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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1259: – Negotiation Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis and Mortis sat down at the table and drank the tea.

They had never been big fans of tea, but this tea was amazing.

“Why didn’t you make this tea for us before?” Gravis asked with surprise.

“This tea is only for our valued clients,” the Economistress said with a professional smile.

“Mhm,” Gravis muttered without amusement.


The Economistress summoned a jade token and politely pushed it across the table. “These are the retail prices for everything you have shown us. Please take a look at them.”

Gravis and Mortis looked at it, and they took a deep breath.

One set of level nine Law Comprehension Life Fruits: 1,000 God Crystals!

One set of level eight Law Comprehension Life Fruits: 10 God Crystals!

One Set of level seven Law Comprehension Life Fruits: 100 million God Stones!

Gravis looked at the fruits he currently had.

That was nearly 10,000 God Crystals!

In order to become a Divine God, one only needed around 1,000 God Crystals!

“As you can see, you are currently sitting at around 10,000 God Crystals in retail value,” the Economistress said. “However, we obviously can’t pay you that. After all, we also have to make a living.”

Gravis nodded. “I know,” he said. “So, how much are you willing to give us?”

The Economistress’ smile shone brightly. “Under normal circumstances, we would be fine with the usual 70% price, but that isn’t applicable in this case.”

“The main reason is that the origin of your wares is troublesome. Offending a Peak Sect is a serious issue. The Lightning Peak Sect won’t know that it had been you two that have killed their tree since we will protect your identities. However, their next-best target would be our company.”

“Their core-plant has died, and suddenly, our company is selling these elusive level nine Law Comprehension Life Fruits. Obviously, the Lightning Peak Sect will see us as an accomplice to the killer of their plant.”

“The Lightning Peak Sect doesn’t dare to attack our CEO for fear of retaliation, but they have no issues with attacking our different facilities. Additionally, they will make it very difficult for us to find new customers and keep old customers.”

“The insecurity of our current situation might sway some customers to swap to a different provider with a more secure foundation. On top of that, the Lightning Peak Sect will also probably enter an economic war with us, sacrificing their own money to cripple our company.”

“This means that we have to either sell these Law Comprehension Life Fruits very secretly and covertly, which will make it difficult to find buyers, or be prepared to pay plenty of guards to fight against the Lightning Peak Sect.”

The Economistress continued to name difficulties with selling these wares for another ten minutes.

By the end of it, Gravis and Mortis almost believed that buying these fruits would be a loss for the Economistress.

She was simply incredible at negotiating.

The two of them knew that, and they knew that she couldn’t possibly make a loss by buying these fruits, but according to logic and according to what she said, it seemed like she would be losing money.

The logic was sound, and the two of them couldn’t find anything to argue over.

They had expected that they could show their mother how good they were at negotiating, but they just couldn’t find an angle to attack.

“Because of all of that, we are willing to buy your wares for 30% of their retail price,” the Economistress finished.

Gravis felt like he had to say something. “That’s too little. Your difficulties in selling these wares are not our concern. The worth of the Law Comprehension Life Fruits is set in stone. We are willing to come to some sort of compromise, but that’s just too much.”

The Economistress only smiled brightly. “You are correct,” she said. “What we are paying you isn’t nearly equivalent to your wares’ worth.”

Then, she sighed. “Sadly, our company isn’t able to give you a fitting price for these fruits. We are simply not in a position to give you a better price. We can fully understand if you plan to take your business elsewhere. The most we can give you is 30%. I’m sorry.”

Gravis gritted his teeth.

Take his business elsewhere?


Where could he possibly sell these fruits!?

No one else would buy all of them due to the shady background of these fruits. A couple of Ancestral Gods that have wealth equivalent to a huge Sect was just too shady.

Additionally, Gravis couldn’t even show himself publicly!

There was literally no other option!

Gravis continued trying to get more money for his fruits, but the Economistress always denied him with a very apologetic voice.

Gravis knew for a fact that his mother was bullshitting him.

However, what could he do?

Selling somewhere else was impossible.


The Economistress could wait for tens of millions of years without any issue.

There was nothing Gravis could do.

Gravis felt the concept of control in the current situation, and he realized that there was nothing he could do.

For him, it was impossible to claim control over the current situation.

In the end, the two of them could only accept.

“Fine, we accept,” Gravis said with a deep sigh.

The Economistress only smiled sheepishly, and she took out 3,000 God Crystals.

“Please, could we have it in God Stones?” Gravis asked.

The Economistress nodded, and she summoned a tsunami of God Stones, which quickly entered Gravis’ Spirit Space.

Due to the exchange rate of God Stones to God Crystals, Gravis received nearly six trillion God Stones!

Inside his Spirit Space, Gravis saw kilometers filled with nothing but God Stones.

Yet, it was still only a lake compared to his mother’s ocean.

Then, the Economistress pocketed all the fruits with a smile.


The table and tea vanished, leaving Gravis and Mortis sitting on the floor.

“Man, you got fleeced!” the Black Magnate commented with a laugh.

Gravis only sighed. “There was nothing I could do.”

“I know, but it’s still hilarious,” the Black Magnate answered with another laugh.

“I win,” the Opposer suddenly commented drily.

The Black Magnate looked over and noticed that he had lost in his game. “I wasn’t paying attention!” the Black Magnate complained.

The Opposer blinked very slowly.

“So? I still won.”

While all of this was going on, the Economistress was taking the most valuable fruits and wrapping them with some kind of foil for presents. She was happily smiling the entire time.

Then, she turned around and went to Gravis and Mortis, hugging them tightly.

“Oh, my boys are finally rich! Look at you! You’re trillionaires!” she said with a gleeful voice.

Gravis felt a bit awkward, but he sighed and returned the embrace. “I just feel like I’ve been scammed.”

“Hey, that’s just how business is,” the Economistress said with a bright smile. “Here, to mark the occasion, I have a present for you!”

She offered one present to Gravis and Mortis each, and they looked at the Economistress with confusion.

“Aren’t these some of the fruits we just sold you?” Mortis asked.

The Economistress only smiled brightly. “I bought them privately. So, I can do with them whatever I want, and right now, I want to give my good boys some nice presents!”

The two of them looked with surprise at their mother.

These two presents were one set of Law Comprehension Life Fruits for the level seven True Law of Life Energy and one set for the level eight True Law of Soul Destruction.

The two of them had always had the most issues with the Life Laws, and the Economistress had just given them two sets of these fruits.

This was an incredible help!

“The other fruits for level eight Laws will go to your friends,” she said with a warm smile. “I will keep holding onto the ones for the level nine Laws until your friends are powerful enough to comprehend them without any issues.”

“For your entire life, I have only been able to look on. I never directly helped you and always only helped you when I could get something in return.”

“You understand why I did that. I couldn’t allow you to develop a habit of relying on me.”

“But now, you are near the end.”

“Right now, you are so close.”

“This is the last time I will be able to help you because soon, you will be more powerful than me.”

“So, as a mother, let me help you this one time,” she said with a warm smile.

Gravis and Mortis felt their hearts warming up, and they quickly embraced their mother.

For a while, the three of them only shared an embrace in silence.


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