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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 116: The End of the Hunt Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis could finally release a sigh of relief. He was safe now. The peace that he and Skye were striving for had finally arrived. They would still need to strive for their own strength and resources, but they were at least not hunted anymore. With this, they could finally take a breather.

The expert from the Lightning Guild looked with terror at Aion. He wanted to say something and defend his actions, but he couldn’t say anything, no matter how hard he tried. Aion’s heavenly pressure made him unable to even speak.

Aion smirked and lifted his right hand. A green ball of water appeared on his hand, and it shot at Gravis and Skye. Gravis wasn’t panicked, because he could feel the Life Energy radiating from the water. The water hit their bodies and quickly entered.

Gravis felt how his body was screaming in ecstasy and how it started ravenously absorbing the Life Energy. All his wounds, scars, broken skin, torn muscles, and scorched organs were pushed out of his body. Healthy skin, muscle, and organs rapidly grew and replaced the old ones. From a state of near-death, Gravis’ body got fully healed in less than a minute.

Gravis slowly stood up, looking at his “old body”, which was lying around him. He could see all his previously injured body parts laying on the floor, while he had been fully healed. That was a bizarre sight. Gravis looked over to Skye and also saw how it shouted in excitement, as the same happened to it. Just like that, all their injuries vanished. The water element was really incredible in healing.

The expert from the Lightning Guild didn’t even notice how Gravis and Skye got healed. He only felt deep fear for his life, and he tried his absolute best to beg for his life. Yet, no matter how hard he tried, it was futile. Aion looked at Gravis with a warm smile and nodded.

Even if Gravis felt great right now, he wouldn’t forget to be careful. No one knew that he was not a Heavenborn, and he had to keep the act up. If Aion found out, Gravis wouldn’t even know how he had died. Gravis bowed slightly to Aion in thanks.

Aion turned back to the expert from the Lightning Guild, and his warm smile transformed into a cold smirk. “Trying to murder someone in the Heaven Sect. You truly have humongous guts,” he commented, waiting for the expert to answer.

The expert tried to answer, but couldn’t. Aion simply continued looking at him. “You have no defense for your actions? Well, this makes it simpler,” he said calmly. A couple of bright yellow rings on Aion’s waist started rising into the air, seemingly by themselves. Gravis knew that Aion was controlling those rings with his Spirit.

The rings started slowly rotating in the air, and a layer of sharp ice appeared at their edges. After some seconds, six rotating ice rings flew around Aion. Aion just smiled at the expert of the Lightning Guild. “Let me send you off.”


The rings shot forward, and every ring cut through the body of the expert of the Lightning Guild. The expert couldn’t move, and the rings sliced his body into multiple parts. He had never thought that he would die here when he had accepted the mission to cut off Gravis’ path towards the Heaven Sect. This was supposed to be an easy mission! This was supposed to be easy money!


Gravis’ eyes widened as he saw the Energy of the corpse explode out. This was not normal! Usually, all the accumulated Energy in a corpse would return to nature via the natural way of decomposition. The Energy would slowly seep out of the corpse as it vanished into nature, yet the Energy of this corpse had immediately exploded outward!

Gravis could see and feel the Energy in the air thanks to him being an Energy Gathering Realm cultivator, and what he felt now, shocked him deeply. Most of the Energy flew towards Heaven, while around 10% flew towards Aion. Gravis watched as those 10% of Energy vanished into Aion’s body. What was happening?

Aion sighed in comfort and then turned to Gravis with a smile. “I’ve been waiting for you, junior brother!” he said with excitement. Gravis quickly regained his bearing and bowed politely.

“Thank you, senior brother,” he said.

Aion nodded and started walking to the building, but stopped when he remembered something. He turned towards the walls. “Starting today, Gravis is no longer a wanted criminal,” he said, and his voice got carried into the distance. All the disciples of the Fire Guild and Lightning Guild in the surroundings heard it and sighed in regret. They nearly had him!

The mood of the disciples was a mixture of frustration, rage, hatred, and helplessness. If they were stronger, then who could stop them from getting their revenge? This whole failure only strengthened their resolve to become stronger.

Back in the Heaven Sect, Aion turned back with a grin. He walked towards the building, but stopped and looked at Skye with interest. Skye felt all its feathers stand up in fear. It had seen how powerful the Lightning Guild’s expert was, and it had also seen how effortlessly Aion had killed that expert. It knew that if Aion wanted so, Skye would die.

Skye took a step back, lowered its head, and looked to the side. Aion saw the sign of submission and released a short “Oh?”. He started rubbing his chin in thought and continued looking at Skye. Skye grew increasingly uncomfortable but didn’t dare to say anything.

After a while, Aion turned to Gravis. “That’s an impressive Hurricane Hawk you got there, junior brother,” he praised and then walked to the building. “It can fly around anywhere, but it is not allowed to come into the building. Try to make it understand.”

“Of course, senior brother,” said Gravis. He hated acting this subserviently, but he had no choice right now. He was not strong enough yet, so he had to accept this humiliating acting. Only with strength, could he gain the ability to ignore everyone else.

Aion stopped at the door of the Heaven Sect and turned to Gravis, waiting for him. Gravis went over to Skye and ruffled its feathers. He was happy that Skye was still alright, and that they were out of danger, for now. Gravis explained that it could not come into the building, and it quickly understood.

Gravis gave Skye one last rub and then went over to Aion. Aion didn’t mind the waiting and still waited with a relaxed attitude. Now, Gravis could finally take a good look at the Heaven Sect.

The whole Heaven Sect in the south-east of the Middle-Continent only consisted of one big building. The building was a gigantic, white castle. Gravis furrowed his brows, because, even though the castle was big, it couldn’t possibly fit more than a hundred people.

It probably also had storage space and other non-livable rooms inside, which would make the space even more cramped. The building was impressive, but the whole Heaven Sect here consisted of only this one building? Even the Proxy-Lightning Guild had more space.

Gravis walked closer, and Aion opened the doors grandly.

“Welcome home!”


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