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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1223: – Secret Bahasa Indonesia

After the awkward last seconds with Lina, Gravis went towards Orpheus.

He had finally gotten the directions he wanted.

Gravis flew for a couple of minutes until he arrived near an insanely hot area. Well, the Eternal Fire Sect was also pretty hot, but this place was even hotter.

Very hot mountains.

‘Why do I always go to so many fire areas?’ Gravis asked himself.

This was a Law Comprehension Area for the level eight True Law of Magma.

The land was littered with volcanoes, but they only looked like volcanoes if one didn’t look at the land in more detail.

In fact, the volcanoes were just huge mountains that were at quite a high temperature.

The True Magma was solid.

It was basically just very hard fire.

Or very hot stone, depending on the viewpoint.

Gravis even recognized the materials the mountains were made out of. They were made of a hard complex materials, which were somewhere in the middle Ancestral God Realm. However, the material itself wasn’t hot on its own. It needed an infusion of fire to become hot, and that was what this Law Comprehension Area provided.

The Law Comprehension Area for the Law of Heavenly Fire was under the headquarters of the Eternal Fire Sect. It was their lifeblood, and the Sect died and thrived based on its power.

Law Comprehension Areas for level nine Laws were the most powerful Law Comprehension Areas in the entire Cosmos. Their power was so great that their influence stretched for millions of kilometers.

The Law Comprehension Area for the Law of Heavenly Fire beneath the headquarters of the Eternal Fire Sect was responsible for the Law Comprehension Area Gravis was currently standing in front of.

Over the long history of the Cosmos, these stones had formed here, and they absorbed the Energy of the Law of Heavenly Fire millions of kilometers away.

If one likened the Law Comprehension Area for the Law of Heavenly Fire, the Eternal Fire Sect’s headquarters would be just above its crater, while this Law Comprehension Area for the level eight True Law of Magma would be one of the side veins. One could also say it was a smaller crater.

If one wanted to be funny, one could also say that this was an outpost for the Law of Heavenly Fire.

Anyway, just the scattered power of the Law Comprehension Area for the Law of Heavenly Fire was already enough to create a gigantic Law Comprehension Area for a level eight Law.

Lina had said that Orpheus was here. Apparently, he was interested in comprehending the level eight True Law of Magma.

‘Wonder if he’s already directly going for the True Law of the Dead World,’ Gravis thought. ‘Not sure if he actually has a fire affinity.’

“Stop! Do you have an entry emblem!?” someone suddenly shouted from in front of Gravis.


A young man appeared in front of Gravis.

He was a level three Ancestral God.

“I’m only here to visit,” Gravis said.

The guard frowned. “Visiting is-“


Gravis activated his Will-Aura and suppressed the guard, who only looked with absolute shock at Gravis.

“Listen, I’ve got enough of all these interruptions. I’ve had quite a lot of them over the last years, and it’s getting old. Just go ask literally anyone in the headquarters of the Eternal Fire Sect. They will recognize me,” Gravis said with annoyance.

The guard was taken aback, but Gravis simply ignored him as he pulled back his Will-Aura and passed the guard.

The guard quickly contacted his superior in the Eternal Fire Sect, and the superior very quickly posted some very specific questions.

“Ignore him. Just act like he doesn’t exist,” the superior ordered pretty quickly.

Then, the superior quickly explained to the guard what had happened, and the guard needed some time to understand everything he had just heard.

But eventually, he came to the conclusion that he wasn’t getting paid enough to worry about this stuff.

So, he simply acted like Gravis didn’t exist and continued doing his job.

Meanwhile, Gravis quickly found Orpheus buried deeply in the ground. If Gravis hadn’t known the True Law of Hard Complex Materials, his Spirit Sense wouldn’t have been able to dig through all this hard matter, and he wouldn’t have found Orpheus.

Orpheus was currently concentrating on comprehending the True Law of Magma, and he wasn’t paying any attention to his surroundings.

Gravis immediately began smirking.

Gravis slowly and carefully moved towards Orpheus from behind.

Then, Gravis slowly extended his head towards Orpheus’ ear.


Orpheus’ head suddenly turned 180° as he grinned right into Gravis’ face.

Gravis’ entire body seized as his heart stopped, but the pumping of his heart wasn’t really relevant to his survival anymore, making it more of an inconvenience.

Fact was, Gravis was quite startled.

“Hahahaha!” Orpheus laughed loudly as he saw Gravis freeze.

