect had caused incredible casualties.

They had also realized that the Heavenly Divine Sect had conspicuously worked very well with them, which meant that some or all of Gravis’ friends were probably there. Because of that, Mortis followed the Gravis that went to the Heavenly Divine Sect.

Gravis made it so that all of his copies arrived in the different Sects at the same time. After all, he didn’t want them to warn each other.

The Gravis that went to the Mortal Sect quickly got rid of the Core Plant and consumed it. After that, Gravis killed the new Sect Master, several Core Elders, and many Elders.

The Mortal Sect had been finished just like that.

The Gravis that went to the Dusk Wind Sect noticed that only one Core Elder and everyone below that was present.

Gravis got rid of the Dusk Wind Sect the same way he got rid of the Mortal Sect.

The Eternity Sect also only had one Core Elder present, and Gravis did the same thing to them.

Usually, Gravis would have been confused about the fact that he saw nearly no high-ranking people, but the answer to Gravis’ questions came when he arrived at the Twilight Council.

Gravis saw over 20 Core Elders, five Vice-Sect Masters, and two Sect Masters.

There were no Ancestors.

The surviving Sect Masters were from the Twilight Council and the Dusk Wind Sect. The Sect Master of the Eternity Sect had been killed.

When the seven Peak Divine Gods noticed that Gravis had arrived, they immediately fell into terror.


All of them teleported away in fear.

They couldn’t let Gravis catch them!

Gravis’ Will-Aura sadly wasn’t powerful enough to suppress all of them. After all, many Vice-Sect Masters and all Sect Masters had Will-Auras equal to the Heaven’s Magnate Realm. With the level suppression, it wasn’t easy for Gravis to suppress them. Additionally, a lot of them knew the True Law of Freedom.

When Gravis noticed that they were all fleeing, he split up into eight weaker Gravises, which all followed one of the Peak Divine Gods, except for the last one, who remained in the Twilight Council.

The Peak Divine Gods all fled into the distance, but that was only in their perception.

Gravis’ Will-Aura was as powerful as their Will-Aura, which meant that he could control their perception.

It didn’t take long for Gravis to catch and kill all of them.

The last remaining Gravis dealt with the Twilight Council and the present Core Elders.

The eradication of all of these Sects had happened within the span of only a couple of seconds.

In the end, Gravis had killed five Core Plants, two Sect Masters, several Vice-Sect Masters, and an incredible number of weaker Cultivators.

The True Life Sect, Dusk Wind Sect, Twilight Council, Mortal Sect, and Eternity Sect had all been destroyed.

None of these Sects had a level nine, eight, or level seven Divine God left.

The strongest Divine God in these Sects were a couple of Elders at the sixth level of the Divine God Realm.

On top of that, Gravis had taken all the valuables he could find with him, leaving all the Sects destitute.

The surviving members looked at the empty husks of their Sects.

The buildings were still standing, and there were still a lot of people left. However, the number of people had been reduced to a pitiful degree when compared to their peak.

All the Peak Sects were headless. There were no Ancestors, Sect Masters, Vice-Sect Masters, or even Core Elders left.

Only several Elders remained.

For a long time, the Elders were uncertain of what they should do.

The home they had known for an eternity didn’t exist anymore.

This Sect had been their life for millions of years, and they had worked to push it further towards the peak.

Yet, that eternal home didn’t exist anymore.

The surviving Elders talked to each other since they had no idea what they should do now. Should they create a new Sect? Then, who would be the leader? What would the name be?

Should they join the Heavenly Divine Sect? After all, only the Core Elders and higher had gone to battle with them.

What about everyone creating their own Sect? Many Law Comprehension Areas and different areas of interest were without any owners now, making this the best opportunity to create something new.

In the end, nearly every possibility happened at some place or another.

Some Elders claimed the old headquarters of their Sect as the home of their new Sect. These Elders would have to fight the other Elders for that right.

Some Elders left with some disciples to create new Sects. They moved to a completely new area and created a Sect, claiming ownership over several valuable places.

Some Elders left for the Heavenly Divine Sect.

Some Elders decided to become unaffiliated Cultivators.

Some Elders decided to join neutral powers, like the Opposer City Guards, The Heaven Company, The Research Institute, or the Information Pavilion.

The subservient Sects suddenly found themselves without any Sect supervising them, which made them suddenly declare war on other Sects or make peace with Sects they hadn’t wanted to be at war with.

The neutral powers suddenly lost their biggest customers, which required them to completely reshuffle the way they were working.

Of course, these neutral powers also didn’t forget to claim several important areas for themselves.

The entire world was changing.

Even the weakest Cultivators felt the effect. They had no idea why everything suddenly felt so hectic now, but they would notice that several weaker Sects were more likely to go to war.

The weakest Cultivators didn’t even know about the Immortal Realm, but they still felt the effect.

Everything had become hectic and chaotic.

However, most Cultivators found the following years to be the most profitable years ever.

Countless weak Cultivators suddenly found unfathomable treasures just lying somewhere in a field or in caves.

Some treasures changed the environment around them due to their power.

To the one that had killed the person owning the treasure, that treasure might have been so worthless that they didn’t even bother picking them up, but to the weaker Cultivators, these treasures were of cataclysmic power.

However, all of this was for the future.

Right now, Gravis arrived at the Heavenly Divine Sect.


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