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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1264: – Suppression Bahasa Indonesia

Master Linus’ eyes opened wide in shock, but then he only snorted. “If I wanted to be taught suppression by someone that already knew it, I would have already asked someone else. I don’t want to ruin my Law Comprehension talent.”

Yes, Master Linus was missing the Law of Suppression.

Master Linus was one of the very rare people that managed to comprehend the Law of Freedom and the Law of Control before the Law of Suppression.

Because of that, feeling and becoming suppressed had become incredibly difficult.

It was a nearly impossible coincidence to comprehend these two Laws before comprehending the Law of Suppression. Even more, someone not affiliated with the Peak Sects should have been suppressed all their life.

Yet, Master Linus hadn’t been very suppressed in the highest world.

The reason for that was his optimism. He always believed that there was a way out, and he had always found a way out.

Yet, back then, Master Linus hadn’t known that the Law of Suppression was a necessary Law for the Law of Perceived Reality.

If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have avoided trouble as much.

Gravis only smirked. “Do you honestly believe I would offer something like that?” he asked.

“What else is there to offer?” Master Linus asked. “The Laws of Perceived Reality can only be comprehended by circumstance and situations. Without being more powerful than me and without investing millions of years, you can’t teach me the True Law of Suppression without damaging my potential.”

Gravis’ smirk didn’t vanish.


Gravis took out four fruits and put them on one of the tables.

Master Linus looked at these fruits, and then, his entire body and Spirit shook.

Law Comprehension Life Fruits for the True Law of Suppression!

But how!?

These couldn’t exist!

Laws of Perceived Reality couldn’t be converted into Law Comprehension Life Fruits!

It was simply impossible!

Law Comprehension Life Fruits could only represent the things that one could observe in physical reality. One couldn’t just show an emotion or a perceived feeling of a situation.

Additionally, Law Comprehension Life Fruits came from plants, and plants had a gigantic issue with the Laws of Perceived Reality.

Because of all these reasons, it was impossible for Law Comprehension Life Fruits for the True Law of Suppression to exist.

It was simply not possible!

Yet, they were right in front of his eyes.

They couldn’t exist, but they were there.

Master Linus questioned his perception time and time again, but these fruits simply continued existing.

A long period of silence passed.

“Did your father create these?” Master Linus asked silently.

“Reward from a Heaven’s Trial,” Gravis said. “I ate one of them, leaving four behind. I didn’t need them all.”

“Reward from a Heaven’s Trial,” Master Linus repeated with a deep breath. “If you got such a reward, the Heaven’s Trial must have been exceedingly difficult.”

“I nearly died several times,” Gravis said.


Master Linus had never heard of anyone getting such a reward from a Heaven’s Trial. A Heaven’s Trial rewarded someone based on how powerful their Battle-Strength was. The most talented geniuses of the Peak Sects only either received a ridiculous amount of God Crystals or Law Comprehension Life Fruits for the other Laws, but never for the Emotional Laws or Laws of Perceived Reality.

Master Linus looked at Gravis.

But if it were Gravis…

Gravis’ Battle-Strength was unprecedented, which meant that he could also gain an unprecedented reward.

Such Law Comprehension Life Fruits couldn’t exist normally, but if it were Heaven that created them…

Why not?

“I always believed your father to be enemies with Heaven,” Master Linus said.

“They are,” Gravis said.

Master Linus frowned. “Then, how did you get these from Heaven?”

“Can’t talk about it,” Gravis said.

Master Linus didn’t like the answer, but he also realized that this went far beyond his power. In the end, it was better not to know about these things.

He didn’t want to get involved in the fight between the Opposer and Heaven.

“What if I just take them?” Master Linus asked. “Your father won’t get involved when it’s only me.”

Gravis only smirked without a worry. “The situation already is inevitable. Freedom and control have decided the outcome.”

“All words are empty.”

Master Linus felt the control of the current situation.

It was set in stone.

It was unchangeable.

Theoretically, Master Linus could kill Gravis right here and get the fruits. He could also let Gravis live and keep the fruits.

It was a choice.

However, it also wasn’t a choice.

Master Linus would do what he wanted to do, and he didn’t want to kill Gravis or steal from Gravis.

Therefore, he wouldn’t do so.

So, the hypothetical scenario would never become a reality.

The choice didn’t exist. There was only an illusion of choice.

“I’ve never talked to anyone that also knew the True Law of Freedom and the True Law of Control,” Master Linus said. “It feels very strange. It’s like talking has become meaningless.”

“We are not deciding on what we say,” Gravis answered. “In this very moment, we are following a script. We are both saying the perfect things to each other, and there is always only one perfect choice.”

“When two people like us meet, there is infinite freedom, but also no freedom at all. We do what we want, but we will always only do what we want.”

“You should get used to such conversations since you will mostly only be talking to people that know these concepts.”

“Life will become very different,” Gravis said.

Master Linus looked at Gravis, and he felt like reality was warping and solidifying at the same time.

It was like Master Linus was talking to someone that wasn’t part of his usual reality. Everything felt so surreal and inevitably that it felt like the world around him didn’t exist anymore.

Master Linus felt like the two of them were visitors to this world. They were not part of the world but people that looked at the world from the outside.

For the first time in an exceedingly long time, Master Linus felt like he was talking to someone on his level.

And that someone was only a Peak Ancestral God.

In Master Linus’ mind, Gravis was no longer a chess piece but a player.

The world was in his control, just as the world was in Master Linus’ control.

Whatever the world did, didn’t matter. They would manipulate the world to such a degree that they would get what they wanted.

When Master Linus realized that he would meet several other people like Gravis soon, newfound motivation erupted in his old mind.

He had been peerless and alone for a long time.

Too strong for Peak Divine Gods, too weak for Heaven’s Magnates.

Now, he would reach a new level.

Master Linus carefully took hold of the four fruits and looked at them intensely.

Gravis smirked and put his disguise on again.

“I’ll be waiting in my parents’ place. When you’re done, you can come visit me. My father knows all about everything I do and to who I talk. He won’t stop you.”

Master Linus looked at Gravis.

“You will receive what you want and more,” he said.

Gravis only smirked.

“See you soon.”

Then, Gravis teleported away.

Master Linus was alone again, and he looked at the four fruits.

His future was right before him.

His goal was right in front of his eyes.


Master Linus took the four fruits and teleported away.

He consumed the first fruit right away.


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