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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1147: Plants Bahasa Indonesia

After a couple of days, the Myriad Sect decided that it was time to give Meadow her present.

Everything had already been prepared.

In the last couple of days, Meadow had heard about everything that had happened. Most of the things were interesting to her but hearing about Sary’s death made Meadow melancholic.

However, Sary’s death wasn’t in vain, and she would give one last present to Meadow.

“We’ve gathered all our dead companions as well as their enemies in the underground mausoleum,” Manuel explained to Meadow. “Their bodies, minds, and Spirits have vanished, but their Laws have been isolated by a Formation Array.”

“Over the long years, all the Energy in the mausoleum vanished, but the Laws were left behind. As plants, you can absorb all the Laws in the mausoleum, which will increase your own strength by several magnitudes.”

“We originally had asked Narcissus to absorb these Laws, but he said that he already knew many of them, and if he decided to siphon out the remaining Laws, many Laws would go to waste.”

Manuel looked at Meadow with a smile. “But with you here, we no longer need to wait. Now, you two can absorb these Laws together.”

“You bought me dinner? You shouldn’t have,” Meadow said sarcastically. “Tell me what you want in exchange. I’m pretty sure that you’re not buying me dinner just to get in on all this action I can provide.”

Manuel only smiled awkwardly. He hadn’t been in contact with Meadow before, and her manner of speech was a little unusual. “We also have bought a very expensive Formation Array to keep plants hidden from prying eyes. Even Ancestral Gods can’t see through that Formation Array. Honestly, you can’t imagine how expensive it was.”

“And now you are even protecting me from the mean delinquents on the outside. Aw, you’re so kind,” Meadow said in a mocking tone. “Whatever can this innocent maiden do for you?”

“I would like you to guarantee the survival of our weaker disciples in eventual wars in the future,” Manuel said.

“And how am I supposed to do that?” Meadow asked.

“Simple. Whenever one of the disciples is about to die, you simply extend your roots and pull them out of the fight, leaving the enemy to someone else.”


“Why?” Meadow asked. “Aren’t you humans all about Will-Auras? Wouldn’t something like that damage your Will-Auras or whatever?”

“You haven’t been in contact with humans before,” Manuel added. “So, it’s only logical that you don’t know some things. Your logic would be sound when we are talking about battles between individuals, but it’s different when Sects are warring with each other.”

“We are always in danger in the wars, and everyone knows that our goal is not to temper ourselves but to win. Everyone knows that someone will try to save us during the fights.”

“Of course, knowing that you can be saved makes the growth of a Will-Aura weaker since you wouldn’t feel like you would certainly die as soon as you lose. The certainty of death would be replaced with a chance.”

“However, this allows us to intervene in fights without damaging the Will-Auras of our disciples. Of course, in exchange, the Will-Auras won’t grow as much as when we wouldn’t save them. It’s a risk and reward thing. On an individual basis, it’s high risk, high reward, and in Sect warfare, it’s low risk, low reward.”

“You only run into trouble with Will-Auras when you try to make it low risk, high reward, but we’re obviously not doing that.”


“That’s it?” Meadow asked. “You only want me to protect some disciples?”

Manuel nodded. “That’s it.”

“You don’t want me to make any Law Comprehension Life Fruits or anything else?”

“No,” Manuel answered. “Narcissus will do that, but in turn, he won’t protect our disciples in a war.”

After a moment of deliberation, Meadow agreed. “You’ve got yourself a deal,” she answered.

“Glad to hear,” Manuel answered.

Meadow had essentially gotten something incredible for nothing. Plants had the ability to slowly consume others to learn more about their Laws, and Meadow was about to extend her roots into a room full of many different Laws.

She would probably comprehend several level six Laws thanks to that room.

And what did she have to do in return?

Work a little bit every once in a while.

In comparison, Narcissus had it harder. Creating Law Comprehension Life Fruits ate at one’s Realm, and the process of infusing the pure Laws into the fruits used up a lot of concentration. On top of that, one needed a vast amount of Life Energy to create them.

However, in return, plants could trade these Law Comprehension Life Fruits for other things. Law Comprehension Life Fruits were worth a lot of money, and because of that, a plant had a method to make a lot of money very quickly just by being a plant.

One had to remember that plants were not beasts.

Yes, plants were often talked about in the same manner as beasts, but they were inherently different.

Beasts would eventually become very similar to humans, but the same things were not true for plants.

A plant would not receive a Spirit when it became a Star God. A plant wouldn’t undergo any major transformations.

It would essentially remain the same.

Even more, it was basically impossible for plants to reach the Heaven’s Magnate Realm. Plants had no issue with eventually comprehending the Law of the Dead World and the Law of Life, but the Law of Emotions and Law of Perceived Reality would be very difficult for a plant to comprehend.

But in exchange, a plant received other advantages.

First of all, the plant didn’t need to temper itself. It only needed lots of Energy, Life Energy, access to Laws, and time.

Second of all, plants automatically comprehended Laws with time. Comprehending Laws in this way was more of a random thing, and most of the Laws wouldn’t even be that useful in combat, but it was a way to comprehend more Laws. If the plant wanted other Laws, it had to seek out Law Comprehension Areas or consume other living things that knew these Laws.

Third, plants had ten times the longevity of all other lifeforms.

Meadow would soon become a Star God, and when that happened, she would be able to live for ten million more years. In comparison, other Star Gods only had one million years.

Due to that, even though plants couldn’t become Heaven’s Magnates, a Divine God plant would still be able to live longer than a Heaven’s Magnate.

Now, the question was, why did Orthar create plants in such a way?

Plants were created in such a way to help other lifeforms become more powerful, faster. These Law Comprehension Life Fruits would accelerate the Law Comprehension of other Cultivators, allowing them to become more powerful in less time, which would give Orthar more Energy.

So, with all of this explained, one could see how Meadow had it easier than Narcissus in that exchange.

Narcissus had to concentrate on creating fruits, while Meadow could just do nothing for most of the time.

Plants didn’t need to travel the world, meet other people, talk to others, or all these things humans and beasts desired.

They were content with just staying in a place that felt comfortable and simply living.

And right now, Meadow was essentially in the most comfortable place in the world.


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