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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1154: Lost Wind Sect Bahasa Indonesia

“A Divine God just managed to see through your disguise.”

Gravis’ eyes narrowed when he heard that message from his mother.

“Did they see my true identity?” Gravis asked back. Gravis always kept his Law of Perceived Reality active. By using that Law, Gravis appeared like a silver-haired woman with an extraordinary aura. The people that couldn’t see through his disguise wouldn’t see anything, while the ones that could see through it would see the silver-haired woman. It was a double-protection.

“Your father says he would have, but I interfered. I am not good at this whole fighting thing, but I can use the True Law of Perceived Reality at least, and he can’t see through the True Law of Perceived Reality,” she transmitted to Gravis.

“That’s good,” Gravis answered.

There had been several attempts to see through Gravis’ disguise in the past 300 years, and his mother had always informed him when someone had attempted it.

However, thanks to the very pricy cloak Gravis’ mother had purchased, not even weaker Divine Gods could see through his disguise. Only someone that knew the True Law of the Dead World could see through his disguise.

The True Law of the Dead World was a level ten Law, which required over ten level nine Laws. In comparison, to become a Divine God, one only needed to comprehend a single level nine Law.

This meant that someone in the late stages of the Divine God Realm had just tried to see through Gravis’ origins, which was impressive and scary. Someone with such power was, at least, a Vice-Sect Master of a Peak Sect.

Those were people that could change the entire highest world with an order.

It was even scarier that this person managed to see through Gravis’ Law of Perceived Reality. One could only see through it if they questioned their own perception unless they knew the True Law of Perceived Reality.

This meant that the person had actively questioned their own perception while looking at Gravis, which meant they had anticipated that he knew the Law of Perceived Reality.

Gravis looked at the board showing the different services and prices.

Gravis probably wasn’t the only person that had created something like Samsara. Other Peak Divine Gods and Heaven’s Magnates could also create something like that.

Was this what gave him away?

Gravis quickly came up with several possibilities.

First possibility: They were only here to gain information on him. However, that possibility had the least likelihood.

Second possibility: They wanted to get rid of him since he didn’t belong to their Sect.

Third possibility: They were a customer, but they wanted to know if Gravis belonged to another Peak Sect. If Gravis got information about a Peak Sect, the situation could become very delicate.

The third possibility had the highest likelihood, but it was also the most troublesome.

They would probably request Gravis’ services and then kill him to silence him.

“The Lost Wind Sect, huh?” Gravis said to himself. “I sure hope they don’t offend someone they can’t handle.”

Gravis’ mother had informed Gravis about the background of this person. The Information Pavilion didn’t sell information on the Peak Sects, but she didn’t need the Information Pavilion for that. She knew nearly all the powerful and wealthy people in the world. It was important to know one’s wealthiest customers.

“I think there was an interesting person in that Sect. He had black hair and from-“

“What do you want?”

Someone had appeared in front of Gravis, and the time around Gravis had stopped. All the screaming people were frozen in time, and the Energy stopped moving.

As soon as this happened, the strongest Divine Gods currently in Opposer City looked over.

The leaders of the City Guards noticed that one of the shops was frozen in time, which was an obvious attack on Opposer City.

The Divine Gods belonging to the City Guards readied themselves for a battle while The Heaven Company also readied themselves.

“Stand down.”

This command appeared in every powerful Divine God’s mind simultaneously.

It was the command of the Economistress.

The mighty Divine Gods could attempt to kill the Economistress, but no one dared to try.

Her word represented her husband’s word.

No one dared to interfere.

It was technically illegal to freeze time in Opposer City, but everyone decided to overlook this transgression due to the Economistress’ command.

“Quite gutsy of you to freeze time in Opposer City,” Gravis said calmly. “If my background hadn’t defended you right now, you would be embroiled in quite a battle. Was this to gain information on my background?”

The person in front of Gravis was cloaked, but the person also knew that Gravis knew who he was.

After all, Gravis had just unveiled several parts about his person.

This meant that Gravis’ backer was currently present, and they were at least as powerful as the man from the Lost Wind Sect.

“What do you want?” the person asked again.

“The question isn’t what I want, but what you want,” Gravis answered. “You were the one spying on me.”

“So? Is it forbidden to look?” he asked.

“Is it forbidden for me to tell others about a guy that keeps looking at me?” Gravis asked.

The man narrowed his eyes beneath his hood, but he knew that he was outmatched.

“Fine,” the man said. “At least, I can tell that you don’t belong to any Peak Sect opposing us. Otherwise, your background wouldn’t have stopped Opposer City from attacking me. The city might not have been able to kill me, but I would lose a lot of my prestige, which would damage the reputation of the Lost Wind Sect.”

“So, what do you want to forget this incident?” he asked.

“You want the priciest service I can provide, and you’re willing to pay double,” Gravis said.

The man thought about Gravis’ words for a bit.

He wasn’t actually here to request one of Gravis’ services. He was just here to find out if an opposing Sect had gained a torturer. If Gravis had no powerful background, the man would have retreated and sent someone to kill him silently.

Sadly, he hadn’t expected that someone on the level of a Peak Divine God was protecting Gravis.

Even worse, Gravis had been about to unveil his personal information, which would have damaged his reputation severely.

This was why he had been forced to come forth and freeze time.

Gravis’s words had obviously referred to the payment he wanted to forget this incident.

Ten billion God Stones.

It was quite some money, but God Stones had stopped being relevant to someone of that level. It also wasn’t really a big sum for a Divine God.

“Fine,” the man said as he handed over ten billion God Stones.

“Thank you for your patronage,” Gravis answered. “Now, who’s the one you want information from?”

“Take it as a gift,” the man said.

“I can’t do that,” Gravis answered. “You paid for something, and you must get what you have paid for.”

The man frowned beneath his disguise. “What? Do you want me to just capture some random Ancestral God for you to look into?”

“You were the one paying for my service,” Gravis said. “Also, keep in mind that the person undergoing the service will die.”

Then, the man understood. “So, you aren’t actually after the God Stones, but after the Law Comprehension you can glean from looking through the Ancestral God’s life.”

“I’m only providing a service, and I would ask you not to assign bad intentions to my words, or I might do the same thing,” Gravis answered.

The man snorted. “Sure. Give me a year.”

“Of course. Take your time,” Gravis said.

Then, the man vanished as time resumed.

The screams of the people around Gravis continued as if nothing had happened.

Some hours later, a new client appeared.

“Sorry, we’re closing business indefinitely,” Gravis answered.

Why would Gravis need to continue working when the Vice-Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect was about to bring ten billion God Stones to Gravis? The fact that Gravis had to give two billion to his mother wasn’t so bad anymore.

After Gravis used Samsara on the victim, he would easily have enough money to pay for what he wanted, and even the Economistress would have made quite a profit.

The newest client left after arguing a long time with Gravis, and just some days later, the Vice-Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect returned with a level three Ancestral God.


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