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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1196: No Choice Bahasa Indonesia

Mortis unleashed his Lightning Crescent from directly beside the Opposer.

The Opposer’s eyes shone with a cold light.


The Lightning Crescent exploded, but instead of its normal round shape, a quarter of the explosion was missing.

The Opposer’s saber unleashed grinding noises as it broke the explosion apart, which resulted in everything around them being destroyed, except for him.

Brutality emanated from the Opposer again as his saber moved against the explosion, continuing to strike the center of it.


Mortis’ saber inside the explosion was destroyed as the Opposer’s saber went through it.


As the swing of the Opposer’s saber ended, the explosion and everything else around him vanished.

Mortis had barely managed to become intangible, but a deep cut went along his abdomen.

Even more, this cut had been infused with the Major Law of Death.

Mortis couldn’t easily recover from this cut. He would need to transform into lightning and back.

Then, the Opposer’s saber violently swung around.


It barely blocked the Form Law Gravis had unleashed, and the Opposer was slightly pushed back.

Gravis quickly extended one of his free hands to freeze the Opposer in time.


Mortis appeared beside the Opposer and unleashed his Form Law with a new saber.


The surrounding reality seemingly exploded as the Opposer moved his saber to block Mortis’ attack.


Mortis’ attack landed, and the Opposer was shot towards the ground.

Meanwhile, Gravis was in shock.

The Opposer obviously didn’t know the True Law of Time, but he had still managed to break through the restriction.

Was it the True Law of Freedom?

Gravis wasn’t completely sure.

If it were the True Law of Freedom, the Opposer would have been completely immune, but that hadn’t been the case. He had been halted for an instant.

But then, how did he break out of the time freeze?

Gravis only remembered that an overpowering force had eaten up his attack.

Gravis knew this force, but he hadn’t expected that it also had such an effect.

It was the Major Law of Death.

However, Gravis was sure that he couldn’t accomplish something like this with his Major Law of Death.

It was like the Opposer’s Major Law of Death was even more powerful.

‘Did he use the Major Law of Death as his Star?’ Gravis thought.

These thoughts only took Gravis an instant to create, and he had already unleashed his Form Law again.


Gravis’ attack exploded on the ground, but the Opposer had already vanished.

Gravis knew that the Opposer had used his Elemental Synchronicity to fuse with the Heavenly Fire to block his attack.


Suddenly, the world seemingly exploded again as all the Heavenly Fire violently shot upward.

Mortis went intangible, but Gravis had to confront the attack.

Gravis’ will canceled out the will of the Opposer, which made it impossible for the Opposer to control the Heavenly Fire.

However, that still didn’t stop the attack. This move only stopped future attacks.


Gravis unleashed his Form Law towards the ground, barely managing to create a small opening in the avalanche of Heavenly Fire.

Then, Gravis summoned two shields, which he used as a plow to redirect the force.

Gravis’ two shields burned violently, and they began melting.

However, Gravis kept supplying them with the Zero Element, which kept them stable.

Yet, the explosion just didn’t end.

The Opposer couldn’t easily control the Heavenly Fire, but he could agitate its destructive powers.

In short, he was making the Heavenly Fire explode.


Suddenly, an earthquake shook everything below Gravis, and the explosion stopped.


Another two earthquakes happened, and Gravis immediately charged towards the ground.

Gravis unleashed his Form Law again and attacked the ground.


A giant crevice appeared in the ground, but at the end of it, Gravis could see the Opposer in a blocking position.

A large cut went along the Opposer’s torso, and it was giving off a lot of Death.

Mortis had been the one that had stopped the Opposer’s attack earlier, and he had managed to land a blow.

However, he hadn’t gotten off uninjured.

Mortis’ body was nearly cut in two.

Even worse, this gigantic cut also gave off a lot of Death.

Usually, a Cultivator wouldn’t die from such an injury, but it was different if it involved the Major Law of Death.

Mortis would continue losing Life Energy until he eventually ran out.

This had been the Opposer’s plan.

He had exchanged a minor injury for a killing blow.

The Opposer’s eyes showed an emotionless and icy calm.

He was in total control.

Everything had to bow to him or vanish.


Suddenly, everything around the Opposer exploded with endless destruction. His body shot forward with incredible speed as the near-dead Mortis was thrown to the distance.


Everything around Gravis became black and red as the Opposer appeared before him.

For an instant, it felt like existence had been frozen in place as Gravis entered hell.

Brutality replaced reality as the end of existence closed in on Gravis.

The Opposer had readied the same attack he had wanted to unleash at the beginning of the battle, and this time, he would unleash it.

Mortis was charging over with all of his speed, but the Opposer’s pressure slowed him down significantly.

Mortis couldn’t stop the attack this time.

Gravis’ Form Law wouldn’t be powerful enough to block the attack.

Gravis’ Lightning Crescent wouldn’t be powerful enough to block the attack.

Mortality would take too long.

Gravis could try to exchange injuries, but he knew his father, even if this was a younger version.

He would go through with the exchange, and Gravis would die.

There was only a single thing Gravis could do.


Time froze around the Opposer for an instant, but the force of Death rapidly consumed Gravis’ time freeze.

The Opposer was mid-strike, and the accumulated power would still be able to break through all of Gravis’ attacks.

Gravis could only unleash one attack, and it had to be one that would save his life.

It was a gamble, but it was the only thing Gravis could do.


Gravis unleashed his attack.

Reality warped.

Time froze.

“I don’t want to give him away!”

The Opposer suddenly heard the voice of an unknown woman, and he looked around in confusion.

However, he quickly realized that he had been the one that had shouted this sentence.

“He’s my baby, and I won’t allow you to take him away!”

“We can’t support another child, Martha. We’ve talked about this!” a rough man said coldly from beside the woman.

“I don’t care! I won’t give up […]!”

The Opposer’s eyes widened.

That was his name!

At the same time, Gravis wanted to release a sigh, but he couldn’t since he had no control over his body right now.

The Opposer’s true name had been replaced with silence for Gravis, which was a good thing.

If Gravis heard the Opposer’s true name, Orthar might directly throw his plan overboard to kill Gravis.

Knowing the Opposer’s name was a danger to Orthar’s life, and he wouldn’t gamble with his life.

However, Orthar had censored Samsara.

Samsara had been the only way out of this situation for Gravis.

‘Sorry for the invasion of privacy, father, but I didn’t have another choice.’


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