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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1144: Plant Life Bahasa Indonesia

The battle was violent. The roots constantly clashed at each other, and they were continually severed. When one root was severed, the opponent absorbed the root to gain more Life Energy, which would result in the production of even more roots.

Meadow’s domain slowly extended, pushing Narcissus back.

After a couple of minutes of violent fighting, 50% of the underground now belonged to Meadow.

“Get off my seat!” Meadow transmitted aggressively. “That’s mine!”

However, Narcissus’ answer was different from what Meadow had expected.

“Alright, we can have a fair battle now,” Narcissus answered.

And then, Narcissus actually began trying.

As soon as Narcissus got serious, Meadow felt herself be overwhelmed.

They were both only fighting with some basic Laws, which made their Laws about equal. They were also only fighting with their Realms, physical power, and concentration.

This was not a battle to the death but a battle for supremacy.

One could see this as the equivalent of arm-wrestling for plants. A human could simply get their other hand and punch the opponent in the face, but that would feel like a loss to the person punching.

They would feel like they had lost in a battle of honor.

Meadow was overwhelmed with all the roots of her opponent.

Her opponent was using his roots with absolutely unreal finesse. It was like every single root was its own living being, which had gone through thousands of temperings on their path to power.

In just a minute, Meadow’s territory was reduced to 20% of its previous size.

“Do you have any idea with how many other plants I have battled in my life?” Narcissus asked. “I lived in a thick forest filled with powerful plants, and the plants were even more numerous than all the beasts in the world.”

“In comparison, I can tell that you’ve had it easy,” Narcissus added. “You probably haven’t fought many plants in your life. Your control over your roots is subpar and simple.”

Meadow immediately became frustrated when she heard Narcissus’ words.

However, Narcissus was right.

Meadow had spent a lot of her time in Styr’s Tribe, and there hadn’t been many relevant plants in there. Then, when Styr and the others had left, Meadow had already become one of the most powerful beings in the higher world, making all forms of war with other plants meaningless.

In short, Meadow was very inexperienced when it came to plant warfare.

Meanwhile, Narcissus had become truly powerful amongst a dense forest.

He was the strongest plant in the strongest higher world.

Meadow couldn’t fight Narcissus on his own terms.

“Go on,” Narcissus said. “You can unleash your actual Laws. I don’t mind.”

Meadow snorted.


Then, Meadow summoned her Avatar and actually used its powers to battle with Narcissus.

This was already no longer the plant-version of arm-wrestling but a real battle.

Meadow had conceded the arm-wrestling match and switched over to a brawl.

Meadow’s roots became vastly more powerful as nearly all her Laws became a full level more powerful.

In an instant, Meadow’s roots severed an ocean’s worth of Narcissus’ roots.

Yet, new roots quickly replaced them, and they all attacked Meadow’s roots again.

Meadow’s roots were vastly more powerful, but Narcissus’ roots were more numerous, and they were moving with incredible finesse.

A good comparison would be a group of mortal humans fighting a gigantic monster. The humans couldn’t win individually, but with their teamwork and tactics, they managed to bring down the monster.

A stalemate occurred when both of them owned 50% of the territory.

By now, Meadow’s territory was too large. Since she covered a bigger territory now, she also had to control more roots. This weakened her offensive, exposing plenty of weaknesses in her defense.

Narcissus always took advantage of these weaknesses and extended his roots further into Meadow’s territory, which required her to use a ton of Energy to quickly take care of them.

The battle raged on for over an hour.

By now, Gravis’ friends had joined him in watching.

Ferris immediately shouted in excitement as he saw Meadow, greeting her with pure ecstasy.

“Go eat your own barf, mutt! I’m busy!” Meadow shouted back when Ferris greeted her.

Ferris didn’t mind Meadow’s words.

He was only happy that Meadow was back.

Ferris liked Meadow.

Meanwhile, Azure looked at the war with surprise.

Meadow had always been an incredibly powerful hegemon in her eyes, and her power obviously hadn’t dropped.

After all, Meadow even knew the Major Law of the Dead World. If Meadow reached the Star God Realm, Azure wouldn’t be able to fight her.

