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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1263: – Trade Bahasa Indonesia

The entire atmosphere had changed.

Master Linus knew the Law of Control and the Law of Freedom, which was shocking.

Because of that, he also felt the control of the situation, and at this very moment, the control was slipping from his hands.

This mysterious person was able to make the control slip away from Master Linus, one of the most powerful Cultivators in the world.

Yet, the entire situation made no sense.

This person in front of him didn’t even know the Complex Matter Laws, which meant that he didn’t even know the True Law of the Dead World, the easiest Main Law to comprehend.

Additionally, this person obviously also knew the True Law of Freedom and the True Law of Control. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to realize that Linus knew these Laws, and he wouldn’t be able to assume control over the situation in such a fashion.

Everything surrounding Gravis was bizarre and illogical.

“Do you think just because you are in a similar situation to me that we have some kind of connection?” Master Linus asked coldly. “People like us might be rare, but I’m not interested in getting to know people.”

“My focus is on forging and on becoming powerful. Don’t think that just because we are similar, I will waste my time for you,” he said.

“We are not similar,” Gravis said. “In fact, our situations are very different.”

Master Linus only looked at Gravis with furrowed brows.

Gravis kept saying things that Master Linus didn’t expect.

“You can feel part of my personality,” Gravis said. “Even if you can’t read my Law fragments, you still have a very good guess as to what kind of person I am.”

“And I can make the same guess about you.”

“So, right now, I will put my life in your hands,” Gravis said. “If you don’t want me to die, you should isolate the shop.”

Then, Gravis’ hand slowly went to his disguise.

Linus looked at Gravis intensely.

Then, Gravis pulled the disguise off.

Just before Gravis pulled the disguise off, Master Linus isolated his shop from outside view.

Only Heaven’s Magnates would be able to see through this Formation Array.

Gravis put the disguise away, and Master Linus could finally see the true Gravis.

Master Linus’ eyes widened as he received one shock after the other.

First of all, Gravis was only a Peak Ancestral God!

On top of that, Gravis’ Battle-Strength felt beyond ridiculous for his Realm.

Then, Master Linus was shocked about Gravis’ age. Someone this young couldn’t possibly be this powerful!

And lastly, Master Linus recognized that Gravis was a person of global interest.

“You are the person the Peak Sects have been searching for,” he said with a frown. “Do you realize that if I hadn’t hidden you from view, you would essentially be dead?”

Gravis only grinned. “Hypotheticals are not relevant to the current scenario since it won’t become a reality,” Gravis said. “We both know control and freedom, and we both know how the situation will play out.”

“We already know what will happen before it happens, and we both know what the other person will do,” Gravis said.

“It was not a question if you decided to isolate your shop.”

“It has always been an inevitability.”

Normal Cultivators would find Gravis’ words to be ridiculous, but Master Linus know the True Law of Freedom and the True Law of Control.

Control could only be swayed if one of the two parties made a mistake.

Yet, when two people with perfect control met, calculating the result of their interaction was very straightforward.

The actions and words themselves were irrelevant in this case since both parties always acted perfectly.

It completely depended on their personalities and ideologies.

After a bit, Master Linus sighed. “No wonder the Peak Sects have had so much trouble with you,” he commented.

Gravis only smirked. “Actually, this isn’t the first time we’ve met. You just don’t recognize me.”

Master Linus looked at Gravis.

However, he had no feeling of familiarity with Gravis.

He had never seen the guy.


A black obsidian ring appeared on Gravis’ finger. “My real name is Gravis. Do you remember me now?” he asked with a smirk.

Master Linus’ eyes widened.

That one boy?

That little boy that had been in his shop?

Now, everything started to make sense.

Someone could only become this incredibly powerful without the backing of a Peak Sect by having an even more powerful backing.

So, Gravis’ backing had been his father.

This was how Gravis had been able to become so powerful at such an age!

On top of that, the Opposer knew exactly what the hardest things to comprehend were for Cultivators, so it also made sense that he would teach Gravis the concepts of freedom and control very early.

Master Linus only respected the Heaven’s Magnates, Heaven, and the Opposer. Yet, these elusive beings basically didn’t exist. Heaven never showed itself, and nearly no one had ever seen a Heaven’s Magnate, except for the times when the Child of Heaven oversaw their tempering.

As for the Opposer? He basically also didn’t exist. He never left his home, and as long as no one tried to start trouble with his protected offspring, he would also never become involved.

Yet, when they showed themselves, their power shook the entire world.

“What’s your plan?” Master Linus asked. “You made some grand gestures in the last couple of seconds and said some grand words. However, what will that change? Yes, the control has already solidified, but the control only refers to your survival.”

“There is no way that you will die by my hand,” Master Linus said. “The situation has been set in stone. However, I am still uncertain how you plan on gaining my support.”

“By now, you know why I have acted as I have back then, but these times are over. I gave up trying to comprehend that Law. Therefore, there’s no more reason for me to act subserviently to the child of the Opposer.”

“The situation has not changed. You want something from me, but you can’t give me what I want. I doubt that the Opposer would be willing to help me for you. I don’t know him very well, but I know how important it is to reach supreme power without relying on others too much.”

“So, what do you want?” Master Linus asked.

“My identity has nothing to do with anything,” Gravis said. “I only showed my identity to you so that you can more easily judge my personality and ideology. It gives more control and information to you so that you can make a more informed decision.”

“So, what do I have to offer?” Gravis asked.

“How about I tell you that I have the best offer you will ever receive in your life?” Gravis said with a smirk.

Master Linus only looked at Gravis with a raised eyebrow.

“I want the True Law of Medium Complex Materials, the True Law of Soft Complex Materials, the True Law of Matter, and your teachings on how to create such powerful weapons.”

Master Linus’ eyes narrowed. Gravis’ demands had gone up.

“In return,” Gravis said with a smirk.

“I’m going to make you a Heaven’s Magnate.”


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