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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1271: – Dusk Wind Sect Bahasa Indonesia


Explosions devastated the landscape.

The headquarters of the Lightning Peak Sect had long since been reduced to ashes by the sudden assault.

Just like always, a Judge overlooked the fighting, but since this was a war and not a duel, he didn’t protect the Lightning Peak Sect. This wasn’t just someone from the Lightning Peak Sect battling with an outsider. No, this was the entire Lightning Peak Sect fighting against several other Sects.

The war had begun with a sudden attack by an Ancestor. The defensive Formation Array of the Lightning Peak Sect automatically activated, blocking the attack.

Then, several other Divine Gods attacked the Formation Array as the Lightning Peak Sect tried to muster a defense.

The attackers had only brought some Cultivators each, luckily. If they had brought everyone, the Lightning Peak Sect would have no choice but to surrender.

Silver Seer noticed the attack with narrowed eyes. He had already learned of their Core Plant’s death many years ago, but he had been certain that the other Sects didn’t know about it.

But now, it was obvious that they knew about it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have attacked in such small numbers.

If one wanted to take out another Peak Sect, one had to bring over their own Core Plant. The Core Plants were, with only one exception, the strongest entities inside the Peak Sects.

If the Peak Sects had attacked the Lightning Peak Sect with such a force while their Core Plant had still been alive, the attackers would have already all died.

Yet, even if one brought over their own Core Plant, things still wouldn’t be easy. Plants had their own pride, and they only wanted to fight duels. In comparison to humans and beasts, plants had no interest in ganging up on others.

This meant that the attacking and the attacked Core Plants would enter a duel.

Then, the outcome of the duel would decide which Sect survived and which one perished.

Because of that, attacking another Peak Sect was an incredibly risky endeavor. After all, if your Core Plant died, you would lose your entire Sect.

So, since the other Sects didn’t bring any Core Plant, it meant that they knew that the Lightning Peak Sect’s Core Plant was no longer alive.

Silver Seer still had no idea how their Core Plant had died.

It should have been impossible!

The only thing he could think of was that a Heaven’s Magnate had killed their Core Plant. After all, Silver Seer hadn’t even felt a battle take place. This meant that their Core Plant had died without even being able to fight back.

Ever since that day, Silver Seer had known that the Peak Sects would invade at some point.

The Lightning Peak Sect was a Peak Sect without the foundation of a Peak Sect.

When the other Peak Sects attacked, Silver Seer and his most powerful comrades fought back.

The battles immediately ravaged the landscape surrounding the Lightning Peak Sect.

As Silver Seer attacked, Zero’s Essence also arrived. She had promised to oversee the Lightning Peak Sect, and she would keep to her promise.

Zero’s Essence was like a goddess of war. She alone represented the entire power of the Lightning Peak Sect.


That’s when four people surrounded her.

Zero’s Essence didn’t look at them and immediately unleashed a devastating attack.


Yet, against all odds, Zero’s Essence attack completely missed!

The four people surrounding her only smirked.

These four people were the Ancestor, the Sect Master, and the two Vice-Sect Masters of the Mortal Sect.

All of them knew the True Law of Emotions, and all four of them used that Law to mess with Zero’s Essence’s control.

She could ignore one of them.

She could deal with two of them at once.

She could attempt to fight three of them at once.

Yet, resisting four of them was simply too much.

Zero’s Essence unleashed another attack, but it missed again.

After realizing that attacking from a range didn’t work, she charged at one of them, but that person fled while the other three kept messing with Zero’s Essence’s control.

They didn’t attack her, but she also couldn’t attack them.

Zero’s Essence was trapped like a dangerous animal.

With her taken out of the picture, everyone else battled with the members of the Lightning Peak Sect.

The Peak Sects didn’t send many people, but their quality was still superb. Additionally, over half of the people were still only watching.

Individual duels broke out between the two sides. The Peak Sects wanted their members to temper themselves.

Whenever one of their members died, another, more powerful member attacked the winner.

If someone of the Lightning Peak Sect showed too much growth and potential, they were immediately killed.

The Peak Sects wouldn’t allow their members to swallow more than they could chew.

The fighting happened with incredible speed, and in just a couple of seconds, every single Divine God of the Lightning Peak Sect had been eradicated.

That included Silver Seer and the other Vice-Sect Master.

Silver Seer had died to the Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect. The battle had been brutal, but the Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect had won in the end.

The Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect had taken on an enormous risk by battling Silver Seer, but it had paid off.

The Sect Master had comprehended his second level ten Law and several more level nine Laws.

The Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect was now as powerful as the average Ancestor, while his Sect still had another Ancestor.

The Lost Wind Sect had now grown to a level of power where they could even fight the Heavenly Divine Sect.

Speaking of, where was the Heavenly Divine Sect?

Not present.

The Lightning Peak Sect had called for help, but the Heavenly Divine Sect hadn’t answered. They hadn’t helped, but they also hadn’t attacked.

They simply didn’t involve themselves.

What about the Lightning Peak Sect’s other ally, the True Life Sect?

They were counting their money at this very moment. They had been paid very handsomely by the Eternity Sect.

The Lost Wind Sect, the Eternity Sect, and the Mortal Sect were allies.

The Mortal Sect dealt with Zero’s Essence.

The Lost Wind Sect risked their Sect Master by taking on Silver Seer.

So, of course, the Eternity Sect also had to make sacrifices. Because of that, they had been the ones to pay a ridiculous sum of resources to the True Life Sect.

The Eternity Sect wouldn’t endanger its survival, but it had essentially crippled its own treasury. However, the resources they would get from the Lightning Peak Sect would make that sacrifice worth it.

The Mortal Sect would gain 40% of the resources since they essentially risked their entire leadership, while the other two would get 30%.

They had drafted their plan, and they had put it into motion with incredible success.

Except for Zero’s Essence, all Divine Gods of the Lightning Peak Sect had died.

With all of the Divine Gods dead, the Formation Array broke down.

While Zero’s Essence still tried to get out, everyone else looked at the Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect.

“Go ahead. You wanted it, after all,” one of them said to the Sect Master.

The Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect gnashed his teeth in fury. For such a long time, he had needed to deal with this unending hatred for the Lightning Peak Sect.

He had waited for this day for way too long!

The shivering Ancestral Gods in the Lighting Peak Sect looked with fear at the Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect.

‘Please, no!’

‘Someone help!’

‘I’m sorry!’

‘I don’t want to die!’

‘I don-‘


An unimaginably powerful wave of Heavenly Wind turned the Lightning Peak Sect into dust.

The mountain was gone.

The Law Comprehension Areas around their headquarters were gone.

The people were gone.

Only a brown wasteland remained. Not even rubble could be seen.

The Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect had proclaimed that they reclaimed the ownership of the Wind Element.

Wind belonged to them!


The Lightning Peak Sect was gone.

“Let it be known that from this day forth, the Lost Wind Sect will reclaim its ancestral name,” the Sect Master said.

“From today onward, the Lost Wind Sect will be known as the Dusk Wind Sect once again!”

Then, he turned to Zero’s Essence.

“And you shall be our first enemy.”


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