This showed how powerful Meadow was.

However, Azure was shocked that Narcissus was even more powerful.

She had heard of Narcissus, and she knew that he was powerful, but she had always believed Meadow to be more powerful.

Yet, Meadow didn’t even have a fighting chance against Narcissus.

Meadow was already fighting with her full power, including her Avatar.

In comparison, Narcissus didn’t even use his Avatar.

Narcissus was essentially fighting with only one arm!

“Running out of Energy soon?” Narcissus asked Meadow in a bored tone.

“Are you?” Meadow countered with an exhausted voice.

“Of course not,” Narcissus answered. “I haven’t even used my Avatar yet.”

“Then use it! I acknowledge that your control is superior to mine, but I won’t accept that you’re so superior to me that you don’t even need to use your Avatar to win!” Meadow shouted.

Meadow already knew that she had lost. Now, she only wanted to lose with dignity.

It seemed like the person sitting in her seat was too fat for her to push away.

“Fine,” Narcissus answered.


A green Avatar appeared. It shone in a gentle light, and one could feel a boundless force of life coming from it.

“The Major Law of Life!” Meadow said with shock.

As soon as Narcissus summoned his Avatar, the number of roots increased by ten times, and he shot all of them forward in one wave.

Narcissus didn’t even control them.

Meadow’s roots took out an army of roots, absorbing their Life Energy, but the enemy roots were endless!

It was like a million rats were jumping on a single tiger.

Plants had an incredible amount of Life Energy, and with the Major Law of Life, that advantage became even more ridiculous.

Meadow unleashed a wave of explosions, but the roots just kept coming!

In the end, the roots encircled Meadow’s core and squeezed.

Meadow had lost.

Gravis wondered what would happen. After all, he wasn’t very experienced in the ways of plants.

Meanwhile, Azure sighed.

“If Sary were still here, she would be so excited for Meadow,” Azure said.

Gravis was taken aback by Azure’s words.



Azure saw Gravis’ expression and only gestured to the war. “Look.”

“Your control is lacking, but the power of your Avatar is commendable,” Narcissus commented. “If we were actually fighting in our human forms, you would even have a slight chance of winning.”

“Do you really need to show your superiority with words after already winning? How fragile is your ego? Is your name program?” Meadow shot back.

“You’re a rebellious one, huh?” Narcissus commented calmly. “I’m not a fan of rebellious mates, but we have time to change that.”

Gravis’ eyes widened when he heard that.


“Just do it! You won, so go ahead!” Meadow shouted back with annoyance.

She sounded like she didn’t want to go through with it, but Gravis could see that she was actually very attracted to Narcissus.

It seemed like Narcissus’ power had convinced Meadow deep inside.

Narcissus squeezed Meadow’s core, and a couple of flowers popped out of it.

Then, Narcissus’ roots carefully entered the flowers and retrieved the valuable pollen.

After that, Narcissus moved upwards and transformed into his tree-form in the middle of the Myriad Sect.

The members of the Myriad Sect were surprised by the sudden appearance of a tree, and they looked over.

Some of Narcissus’ roots came out of the ground and put Meadow’s pollen into his own flowers.


In a matter of seconds, millions of fruits appeared on Narcissus.

When Meadow saw that, her mind froze.

Meadow could only produce 10,000 of these fruits at once in this manner.

Meanwhile, Narcissus made millions.

The sheer power of Narcissus’ Life Energy was ridiculous.

And well, one had to know that Life Energy was the most attractive thing to plants.

Narcissus’ body shook, and the fruits all shot into the distance.

As soon as they left the vicinity of the Myriad Sect’s buildings, they exploded into a shower of seeds.

Every fruit had a thousand seeds, which meant that billions of seeds were raining down on the surrounding thousands of kilometers of the Myriad Sect.

It was a beautiful spectacle that resembled fireworks a little bit.

The seeds buried deeply into the ground, and the spectacle had ended.

Gravis looked with surprise at Azure.

Azure only smiled.

“We will have a thick forest around our Sect in the future,” she said.


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