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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1234: – Lightning Peak Sect Bahasa Indonesia

“The defenses of the Lightning Peak Sect are a problem,” Mortis transmitted to Gravis.

Gravis grimaced.

Eight months had already passed since Gravis had arrived in the Lightning Peak Sect, and he had already regretted his confidence.

Gravis had tried to look at the area where all the contestants were, but, surprisingly, a Formation Array stopped his Spirit Sense!

This was the first time this had happened for a very long while.

Gravis had been flabbergasted when he noticed that a Formation Array was resisting his True Law of Freedom.

Gravis had thought that the True Law of Freedom would allow him to ignore these restrictions, but that wasn’t true, apparently.

As soon as Gravis’ Spirit Sense had come into contact with one of the Formation Arrays, he had felt the concept of Suppression resisting his Law of Freedom.

If Gravis forced it, he could get through the Formation Array, but there was an issue.

The Formation Array didn’t only have the True Law of Suppression inside itself, but also the True Law of Control. The True Law of Control in the Formation Array didn’t stop Gravis’ Spirit Sense, but it kept watch over how the Law of Suppression acted.

Tons of people tried to inspect their surroundings with their Spirit Sense, which was why the Formation Array didn’t sound an alarm as soon as it felt one.

However, if something broke through the oppressive force of the True Law of Suppression, it would immediately notice and alert the leaders of the Lightning Peak Sect.

If Gravis hadn’t also known the True Law of Control, he would have attempted to break through, and he would have been noticed by the Lightning Peak Sect.

‘This design perfectly counters the True Law of Freedom. It is essentially impossible to know the True Law of Freedom and the True Law of Control at the same time since the two Laws are polar opposites in the way of comprehension.’

‘However, that doesn’t mean that everyone is missing the same Law. Some are missing the True Law of Freedom, and some are missing the True Law of Control. Because of that, people with different Laws can work on the Formation Array, essentially creating one that mimics the True Law of Perceived Reality, but without the overpowering strength.’

‘All five Laws of Perceived Reality are in the Formation Array. Even more, its design is devious.’

‘If someone only knows the True Law of Freedom, they will try to break through the Formation Array, and the Law of Control will alert the leaders.’

‘If someone only knows the True Law of Control, their control over the Formation Array will be stopped by the True Law of Freedom inside the Formation Array, which will also alert the leaders.’

‘The True Law of Control in the Formation Array counters the True Law of Freedom, while the True Law of Freedom in the Formation Array counters the True Law of Control.’

‘In both cases, the person that attempts to get through the Formation Array will walk into a trap.’

That was also the reason why Mortis couldn’t enter the Lightning Peak Sect.

Mortis could become intangible, but that state could be countered with the True Law of Perceived Reality.

In a sense, the Formation Array didn’t completely copy all the concepts of the True Law of Perceived Reality, but it used all its individual components in a combinatory fashion. It was basically a rudimentary version of the True Law of Perceived Reality.

Mortis could theoretically get through the Formation Array, but the leaders of the Lightning Peak Sect would notice that someone had barged through their defenses.

As soon as Mortis had seen the defenses, he decided to stop.

Sure, they wouldn’t be able to find him in his intangible state, but Mortis didn’t want to take any chances.

If they could build something that could stop Mortis in his intangible state, they might also have built something that could spot Mortis in his intangible state.

It was too risky.

After some discussion, Mortis left the Lightning Peak Sect again and went back to Northsky City.

Remaining here was pointless.

‘I underestimated the Lightning Peak Sect,’ Gravis thought as he sipped from his drink.

At the moment, Gravis lay on a comfy bench while looking at the sky inside the Lightning Peak Sect.

The Lightning Peak Sect was located in a building over 10,000 kilometers wide, on top of gigantic mountains with flattened peaks.

The mountains were all over 100,000 kilometers tall, but they only acted as foundational stones for the Lightning Peak Sect itself.

The Lightning Peak Sect was made of pure white materials, and it looked like a gigantic mansion, which had been enlarged several times over.

There actually weren’t that many rooms in the Lightning Peak Sect, but all of the rooms were just massive.

It was like Gravis had been shrunken to the size of a dust mite and floated into the mansion of a rich hegemon.

Everything was huge.

At the moment, Gravis was on one of the many huge balconies as he looked at the sky.

‘I can’t get enough of this,’ Gravis thought.

Above him, a spectacle of elemental apocalypse took place.

A huge mountain punched through the middle of the Lightning Peak Sect, much taller than all the other mountains by far.

On top of the mountain was a sea of Heavenly Lightning, and it blanketed the skies for nearly a million kilometers.

The Heavenly Lightning violently shot around in a display of destruction, but, surprisingly, the center was the calmest part.

The most violent parts were the edges.

Surrounding the Heavenly Lightning from all sides but below was a dome of unfathomably powerful wind. The wind and the Heavenly Lightning clashed with each other at their borders, destroying themselves in a cacophony of eternal destruction.

When they both destroyed each other, the destructive Energies were transformed into pure Energy, which then fell to the Lightning Peak Sect below it.

This was one of the rarest spectacles in nature, a level nine Law Comprehension Area inside another level nine Law Comprehension Area.

Usually, if something like this happened, one of the two Law Comprehension Areas would be destroyed, but not here.

Heavenly Wind was fighting Heavenly Lightning the entire time, but none of them ran out of Energy.

Why was that?

Because of the powerful Sect below them.

The many Divine Gods inside the Lightning Peak Sect below the level nine Law Comprehension Areas pulled in an incredible amount of Energy from the world, which then got absorbed by the two Law Comprehension Areas.

The Law Comprehension Areas fought each other with the surplus Energy, which would then be transformed into a shower of pure Energy falling down at the Sect.

‘It’s a bit like a Cosmos,’ Gravis thought. ‘The Cultivators pull in the outside Energy, which then gets transformed by the filters, which are the Law Comprehension Areas in this case. Lastly, the pure Energy arrives at the place with all the Cultivators.’

Gravis watched the spectacle for another year, but then, something happened.

Gravis’ eyes widened as he looked at a certain place in shock.

“Are you insane, Mortis!?” Gravis transmitted to Mortis with shock.


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