After some seconds, Gravis calmed down and only looked with shock at Orpheus.

“How did you find me? I was using the Law of Perceived Reality to keep myself isolated and hidden. Additionally, you weren’t even paying any attention,” Gravis asked, genuinely surprised.

How did Orpheus find him?

Orpheus only continued laughing for a while longer before he finally calmed down.

“Gravity Displacement Array,” he said with a smirk. “The more powerful the surrounding gravity, the greater the effect. You really shouldn’t underestimate Formation Arrays, Gravis.”

Gravis only looked around and inspected the surroundings with his Spirit Sense.

Sure enough, he saw some buried formations, which formed an array.

“Huh, how powerful is that Formation Array?” Gravis asked with skepticism.

“It’s quite powerful,” Orpheus said with a smirk, “and costly. It’s basically on the level of a level two Divine God. The Major Law of Freedom can’t protect you against something that powerful, even if it’s part of your Avatar.”

Gravis’ brows furrowed. “That’s quite a powerful Formation Array. Tell me, was it also the reason how you found out it was me?”

Orpheus nodded with a smile. “As soon as it feels someone displace gravity, it transmits an image of that person to me. That’s how I saw it was you.”

Gravis’ expression suddenly turned very annoyed.

Orpheus looked at Gravis’ expression with surprise and confusion.

This was not the funny kind of annoyed, but the genuine kind of annoyed.

At the moment, Gravis looked at Orpheus like he had done something Gravis found very displeasing.

“Gravis?” Orpheus asked.

Gravis remained silent for some seconds, making Orpheus more nervous.

This wasn’t how Gravis usually acted.


Suddenly, Orpheus’ eyes quickly darted to his left, but they quickly went back to Gravis.

Gravis’ eyes narrowed.

Then, Orpheus seemed to struggle with himself, and eventually, he simply sighed.

Orpheus looked away from Gravis and turned to his left.

Where another Gravis was.

However, this Gravis was the real one.

“Orpheus, since when?” Gravis asked.

Orpheus sighed with a guilty expression.

“Since before you were born,” he said. “This was one of the reasons why father always says that I have the potential to become a Heaven’s Magnate.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Gravis asked.

Orpheus scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

“I didn’t want to demotivate you, and I also wanted to surprise you. Yet, as more time passed, it became more and more awkward to reveal the truth, and I always postponed it,” Orpheus said.

“Orpheus, you know that I hate it when people deceive me,” Gravis said.

“I know, but it was just… awkward. I’m sorry. I honestly didn’t have any bad intentions,” Orpheus said with some urgency.

Gravis looked at Orpheus for a while longer.

Then, Gravis sighed.

“Fine, I’ll believe you.”

Orpheus sighed in relief when he heard these words. “Thanks, and sorry again.”


“So, how did you find out?” Orpheus asked.

“I comprehended the True Law of Freedom recently,” Gravis said. “I can accept that your Formation Array can pinpoint my location, but I can’t accept that it can show you an image of me while I am inside a perceived reality.”

“Additionally, my Will-Aura is more powerful than yours.”

“Effectively, as my Will-Aura is more powerful, it should be completely impossible for you to see my face, no matter how hard you try.”

“Yet, you still did.”

“But you know how the Law of Perceived Reality works, don’t you?” Gravis asked with a lifted eyebrow.

Orpheus groaned. “So, that was it. You comprehended the True Law of Freedom. Yeah, that would explain things. The Formation Array works for the Major Law of Freedom, but not for the True Law of Freedom.”

So, what had happened previously?

Gravis had quickly become suspicious when Orpheus had seen him, and he already had a pretty good guess as to why.

So, Gravis moved his real body to the side while keeping the fake body talking to Orpheus.

Gravis hadn’t been able to change the perception of the Formation Array previously since he hadn’t noticed it, but since he had seen it now, he simply made the Formation Array show Orpheus an incorrect image.

Then, when Gravis had finally arrived beside Orpheus, he had commenced his test.

Gravis had emulated the mindset of his father and made Brutality explode.

The change between the normal Gravis and the Gravis imitating his father’s mindset was gigantic.

At that moment, Gravis only emanated a pure desire for destruction and death.

And sure enough, Orpheus had glanced over.

This meant that Orpheus could see through Gravis’ Law of Perceived Reality while having a weaker Will-Aura, which could only mean one thing.

Orpheus also knew the Major Law of Perceived Reality.


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