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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1140: Grand Gravity Sect Bahasa Indonesia

There was a humongous, deep, dark hole not far away from the Myriad Sect. It was thousands of kilometers wide, and it seemingly stretched into infinity.

The hole was hundreds of thousands of kilometers deep. If a mortal fell into the hole and ignored the pressure, the mortal would die of starvation before hitting bottom.

Along the walls of the hole, many buildings could be seen. They were black, and they could be found all over the gigantic hole. Many Cultivators left one building and flew to the next one.

Every flight was difficult and dangerous due to the immense gravity.

Obviously, this was a Sect, and the Sect rules stated that every disciple had to live close to their limit when it came to gravity.

This was the Grand Gravity Sect, arguably the most powerful Sect in the area.

They had over 80 Star Gods, and several of them were in the third level.

Right now, Gravis flew towards that hole. Gravis wore the robes of the Myriad Sect, and an emblem representing the Myriad Sect could be seen on his chest.

Gravis was still a level one Star God. Normally, going to an enemy Sect as a level one Star God was suicide.

However, Gravis wasn’t worried.

If the Ancestral Gods hurt Gravis, the Eternal Fire Sect would eradicate the offending Ancestral God. No Ancestral God in this place would want to make the Eternal Fire Sect their enemy.

Only those below the Ancestral God Realm would be allowed to interfere with Gravis’ actions.

After coming within a million kilometers of the gigantic hole, someone came to greet Gravis.

A level two Star God appeared in front of Gravis, and he smirked at Gravis coldly.

“Seems like you got lost,” the Star God said. “Sadly, you won’t-“

The Star God stopped talking as Gravis simply continued flying forward leisurely.

It was like the Star God didn’t even exist to Gravis.

When the Star God saw that, he snorted coldly.

Who was this arrogant level one Star God? He didn’t even have an outstanding Battle-Strength, and he felt extremely average.

The Star God activated his Will-Aura and tried to suppress Gravis.

However, the Star God’s eyes opened wide in shock when Gravis simply continued as if nothing had happened.

By now, Gravis had passed the Star God as he continued flying towards the hole.

The Star God exploded with anger and pulled out his sword. He had wanted to keep the invader at his peak so that one of their Star Gods could temper themselves against him, but that guy had infuriated him!

The Star God unleashed the Law of his Star, the level seven Battle Law of Gravity’s Pull!

The gravity around Gravis intensified.

Yet, Gravis only continued flying forward.

The Law of Gravity counted as a suppressive Law, and Gravis’ Law of Freedom had the power of a level eight Law right now.

The mind of the Star God stopped working when he noticed that Gravis simply continued forward.

This was too abnormal!

“Fine! So you have some tricks, but power is everything!” the Star God shouted.

The Star God charged towards Gravis and attacked him with his sword.

Gravis pointed at the Star God without looking at him.


Heavenly Lightning came out of Gravis’ finger, and the Star God’s head exploded.

He was dead.

Was Gravis afraid of the damage to his Karmic Luck?



Because the Star God had attacked him first. One couldn’t be faulted for defending themselves.

When the Star God died, the entire Sect seemingly exploded.

Several Formation Arrays were activated.

Tens of Star Gods teleported out of the Sect to appear in Gravis’ path.

Their expressions were cold and solemn as they stood in front of Gravis. They all took out their weapons, ready to attack him.

Gravis only continued flying.

The Star Gods all activated their Laws, and tens of Stars were summoned.

Gravis only continued flying.

As Gravis came closer, a surprising thing happened.


Nothing happened.

That was the surprising thing.

None of the Star Gods had attempted to attack or suppress him. They had only stood in front of him in a threatening manner.

Gravis wasn’t surprised.

Their threatening demeanor may have fooled someone else, but Gravis knew a lot about sentience.

He had seen the hidden fear and restraint in their eyes.

They didn’t want to stand in front of him, and they didn’t want him to attack them.

How was that possible?

Gravis was pretty sure of the reason.

An Ancestral God had warned them.

After the death of the level two Star God, the Ancestral Gods had probably inspected Gravis. Gravis’ Battle-Strength couldn’t be felt by Star Gods, but Ancestral Gods could feel Gravis’ Battle-Strength and Will-Aura.

Of course, that was only true if Gravis didn’t change their perception with the Law of Perceived Reality, but Gravis didn’t want to do that right now.

“What do you want?” a level three Star God asked after seeing that Gravis didn’t retreat.

Gravis didn’t answer and simply continued flying forward.

The Star God thought about threatening Gravis with their Ancestral Gods, but he realized that it would be useless. Gravis was part of the Myriad Sect, which meant that he knew the rules.

The Star God tried to ask Gravis about his purpose for coming here several times, but Gravis always ignored him.

Eventually, Gravis passed the wall of Star Gods and flew towards the Formation Array protecting the Sect.

And then, Gravis simply passed through the barrier like it didn’t even exist.


A shocked silence fell upon the Grand Gravity Sect.

What was going on!?

After a while, Gravis arrived above the hole.

For the first time, Gravis actually stopped.


Gravis took out a saber.


Gravis’ saber was loaded with a Lightning Crescent, and the entire Sect exploded in panic.

Immortal Emperors were all trying to teleport away, but Gravis was stopping them from teleporting with his Laws.

Whenever an Immortal Emperor tried to get out of the hole, they entered a wall of absolute suppression, which immediately forced them back into the hole. Going through the wall of the hole resulted in the same outcome.

The Star Gods breathed heavily from a distance.

There was so much power in Gravis’ saber!

They knew that if they got hit by that attack, they would die!

There was no possible way to survive that!

Every single Star God would die if Gravis unleashed that Lightning Crescent right now!

Even worse, the Star Gods couldn’t even flee! Gravis’ Will-Aura was keeping them stationary!

Why hadn’t they fled earlier!?

The area around and above the hole was deathly still as the area inside the hole was a loud and chaotic mess. The current atmosphere in the hole could only be likened to a jar of wasps placed above a small fire.

“What do you want?”

For the first time, Gravis actually looked at someone that had spoken to him.

An Ancestral God had arrived near Gravis, and he had a frustrated expression on his face.

“I’m the new member of the Myriad Sect,” Gravis slowly said, still carrying his saber in his right hand.

“Then what do you want? Do you want us to capitulate?” the Ancestral God asked.

“No,” Gravis said.

“Do you want to kill us?”


“Then what do you want?” the Ancestral God asked with annoyance and confusion.

“I will only be part of the Myriad Sect for the next 100,000 years,” Gravis said. “After that, I will leave it again. The Myriad Sect won’t attack another Sect during that time, and I better not see any Sect attack us during that time.”

“Just to be clear, I see you remaining Sects as one entity, not as separate ones,” Gravis said. “If even one of you Sects decides to go against us for the next 100,000 years, I will pay a visit to all of you.”

“And after I’m done, you might need to join the Eternal Fire Sect via the old-fashioned way,” Gravis explained.

The Ancestral God had expected far worse demands. He had expected for their Sect to pay him tribute or straight-up capitulate.

100,000 years of peace?

Sure, he could do that.

However, the later parts of Gravis’ speech made the Ancestor nervous and angry.

“I can’t speak for all the Sects, and I also can’t make decisions for the other Sects. I can only speak for my own Sect,” the Ancestral God said.

Gravis looked at the Ancestral God.

“That’s not my problem.”

After saying that, Gravis made his way back to the Myriad Sect, leaving behind an enraged and nervous Ancestral God.


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